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Western - Stories

  1. Chasing the Dream

    By Bndmetl, in Fiction. 11/04/2017 (Updated: 11/29/2017)

    Wesley Cain is a young and vibrant man in his twenties, he was making his way up in the points at the rodeo. Then his Grandparents died, leaving him their ranch and his younger brother Joseph to watch over. He took his responsibility for his younger brother seriously. The two boys had lost their parents when Wes was a teenager. With his Grandparents gone and no-one to look after his brother or the ranch, he quit the rodeo, and moved back home. 

  2. Change of Heart

    By sojourn, in Fiction. 02/15/2017 (Updated: 09/25/2017)

    Attorney Jeffrey G. Adams feels antsy. Life in Chicago is going, well... ok. Going back to Texas for the holidays after three years away feels like the right thing to do.

  3. GFD: Children Of Sunset 0. GFD: Children Of Sunset

    By Comicality, in Fiction. 08/10/2017 (Updated: 08/10/2017)

    A spinoff of the "Gone From Daylight" vampire series (Reading the original is not necessary), this tale takes place in the old West. Deacon Porter is baffled by the recent murders in his small town. With his father being the Sherriff, it's up to him to solve the mystery of what's happening. However, when Deacon meets a teen boy like himself in the darkness, he experiences feelings that he never knew that he had before. But is this beautiful stranger the boy of Deacon's dreams? Or is it possible that he may be the monster that his father is hunting in the shadows of night?

  4. Finding Refuge

    By Headstall, in Winter - Rewind: Pre-2016 Themes. 12/22/2016 (Updated: 12/22/2016)

    A refuge can be a place, or a person. Sometimes, it's both. Just like scars. We can carry them on the outside, or on the inside. Sometimes, it's both. Wiley Burch is a cowboy on the run. He never bargained for being someone's target, but it appears his luck has run out... or has it?

  5. Lonely At The Top 10. American Songbook

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 01/23/2015 (Updated: 02/20/2015)

    After getting dumped by Clem Linton, Nathan Cole spends his time breeding and training horses and sleeping with who ever he pulls in Austin nightclubs when drunk. After he wakes up next to Taylor, Nathan starts to realize quite how wrong his outlook on life is. But dealing with how low he has sunk and being willing to find the strength to pull himself into redemption are not quite as simple as galloping across a field.

  6. Country Girl 11. American Songbook

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 02/10/2015 (Updated: 02/10/2015)

    When Banning meets the new girl in town, her head is turned completely upside down by Kyle's fun, flirty behavior, and distracted by her long tan legs and perfect lips. No amount of protective older brother's is going to be enough to put either of them off, and Banning might have found someone just as strong, sweet, and determined as she is.

  7. Ladies' Man 9. American Songbook

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 11/26/2014 (Updated: 01/20/2015)

    Clem is a six-four rough and ready farm hand who drives a pick-up truck and spends his work life bringing in the hay and fixing fences. His boyfriend Nathan is pretty often mistaken for his twin - except that he wears a stetson. but two big strong guys together is not necessarily all it's cracked up to be, and in between make-out sessions that always seem to be on the verge of turning into fights, Clem finds himself getting jealous and envious of the softer side of girls.

  8. Big Sky 1. Big Sky

    By ShadowDancer, in Fiction. 07/29/2013 (Updated: 09/02/2014)

    Hunter has a home but can he find the love of his life thur all the trouble on the ranch

  9. Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks

    By reddirtwriter, in Fiction. 11/30/2012 (Updated: 05/30/2014)

    College roommates from very different background discover they actually have a lot in common.

  10. Chasing Dreams Out West

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 05/05/2014 (Updated: 05/05/2014)

    Renard has always had the perfect plan: graduate from college and go to Brighton Uni with his best friend, learn, drink, discuss literature, and dance with all the pretty boys in England's gayest city. But when Darren decides to go North instead, and Ren finds out that he and uni life don't actually get on, he starts dreaming about cowboys. Is there a cowboy out there for Ren, and does he have the guts to try and find him?

  11. Ranch Hands Two: Jerry's Season

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 04/13/2014 (Updated: 04/13/2014)

    The sequel to my popular "Ranch Hands' book (on Amazon and other sites for sale).
    This version was written in 2012, but another version was suggested, which was published in 2012 as well.
    I've supplied both of them here for you so you can decided, which one should've made the cut?

  12. Nothin' Town 7. American Songbook

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 04/07/2014 (Updated: 04/07/2014)

    Boston boy Liam gets a bit drunk and disorderly on his sixteenth birthday, and in response his parents move their entire life to La Fayette, Georgia. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with no friends and nothing to do, Liam needs to learn how have fun outside of the city. After all, there's always something goin' down in a nothin' town.


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