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Story Series

Series Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Series list
  1. The Chosen

  2. Mark's Revenge

  3. Star Crossed

  4. Bye, Brother

  5. The Trial

  6. High School Sports Series

  7. Newsletter Stories

    A collection of stories that were written as prompt responses in the GayAuthors Newsletter, and Cia's Fun and Games threads.

  8. Night Thoughts

  9. Adam & Kaleo

  10. Worth the Struggle

  11. For The Alpha

  12. Brittle as a Bird

  13. The Barnstable Chronicles

  14. Doorways

  15. Fire Prompts

  16. Soul Music

  17. Hero Wanted

  18. The Tampa Chronicles

    This series follows the lives of six GLBT Teenage Boys, and their parents, that live in the City of Tampa, Florida. From individuals, they come together to become a family, some by blood, some by marriage, and some just by the heart. Themes of love, family, and overcoming challenges together, not as individuals.

  19. The Hidden Ones

  20. BHopper's Shorts


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