Odyssey  6. Bridgemont

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It is April, 1797, and England is still celebrating the victory at the Battle of St. Vincent. Sir George Granger is given orders to set off on a voyage to the East Indies, but there are several challenges that await him before he can even sail.


Before reading this story, consider:
1. It contains graphic descriptions of sex.
2. British money was denominated in either Guineas or Pounds. A Guinea was worth about 25-30 shillings, while a Pound was worth about 20 shillings. If coins are used, the reference is in Guineas, otherwise it is in Pounds. A guinea is worth approximately $300 US dollars in 2012, which means a shilling was worth approximately $10.
3. The characters in this story are fictional with the exception of some well-known historical figures. The involvement of those characters is fictional.
4. The story is written with modern day language, as opposed to that used in 18th century England.

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