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    Flash fiction collection 0. Certain circumstances

    By Lyssa, in Fiction. 06/04/2017 (Updated: 06/04/2017)

    This takes place on a little planet called Kaleja, widely unknown.

  2. Veil of Shadow 2. Aspects of Dawn

    By Stellar, in Fiction. 11/11/2013 (Updated: 03/17/2017)

    In the aftermath of Lucere, the worst seems to be over. However, the apparent calm is deceptive: Shay Andersen is sought by many forces -- both human and alien -- who wish to either control, embrace or destroy his power. This collision of fate will mark the ending of an ancient chain of events that will test his will to the limits.
  3. Cadet

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 03/12/2017 (Updated: 03/12/2017)

    A quick snapshot into the goings-on of a Special Operations Unit Squad, and the introduction of their newest member, who's not really as qualified as he should be.
  4. Tales of Three Worlds

    By ColumbusGuy, in Fiction. 10/01/2015 (Updated: 02/06/2017)

    Man's future isn't all rosy dreams...there are bumps along the way due to human nature and environmental disaster.

  5. Journey's End 2. The Harvest Premium

    By M.A. Church, in Fiction. 02/27/2016 (Updated: 10/08/2016)

    Chosen by the Tah’Narian starship captain Keyno, Dale's adapted to life with an alien and having his body mutated so he can carry a young. He’s closed the chapter on his old life. On Tah’Nar, Dale has a loving mate and good friends. He’s helped cement peace with the Onfre. Dale's happy.

    But life is never that simple. Join Dale for non-stop adventure and a love that crosses several worlds.
  6. Blue-eyed Miracle

    By Roberto Zuniga, in Fiction. 01/02/2016 (Updated: 09/25/2016)

    Sergeant Rov'haert Ni'sugah, a talented soldier of The Core, wakes up in a strange desert planet after having crashed. He keeps on having the feeling that someone is watching. When Chris shows up, Rov'haert will find himself trying to sort out his feelings regarding the young man and what he causes within his soul.
  7. Bred for war

    By Roberto Zuniga, in Fiction. 06/01/2016 (Updated: 09/19/2016)

    The Athruvians and the Ç’HkïJaråans have been at war for longer than anyone cares to remember. Da Lahron's parents died while serving in a post destroyed by Ç’HkïJaråan soldiers. DhiM’kha's mother was a civilian who died in a civilian post attacked by Athruvian forces. Are they really that different from each other?
  8. The G. M. Os. 2. Hercules III

    By CarlHoliday, in Fiction. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 05/17/2016)

    This is a multi-chapter sci-fi story primarily about 11 to 18 year-olds, though some chapters deal with adults. There is sexual exploration, graphic descriptions of violence, religious themes, and the development of a master-slave relationship. There is bit of sex, but nothing too graphic.
  9. Soul Sanctuary

    By Roberto Zuniga, in Fiction. 01/14/2016 (Updated: 02/15/2016)

    A gay re-imagining of "Notre Dame de Paris", set off-world in a post-apocalyptic future. A tale of love and inner beauty.
  10. The Life of Seeon

    By comicfan, in Fiction. 11/05/2011 (Updated: 01/10/2016)

    Seeon Toleran is the fifth child of the ruling royal family. His life was one of study and devotion to his Gods. Then war came and the world Seeon knew ended. There were decisions that were made for him which drastically altered the direction of his life. Suddenly the world of the priesthood is gone as an option in Seeon's life. Instead he is made Ma' Nee. What will this mean to a youth who has known neither love nor choice? Will this end his world or open new vistas? Time will tell.
  11. Cruising For Love At Christmas

    By Caz Pedroso, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    Thomas was going on an old Earth styled space cruise, to see his foster brother marry his true love. Unfortunately, it means seeing Eric, the second grooms brother.

    Eric wanted Thomas but the man just kept ignoring him. What did he have to do to get the man to notice him???
  12. Christmas Starlight

    By C. When, in Winter - Blackout. 12/10/2015 (Updated: 12/10/2015)

    A young couple’s date seems to be ruined by a blackout. The ancient ship that carries them may be dying as they find romance. This young couple faces a challenge, will they find a new home before their ship fails?
  13. In Enemy Hands Premium

    By M.A. Church, in Fiction. 09/30/2014 (Updated: 10/20/2015)

    After crash landing on enemy soil, Varo and his crew must try to survive while being hunted. The predator is now the prey.
  14. Scent of Smoke

    By buildercub, in FanFiction. 06/26/2015 (Updated: 08/05/2015)

    One is a gun-wielding military officer, the other is a reclusive doctor of archaeology. Two men with nothing but contempt for each other's professions, they come together to solve an ancient mystery scattered in fragments across the galaxy. But when their expedition's starship is destroyed, it not only reveals the reality of their quarry, but summons a terrible enemy determined to seize its secrets and make war upon life itself...
  15. The Power of Truth

    By Cynus, in Fiction. 06/05/2015 (Updated: 06/05/2015)

    Gabriel is in the hospital and is gravely ill. After going unconscious as a result of the sickness he awakes to a surreal environment and takes an unexpected journey.