Chosen Of Honorus  1. Champions Of The Gods Premium

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The Dark God Neldin has renewed his war with his siblings. The Six have chosen Farrell, last grand master wizard in the Seven Kingdoms to lead the fight against Neldin and his black wizard, Meglar. Joined by others who oppose Neldin, Farrell must still over come his self doubt if he wants to survive.

Chosen of Honorus is Book 1 of Champions of the Gods.  Farrell is the last grand master wizard in the Seven Kingdoms and the Chosen of Honorus, lord of the gods.  Haunted by his failure to prevent the deaths of his mother Zenora, Queen of Yar-del and the legendary wizard Heminaltose at hands of Meglar, Farrell struggles to lead the survivors in holding back the dark tide threatening to conquer the continent.  When Meglar attacks Northhelm, home to others who oppose Neldin,  Honorus sends Farrell on mission to rescue the embattled enclave.  Farrell's arrival at Northhelm signals the start of plans Honorus and his siblings set in motion during the last war between the gods - three thousand years before.  Plans that will determine the fate of the entire world.

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Wicked Witch

  • 5

Absolutely an insightful, impactful and wondrous piece of writing that any fan of high fantasy must read. Instantly one of my favourite pieces of literature ever. 

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