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Dean Warner Intrigues - 7. Later

Chapter 7                                           Later

When they arrived back in town, John asked Debbie if he could drop her off at home as he wanted to take Dean back to the office so they could enter his receipts into the tax and accounting program which was set up for Dean's benefit under the terms of the Will and Trust.  They did drop her off and then headed to the law office.  John showed Dean how he could remotely log in to the program and then they entered the day's purchases into the system which would keep track of everything in one place .  John explained that if Dean took the time every day or so to do this that it would be much easier than trying to dig up all the information at a later time.  Dean thought the program was neat and John showed him how he could track expenses and income and even run projections which would get better as more data was entered. 

When they finished it was about six in the early evening and John asked Dean if he wanted to go home or maybe grab a bite to eat.  Dean asked John, “well it is later, don't you have a lady friend or someone else special that you want to spend some time with?”  John laughed and agreed it was later and aksed, “so why did you say no to intramural sports?”   Dean blushed again and said “I asked first!” 

“Well, the truth is” John replied, “I split up with my boyfriend about six months ago and haven't been ready to go back to the club scene.   Does that shock you?”  

Dean closed his mouth which had fallen open a bit and shook his head no.  “It did surprise me a bit though, you act so normal that I never suspected anything.” 

“Normal?  To me being gay is normal” John replied.  Dean was really blushing now and said:  “Sorry, that came out wrong.  My neighbor across the street is a big Irish guy with red hair, works as a plumber, is gay and out and can swish too!   I guess, I just sort of associated all that  as normal for gays.” 

“People are people and normal covers a lot of territory for both straight and gays.  While the more obviously gay behavior is normal for some as well as drawing more attention, I believe 80-90 percent of the gays I know act just like everyone else” John explained.  “Your turn now, why no sports?”

“PhysEd will be bad enough, but I will not subject myself to anymore stares than necessary by joining any intramural teams and having to shower afterwards with the team” Dean explained. 

John cocked his head and asked “why would anyone stare at you?”

Dean realized the moment of truth had come.  Instead of explaining he stood up in front of John and pulled the fabric of his loose fitting Dockers on the left outside seam of his thigh which resulted in his endowment being clearly outlined against his leg.  

John whistled and stared and then looked up at Dean who was blushing even harder as he let go of his pants leg.   “Well, I don't see anything to be embarrassed about” John said and continued “unless you keep that hardon all the time.” 

“That's just my problem, it isn't hard, that's my size when it's flaccid.  However, if people stare it does get hard,  and then it looks like I should be a porno star.” 

John whistled again and then he too blushed.  “Sorry about that, but that is an impressive cock.  How big is it?”

“About nine inches flaccid and almost a foot when aroused” Dean whispered with his bottom lip just about quivering.  He was afraid that the first gay guy he met that was almost about his age would be put off with his freakish prick. 

John licked his lips and said “wow” once again and then looked at Dean and said:  “Tell me that you are gay and that you could be interested in me.” 

“Well, I am at least gay friendly, and I am definitely interested in you.”  Dean didn't know what else to say, but was hoping this was going to go somewhere.

“Forget about going out to eat.  Let's go to my condo and order a pizza and get to know each other better.”  

“Okay” Dean agreed and he gathered up his papers as John closed down the computer.  They left the building and drove the short distance to John's condo. 

After a large deluxe pizza and a couple of beers they were relaxing on John's leather sofa sitting next to each other, not distant but not touching and talking like they had known each other for years.  They shared the same interest in books, on-line games and music.  They followed the Colts and the Cubs and hated the Steelers and the Cards.  They even liked most of the same kinds of food.  John moved closer and put his hand on Dean's left thigh and squeezed.  Dean looked at John and said with a completely straight face, “if you move your hand over just a bit and squeeze it will feel better.”  That broke them both up and they started giggling and John started shoving Dean and Dean shoved back. 

Dean really looked at John and noted that he was slightly shorter at about five feet, ten or eleven inches tall, but had broader shoulders and a thicker torso as he had filled out and no longer looked like a kid.   He had blond to light brown hair, blue eyes which seemed to smile all on their own, a button type nose but prominent ears that stuck out just a bit.  Looking closer, Dean notice a tiny diamond stud in John's right ear and wondered why he had failed to notice that before. 

John was studying Dean too and liked what he saw but wondered if he was a bit too young and inexperienced.  He looked down at Dean's lap and noticed the bulge there was definitely larger and longer and decided he wanted it.   He reached out again and started massaging the growing cock as he moved closer.  He brought his face around to Dean's and leaned in for a short kiss.  Dean sighed and drew back and said “if you don't stop moving your hand I'm going to jizz in my boxers.”  

John smiled, “you want to stop?”

“Hell no, lets just take this to the bedroom and get comfortable” said Dean.  With that, they both stood and Dean followed John from the room down a short hall and into the bedroom which was dominated by a king sized bed.  John pulled the covers off and then started shedding his clothes moving with a single-minded purpose.  Dean just stood and watched.  John hopped onto the bed, rolled on his back, looked at Dean and said:  “What are you waiting for?”

