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senior - Stories

  1. Moving Forward 2. Love Without Boundaries

    By JulieLHayes, in Fiction. 09/06/2015 (Updated: 10/14/2017)

    The saga of Marshall and Lee continues...

  2. Boy Story: The Road Taken

    By Rip Skor, in Non-Fiction. 04/02/2015 (Updated: 10/12/2017)

    The semi-autobiographical story of a straight college boy named Matt who realizes he's not so straight when he crosses paths with a gay high school boy named Parker...

  3. Black Widow 16. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

    By Mark Arbour, in Fiction. 06/26/2015 (Updated: 09/30/2017)

    This story starts in June of 2003. The invasion of Iraq is over, George Bush has landed on the aircraft carrier and proclaimed "Mission Accomplished", and the insurgency has yet to begin. Some may think America is at the height of its power.

    Meanwhile, in the CAP world:

    JJ and Will, both in doomed relationships that seem to be working. Will they unravel, and if they do, who is behind it?

  4. Stoking the Flame 2. The Croxburgh Chronicles

    By lomax61, in Fiction. 11/01/2015 (Updated: 07/22/2017)

    Ben and Colin are comfortably in each other's lives, but the path of true love is never an easy one, and a mistake throws Ben's loyalties to the wind. Not only that, but the mystery behind the deaths of Denny and the rent boys remains unsolved. Carter only had a list of hits. Were Colin a different person he might leave things well alone. But the thing about sleeping dogs is that some people can never let them lie. 

  5. Home To Roost 3. Homestead Pack

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 05/12/2016 (Updated: 07/15/2017)

    Dean has had a huge heartbreak in his life and goes up to see his best buds Jon and Pat. Then he meets him.

  6. Second Half

    By lomax61, in Fiction. 04/15/2017 (Updated: 06/22/2017)

    Marcus, a gay chef riding the waves of success, loses his best friend Lorraine Bradford-Fowler in a car accident. Her husband, Tom, is a broken man, especially knowing that she had been in the car with another man. Left to bring up his two daughters single-handedly, he begins to come apart. Until Marcus steps in to bring things back from the brink, and taking them both by surprise, finds that Tom begins to have feeling for him.

  7. Timmy's Journal

    By Mikiesboy, in Non-Fiction. 10/04/2015 (Updated: 12/11/2016)

    My thoughts, happy things, nice poems, just positive stuff allowed

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    Emi's Poetry Prompts

    By Emi GS, in Poetry. 06/09/2016 (Updated: 09/12/2016)

    Poetry Prompts I am seriously working hard to write...

  9. Run, Hamster, Run!

    By Winged_Wolf, in Fiction. 09/05/2016 (Updated: 09/05/2016)

    a collection of prompts that have, in my moms own words, made my hamster wheel turn so fast it smokes, there by giving the collection it's name

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    Emi's Writing Prompts

    By Emi GS, in Fiction. 01/06/2016 (Updated: 08/13/2016)

    It contains all my prompts from now on...

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    Love is a Wicked Game

    By Emi GS, in Summer - Wicked Games. 06/09/2016 (Updated: 06/09/2016)

    Love can play so vicious games with your life. With your relations. With your emotions...

  12. Goodbye, Mom, I Will Always Love You

    By Russ, in Fiction. 02/16/2015 (Updated: 05/01/2016)

    Rick and Glenn take their family on a road trip to visit Glenn's family in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. During their visit, Glenn and Rick enjoy their time with family; but a dark shadow hangs over their visit as they discover the truth of the warnings Glenn's brother gave them regarding their mother's health.

  13. Concentrated mistakes

    By 7letcher, in Fiction. 12/12/2015 (Updated: 01/26/2016)

    Nathaniel was sure that no one knew about his sexual preference so why does he feel as if the cab driver was coming on to him? He might be gay but he was not going to let a lowly cabby get anywhere near him! Cabbys were scums who push their cocks into any available human crevice so they can "scratch an itch"! Nathaniel felt insulted that this man even harbored the idea that Nathaniel would even look at him with desire.


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