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      I'd like to thank the handful of members who have really stepped up on writing reviews for authors.  They really appreciate when members take the time to write the review.  Speaking as an author myself, reviews and feedback encourage us to write.  I've heard from several of our authors thanking us for reminding everyone how important this is. Read some of the latest reviews here: https://www.gayauthors.org/discover/74/   You never know when you'll find that next must read story... but those reviews might help guide you in.  And, in turn, your reviews will help guide others.  Everyone benefits.    If you are looking for stories to review, Here's the list of completed stories.  Any story that isn't already showing stars, needs a review.  Give them a try.  Or, go back and review some of your beloved classics.  The authors love hearing from you.   Go through the list and be sure to leave a review! It is really simple. Select a star rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Write a review that is spoiler free that highlights what you think other people should know about the story.  If you are leaving a critical or low rated review, please make your comments constructive so that the author has an opportunity to improve their writing.  We writers usually appreciate this. I know I do. If you are reading a story review and you like it and found it helpful, be sure to mark it as helpful.    That's it!  Check out the video if you need help.  It is closed captioned as well if you can't follow my mumbling dulcet tones:   Remember, you can see recent reviews here: https://www.gayauthors.org/discover/74/ (also found from Activity -> My Activity Streams -> Latest Story Reviews)

Fall - Legends

  1. It Was A Judgment Day 5. It Was A...

    By Lugh, in Fall - Legends. 09/17/2011 (Updated: 09/18/2011)

    Raised to believe the being Eldest Unbound is a position of honor, Matov accepts the mantle of Duty fully on his shoulders. However, when fate meets faith, Matov must choose to follow the teachings of the temple or the fire in his heart.
  2. L.A.F

    By Linxe Termoil, in Fall - Legends. 09/10/2011 (Updated: 09/10/2011)

    It's Sword-toting masked man of mystery vs. Ninja in this story. Who is going to win in this epic war?
  3. Reflection

    By W_L, in Fall - Legends. 09/09/2011 (Updated: 09/09/2011)

    Have you ever wanted to be a better person? You know the simple list of things: have more friends, fun, and fantastic sexual experiences just to name a few. Yet, what if the price is death?
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    By Prince Duchess, in Fall - Legends. 09/09/2011 (Updated: 09/09/2011)

    Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
  5. Adam

    By jian_sierra, in Fall - Legends. 09/07/2011 (Updated: 09/07/2011)

    By Jian Sierra: This is not a legend. It is the life story of a single father who loved his son with all his heart. I repeat, this is not a legend.
  6. Pricolici

    By Cia, in Fall - Legends. 09/07/2011 (Updated: 09/07/2011)

    Tucker had been on the road for days, looking for something he couldn't name, though leaving his home and his 'family' was the hardest thing he'd ever done. When he gives in to a strange urge to enter a bar in a town where no one knows him, he finds that things in his life were never really quite what they seemed.
  7. For the Love of Beauty

    By comicfan, in Fall - Legends. 09/06/2011 (Updated: 09/06/2011)

    Venus has always been known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty. What happens when she finds a rival to her beauty in the form of a man? What happens when she attempts to woo him and insults Invidia, the Goddess of Envy, angering her into action? So the Legend of Speciosus is born.
  8. A Chance to Dream Again

    By Altimexis, in Fall - Legends. 09/03/2011 (Updated: 09/03/2011)

    When Tom wakes up the morning of September 11, he knows right away something is off. It doesn’t take him long to discover that Clark, his love, is trapped in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. Their only hope is a legend from Clark’s Grandmother for a chance to dream again.
  9. The Great Divide

    By Frostina, in Fall - Legends. 09/01/2011 (Updated: 09/01/2011)

    His pride at stake, Arensha decided to risk it all! So what if he was to take on the High Mistress of the planet? What he had on his side, no one even believed existed! He would make Ailarha and her followers kneel before him!
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    By Foster, in Fall - Legends. 09/01/2011 (Updated: 09/01/2011)

    One of those moments when you take a look.
  11. Into the Deep

    By CassieQ, in Fall - Legends. 08/29/2011 (Updated: 08/29/2011)

    Toumas, a lonely fisherman, meets two fascinating legends--one which wants to kill him and another who wishes to save him.

    By Jack Scribe, in Fall - Legends. 08/22/2011 (Updated: 08/22/2011)

    SHORT STORY. Brock Burnett, once one of the hottest movie stars and a Hollywood legend, has fallen on hard times. A chance meeting with an old friend and a bizarre turn of events may change his life.
  13. The Town Without a Name

    By TurtleBoy, in Fall - Legends. 08/09/2011 (Updated: 08/09/2011)

    Throughout all of time, in every culture and land, there’s been talk of a wondrous spring – of water so pure and untainted by man, that its power can heal and keep life. But what if this were true? Would immortality really be eternal, or is forever never enough?
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    How We Did For Herbie

    By carringtonrj, in Fall - Legends. 08/03/2011 (Updated: 08/03/2011)

    A reworking of the Hermaphroditus legend. Contains some sex, of indeterminate nature.

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