Summer - Choices

  1. Confluent Dichotomy

    By Lugh, in Summer - Choices. 06/14/2012 (Updated: 06/14/2012)

    Sometimes there is only one choice...
  2. Just to Survive

    By Renee Stevens, in Summer - Choices. 06/13/2012 (Updated: 06/13/2012)

    Tyrel never realized the repercussions that could happen from ignoring his common sense. Now he's faced with a choice that will forever alter his life.
  3. No Strings

    By Sara Alva, in Summer - Choices. 06/09/2012 (Updated: 06/09/2012)

    Josh's friend has made an important life decision. Given the opportunity, will he make the same one?
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    Made For Him

    By comicfan, in Summer - Choices. 06/09/2012 (Updated: 06/09/2012)

    Created in a lab, TEN E is set to be bonded. The only problem is the possible bond mates are monsters. When the choices before him are horrid, he choices freedom instead, but at what cost?
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    And Outside It's Dark

    By RobV, in Summer - Choices. 06/08/2012 (Updated: 06/08/2012)

    A few defining moments and choices in the life of a successful pop star.
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    Which Way Do You Want To Die?

    By W_L, in Summer - Choices. 06/08/2012 (Updated: 06/08/2012)

    Death is manifested by human actions, beyond the limits of right and wrong. All choices lead to death, but how you arrive is where the story will take you.
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    Billy Bayou

    By Foster, in Summer - Choices. 06/07/2012 (Updated: 06/07/2012)

    This is the third short story of a series that began with A Valentine In November and Barbara Fleurnois.
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    Can You Believe It

    By Yettie One, in Summer - Choices. 06/06/2012 (Updated: 06/06/2012)

    When your growing up, the choices you make for your life produce effects you may not expect, and impact on those you love in ways you never considered.
  9. Illuminated

    By SidLove, in Summer - Choices. 06/04/2012 (Updated: 06/04/2012)

    Illuminated is a journey, an awakening, a discovery. It is Logan Blake's search for a truth that will set him free from the chains that bind him to a lie. And, in order to survive this journey, those around him will experience a bitter betrayal, but will he experience deliverance?
  10. Murder in the Woods

    By CassieQ, in Summer - Choices. 05/29/2012 (Updated: 05/29/2012)

    Caleb faces a difficult choice about whether or not to reveal a dark past to his lover.
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    Three of Eraclio's Seed Cessations

    By JoejoeGreene, in Summer - Choices. 05/25/2012 (Updated: 05/25/2012)

    Pauses in the life of Eraclio
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    By Mark92, in Summer - Choices. 05/21/2012 (Updated: 05/21/2012)

    A scary tale of a new beginning
  13. Future Imperfect

    By Bill W, in Summer - Choices. 05/19/2012 (Updated: 05/19/2012)

    Scientists have discovered a genetic link to human sexual orientation. Will this prove to be a boon or a bane for the LGBT community?
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    Sir Gareth’s Plight

    By Dolores Esteban, in Summer - Choices. 05/14/2012 (Updated: 05/14/2012)

    Sir Gareth, the noble knight, is in a plight. He asks Cathbad, the wizard, to cast a spell that will make him the heir to the throne. However, the spell only works if Sir Gareth makes a choice and offers a sacrifice. A poem in Dr. Seuss style.
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    Should I?

    By carringtonrj, in Summer - Choices. 05/10/2012 (Updated: 05/10/2012)

    Transgression and desire; girlie boys and boyish girls; gay love; lesbian love; straight intrusions; freedom, freedom! But now a decision has to be made? What should I do?