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The Obdurate Avidity - 13. Chapter 13



            James laid on my bed, content in just being.  Staring up at me playing the Xbox.  He would slide his hand up and down my back.  Shivers would travel throughout my body.  I could see the reflection of his smiling face in the television.  His beautiful lips stretched out, perfect white teeth showing.  A faint giggle escaping him, every time he noticed me get the goose bumps from his fingers.  I kept dying, but didn’t mind.  I was only still playing because I didn’t want to ruin this moment.  I was so happy to be back in my room with James.  It’s definitely the little things in life that count.



            Dad was out mowing the lawn, and mom was grocery shopping in town.  I had died yet again.  And James’s hand was now wrapped around me, with his fingers sliding against my stomach.  I dropped my controller to the ground several minutes earlier, feeling myself melt in his subtle touch.  I turned around and lay down next to him.  A smile pulled me towards him.  Our lips met, and our eyes closed.  The world around us faded away.



            My hand slid under his white t-shirt.  The feel of his smooth chest against the tips of my fingers; his right hand slid down my back and under the waist band of my blue Fruit of the Looms making slow circles around my lower cheeks, from hip to thigh.  He would slow against the parting of my behind, sending shivers across my body.  My hand ventured from his chest to stomach, and over the silky black track pants he was wearing.  I could feel his excitement bounce beneath my fingers, as I would tease with a light squeeze every now and then, and continue to slide my fingers along his mid-section.  I could sense his patience growing thin, as his tense hardness flexed below my touch.  With one slow final caress of his silky bulge, I ran my hand up to his belly button, encircled it and followed the faint line of hairs to the awaiting prize.



            Wrapping my hand around his excitement, I felt the muscles in his belly tense on contact, than relax as my touch eased him.  With a few strokes my mouth parted from his lips leaving a trail of kisses down his neck and chest so as not to get lost on my way back.  I ventured to his lower regions.  My hand left the dark warmth, as it met with the other.  Sliding my fingers along his waistband; my hands parted to his sides and, tucking my fingers underneath, I slid his lower confines and freed his restrictions.  A shiver rolled across his body as the cool air touched his bare skin.  My kisses continued down his abdomen as I followed the V to the bouncing treasure.  With my lips meeting the tip of his centre, my tongue encircled it and travelled down to the base, lightly kissing the smooth folds of his wondrous luggage.  Moving back up, a wet drop grazed my cheek; it was time.



            Parting my lips while sliding the tip of my tongue around the head once more and licking his creamy substance clean from its exit.  My mouth closed around him, as he pushed himself slowly into me.  Breathing in the scent of his very being, we molded as one.  Lifting myself from the base of his shaft to the round tip, I felt my clothes sliding away from my body.  I released him, and turned to face his luring smile.  Straddling myself over him I leaned in for a long comforting kiss.  My body relaxed over his, feeling his entrance into me come with ease.  His lips stretched to an uncontrolled smile, which made me giggle softly in his ear.  Gently kissing my neck, as my body began to slowly slide up and then down again, while my erection glided against his abdomen and over his belly button.  I could feel him deeper inside me, upon every thrust; shivers flowing over my entire body.  It was intense. His hardness touched something inside me, which sent intoxicating feelings through the whole of my body.  I couldn’t get enough.  I’d find myself wanting him deeper with every movement.  Our tongues glided against each other’s and became entangled in a dance of needful bliss.  I could feel his heart beating against my chest.  With every move my body became more and more sensitive.  Without warning I climaxed.  A surge shot from the pit of my stomach, sending shivers and spasms all over my body.  As James still steadily thrust himself inside of me, gliding across that same needy spot within.  Uncontrollable muscle spasms seemed to grab hold of his member and bring it deeper than I ever thought possible, meshing it into that spot as my insides jolted and spasm against him.  It was like my insides rippled against him, causing his whole body to twitch beneath me.



            Holding onto me tight our bodies couldn’t comprehend even a kiss.  It was like a temporary paralysis.  We clung to each other as our insides went wild.  His scent filled my lungs, as my body began to ease.  I could hear a faint giggle escape James throat.  Raising my head to look at him, while his entire body began to gyrate, his face red, and his smile huge.  I couldn’t work it out.  With confusion, I pulled back.  Tears rolled down the sides of his face.  I was briefly worried.  Then I could hear those giggles become louder.  Kind of a wheeze but with a whistle; his whole body was red, which made me smile.  He was definitely laughing.  I felt his now limp penis exit me, so I rolled onto my side to face him.



“What?”  I smiled.



“I don’t know…”  He was now holding his sides and crunching into the fetal position,  “I can’t help it”



“Wow…  I love you too.”  I giggled.



“It just felt…. So…. Good!”  He managed to throw out.



“Wow.  That must have been one hell of an orgasm.”



“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m laughing.”



“It’s cool.  I find it oddly flattering.”  I smiled, while wrapping my arm around his chest.




