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Dear Diary - 1. Chapter 1

[i]"Dear Diary... today I saw a boy
And I wondered if he noticed me
He took my breath away..."[/i]


It was a long, cold night, and I wanted to be anywhere but there.

But there I was, stuck in the middle of nowhere, waiting on my friend to come pick me up, shivering with cold and a bit of fear... he was usually never late, and when he was, it was always trouble...

OK, so maybe that's not exactly true... but he was usually never THIS late, how 'bout that?

Finally, however, help came from an unexpected source...

Oh, wait, you don't even know who I am yet, do you? Well, since I'll be talking to you... sorta... a lot, maybe I should tell you about me... I'm Sean, the boy everyone wants to be with... or so I'm told... I'm about 6'1", 150 pounds, with white-blond hair and crystal blue eyes, and the perfect body... OK, OK, I give... I'm 5'9", 130 pounds, with bleach-blond hair and weird green eyes, the kind that remind you of cat-eyes... So I don't know why people all seem to love them, especially when I hate them... and as for my body, well, it looks impressive enough when I have clothes on, but naked, I'm too skinny... well, at least *I* think so...
So anyways, there I was, waiting for Jimmy... yeah, that's my friend, who's like never late, and who's always got some girl riding with him, only to go back to his place later... totally gross...

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention... I'm gay. No big deal to me, but I never tell my friends... I'm too worried about what they might think, or how they would react, to ever say anything... not that I actually believe no one knows, but sometimes I pretend that, as long as I don't say anything, no one will have a clue...

So, as I was saying, one of my other "friends" showed up all of a sudden, and saw me standing there, waiting.

"Heya Sean!" Kevin called from his open car window. Now, Kevin was interesting: he stood 6' even, with hair so black, it shined blue in the light sometimes, and the deepest blue eyes, and the perfect body, muscular but not too much so... I know, I'd snuck a few peeks during gym, while we were in the locker room... and worst of all, I didn't know if he was gay, straight, or what... he never seemed to be with anyone, hanging out or otherwise, and I'd never heard him going out with anyone, or bragging with the other guys about nailing some slutty chick or other... which got my hopes up, though probably shouldn't have, knowing my luck.

"Hi Kev," I answered, still shivering from the cold.

"Whatcha doin' standing around here? Waiting for Jimmy?"

Yeah, exactly; everyone knew me and Jimmy were close friends, and everyone knew that when I was supposed to get a ride from him, I'd wind up standing around for quite a while waiting.

"Yeah... he was supposed to be here an hour ago..."

"Shit, man... hey, you want a ride?"

Now, how could I say no? Even if I didn't need I ride, I would've still accepted one from Kevin... just being near him was so much fun, not to mention how hot Kev was...

"Sure," I answered gratefully, and hopped in the car, Kevin taking off before I even had a chance to belt myself in. He seemed a bit... preoccupied... as he was driving, but I figured it was just some personal problem, and nothing major, until he spoke...

"So, why are you still always hanging around waiting for Jimmy?" he asked, glancing over at me. "You know he's not the same as us..."

I almost choked; not the same as us? Did Kevin mean he was gay, too? Or was he talking about something else? And if he did mean he was gay, how did he know about me?

"What do ya mean?" I asked, dumbfounded.

Kevin stopped the car. "You know damn well what I mean... you're gay, and you've got a thing for Jimmy, don't you? Well, he's not... you should know that by now, since he's always got some doped-up bimbo on his arm... or in his bed..."

I swallowed hard, trying to will the words to come, but couldn't quite force them out... here was Kevin, two years younger than me, telling me what I already knew... but somehow, in a way, he was right; maybe I did have something for Jimmy... but as soon as I thought about it, it was so ridiculous, I almost burst out laughing.

"You're right, of course... but what did you mean, 'not the same as us'?"

He fixed me with a stare, but not a cold one; his look seemed to convey whole worlds of meaning. "I'm gay, too... and I've had a crush on you for years now... since back in junior high... but all this time, I could never get near you, because Jimmy was always there, and I knew that Jimmy would've said something, or done something, and I would've been outted to the whole school, and then, to the whole town... and I couldn't take that risk, not back then."

He took a deep breath, then continued. "But now, I don't care... I just wanna be with you, and be the one to hold you close and love you, and I just don't care who knows or what they say, just as long as I'm with you..."

I was shocked... I'd had a crush on him, too, but I never guessed he might actually be gay... I didn't know what to say, or do, so I simply leaned over to him, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. He paused a moment, actually froze, then he melted into me, kissing me deeply and passionately, his body moving over into my seat with me while we were kissing, until the honking of a horn behind us reminded him where we were.

He moved back over into his seat and started driving again, both of us breathing heavily... I was in heaven, myself. My first kiss, and with a guy I really liked! I didn't think at first it could get better...
but as he was about to show me, it certainly could...

We got to my house, and I told Kevin my parents were both out of town on business... and invited him to come in, hang out for a while, which he quickly agreed to do.

Once the front door closed, he moved to kiss me again, and I let myself fall into the kiss, our lips locked together, our tounges dancing some strange, intricate dance as we slowly moved upstairs, to my bedroom, to "hang out"... though I knew full well what he had in mind, since it was the same thing I wanted to do...

In my bedroom, we started feeling each other's bodies through the clothes, both of us growing harder by the second, until I felt like I was about to explode from the force. He laid me down on my bed, slowly and sensually undressing me, while I reached up to do the same to him, our naked flesh pressing together whenever possible...

Next thing I knew, we were both completely naked, and I took the chance to look at his dick hard... it seemed so big, compared to mine... not that I'm particularly small myself, just that his was so much bigger. I'd measured myself, and I was about 7" long, but pretty thin... his was at least 2 inches longer, and almost as thick as my wrist, not to mention already oozing precum all over, covering my stomach in the sticky fluids.

Suddenly, however, there was a loud knock at the door, and I moved carefully out from under him, throwing my jeans back on and rushing down to answer the door, only to find Mr. Congeniality, Jimmy himself, standing there, apparently angry.

"Where the fuck were you?" he demanded, storming in the house past me and upstairs, just in time to see Kevin laying on the bed, covered by the sheets but still obviously naked...

2002-2004 Mychyl Kime (KimeNet, LLC)

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