Dean smiled and said:  “I was just enjoying the view.”  With that he started getting naked and in no time was on the bed with John and having watched several porno's couldn't resist and said:  “Be gentle, it's my first time.....with a guy!”

John smiled, “you sure about this?”  “Oh yeah, I been fantasizing about sucking cock and yours looks delicious!”  And indeed it did.   John had light brown pubes, trimmed short and a very pink looking helmeted head on a perfectly straight cock that looked to be a little over 7 inches in length.  He was cut, but not excessively tight. Dean went straight for the cock like a magnet and even turned in a 69 position.  He gently touched it with one hand and then lightly massaged John's big low hangers. 

Meanwhile, John was presented with the largest genitals he had ever seen.  Since he was something of a size queen, he was like a kid in a candy store.  He started nuzzling Dean's tool, blowing warm air on it and then taking swipes with the flat of his tongue up and down the lengthy sides.  John was getting lost in the smell and taste of this wonderful dessert. 

Dean wasted no time and while he could only bend so far and get only about six inches of his dick down his throat, he had no trouble deep throating John's beautiful cock.  All the practice on himself had made him surprising proficient and the more experienced John had to pull off Deans cock and ask him to slow down or he would be blowing soon.  “I thought you were inexperienced, where did you learn to suck cock like that?”

Dean backed off and smirked and then quietly replied  “I practice on myself.”

“Say what?  Did you just say, you practice on yourself!”

“Yeah, I found I could do it several weeks ago and been practicing just about every day since then.”   Instead of saying anything further he started sucking John some more and practiced swirling his tongue around the shaft as he sucked, bobbing his head up and down on it while fondling his balls. 

John was no novice either and had a varied repetoire for sucking cock which he proceeded to demonstrate with passion.  In no time both were writhing in passion and since neither backed off again, the inevitable happened and first one and then the other fired off several rounds.  Both guys slurped until all the essence each had produced was gone.  Then Dean turned and crawled up to John and planted a big sloppy kiss on him which was returned enthusiastically. 

They cuddled for some time and then Dean looked at the bedside clock and noted it was already 9:45 p.m.  and decided he really needed to get home.  He turned to John and said:  “Thanks, I really enjoyed that, it was everything I dreamed it would be.”

“My pleasure” was the reply and with that both guys gave each other a hug and started picking up clothes and getting dressed.   A short time later they were back in John's car headed to Dean's house.  Dean hoped that this was not going to be a one-time thing and John similarly wondered if there would be a repeat.  Unfortunately, neither guy figured out any way to bring up the subject so it was ignored.  John pulled into the Warner's driveway and leaned over toward Dean and was rewarded with a furtive kiss. 

“Thanks for everything, and I really mean everything you did for me today” said Dean.

“No problem, and don't be a stranger. Call me if you have any questions.  And uhm, I'd really like to see you again.”  John looked at Dean hopefully and Dean, unused to most social situations, smiled, “yeah, me too.  The problem is that I  work noon to eight in the evening most every night and won't be off again until Monday.” 

Want to go out Monday night for the dinner that I asked you out for earlier tonight?”

“Sure, you pick the place and let me know what to wear ahead of time” Dean replied.   With that settled, Dean gave John another quick kiss and headed into the house. 

His mom was watching television as Dean entered and he leaned down and gave her kiss.  “Did you have a good time today?” she asked.  “Well, I sure got a lot done today and all in all, this week has been the most unbelievable of my life!”  

He said that with such conviction and looked so relaxed that his mom smiled and wondered just how lucky her boy had gotten. 

2012, Daddydavek; All Rights Reserved
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Something of a size queen? Please! JT3 is a TOTAL size queen - he takes one look at Dean's one eyed trouser snake and is like - "please tell me you're interested in me!" Seriously, I laughed so loud I'm almost woke up 'lil Q.

Good for Dean, maybe he'll break out of his shy, loner persona and realize he's not a freak nor a dork and that people will like him for who he is. :)

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On 06/10/2012 09:16 PM, Andrew_Q_Gordon said:
Something of a size queen? Please! JT3 is a TOTAL size queen - he takes one look at Dean's one eyed trouser snake and is like - "please tell me you're interested in me!" Seriously, I laughed so loud I'm almost woke up 'lil Q.

Good for Dean, maybe he'll break out of his shy, loner persona and realize he's not a freak nor a dork and that people will like him for who he is. :)

Many of us are "something" of a size queen, at least in our fanasies. Glad you got a good laugh. Dean does seem to be making progress....

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John and Dean are becoming more and more compatible with each passing moment.
Like Dean's mom, I am very happy with how things are progressing.

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On 07/12/2015 06:17 AM, Reader1810 said:

John and Dean are becoming more and more compatible with each passing moment.

Like Dean's mom, I am very happy with how things are progressing.

Good moms are unbeatable assets for anyone! Thanks for reading and taking the time to review.

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