            It was then I was snapped back to reality.  I noticed the lawn mower was no longer buzzing in the background.  In a panic I jumped up to throw my clothes on.  James whipped up and did the same.  Just as I sat down on my bed while James struggled with his inside out pants, I noticed something.  It was wet and sticky; I was sitting right on it.  I stood up and looked at the bed, but there was nothing.  Feeling the seat of my shorts with my fingers I began to laugh.



“What?”  James stared while pulling up his pants, “Why are you laughing?”



“I’m uh…. Leaking.”  I replied and then pointed at his stomach.  He looked down and noticed a rather large wet spot seeping through his shirt.



“Oh wow.”  Was all he said as he touched his fingers to the belly of his shirt.



            Uncontrollable laughter shot out of the two of us.  James became so caught up in the hysteria he fell to the floor holding his sides.  I fell back on my bed and rolled onto my side facing away from James.  It was then James’s laughter blew up even more.  I turned to face him between giggles.  He was pointing at me.



“What?”  I giggled.



“Your butt….  It’s soaked!”  He struggled.  I turned my waist in attempts to see.  Though my eyes couldn’t quite make it all out, my fingers told the story rather well.  There was a large wet circle, which trailed halfway down my leg.  This caused me to laugh even more.



“How are… we… gonna hide this?”  James giggled, pulling the wet splotch away from his body.



“I… don’t…. know!”  Between giggles, I stumbled to my dresser and yanked out some clean grey underwear and some loose fitted jean shorts.  James still on the floor watched me walk to the closet and yank out a t-shirt, which I tossed in his direction.



“Let’s go get cleaned up.”  I said with a nearly straight face, as I crept to the door and out towards the bathroom.



“K…”  James replied awkwardly.



            I peeled off my shorts and grabbed a hand towel to clean up with; James shuffled in just after me, while peeling off his sticky shirt.  We both took a moment to share a pee in the toilet, then washed the stickiness off of our bodies.  Now clean and dry, we rinsed our clothes in the sink, and wrung them out to dry hanging them on the empty towel rail.



“It’s good to have you back Adrian.”  James stated, and wrapped his arms around me.  I kissed his cheek than buried my face in his shoulder.



“I love you James”



“I love you too, beautiful.”  He replied, causing my face to blush.



            We spent the rest of the day helping in the backyard.  Mom had bought a bunch of flowers, which she wanted to plant in front of the trees at the end of the yard.  We built a small two-foot wooden fence, which separated the plants from the forest.  Mom hoped it would keep the smaller critters from nesting too close to her garden.  Dad had started a Bar-B-Q for dinner, and of course James was welcomed.



            After dinner it was already ten thirty, so James had to run home.  I was hoping for another sleepover, but he had to help his mom with grocery shopping in the morning.  So we scheduled a rain check.  I helped clean up, and headed for a quick shower before bed.  It was so good to be home.



            The next morning was filled with thunder and heavy rain.  The storm was so violent we kept getting power surges throughout the house.  Dad was preparing some plans for work the next day, and mom was reading in the living room.  Video games weren’t much of an option.  It was a definite two-player day, and I was all alone.  So I sat mindlessly watching the t.v. upstairs on the couch, while the heavy rain poured down the sliding door of the upper porch.



“Adrian!  Phone!!!”  I heard mom yell up the stairs.



“Coming!”  I jumped off the couch and booted it down the stairs.  “Hello?”



“Hi!  Wow, when you say rain check, you don’t mess around huh.”  Joked the voice of James.



“Hehe, I didn’t even realize that.  It must be fate.”



“I’ll say.  So, I’m stuck babysitting tonight... did you want to spend the night here with me? My mom says it’s okay.”  James nervously suggested.



“Yeah!  Hold on I’ll ask.  Hey!  Do you realize I haven’t been to your place before?  That’s so weird…..  Mom!  Can I spend the night at James’s?!?!”



“Is it okay with James’s Mom?”



“Yes Ma…  that’s why I’m asking you!”



“Sure, just don’t stay up all night driving them nuts!”  She joked… I think.



“She said it’s cool, ummmm… when do you want me over?”



“Whenever you want.  Maybe wait for the lightning to die down a bit though.”



“Good idea, I’ve had enough with hospitals.  So I’ll drop by after supper.  My mom’s already started it, she hates letting food go to waste.”



“Sounds great!  See you then, love you bye.”  James whispered.



“Love you too.”  I whispered back,  “Bye!”  James then hung up, as did I.



“When are you going over hun?”  Ma asked.



“Around six, after supper.”  I answered with a smile.

“Perfect, dinner’s already in the oven.”

“I know.”  I teased with a smile.  I then ran up the stairs to put together an overnight bag.  It was odd now that I thought about it.  I had never been much further than James’s front entrance before.  I’ve barely seen his mom, and his brother maybe twice, as for his dad who knows…  This might be interesting.

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