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The Ddraig-Cyfrinachau - Prologue. Prologue


People ask how and when it all began.  It is highly doubtful that anyone really knows; not one-hundred percent, hand on their hearts, betting their lives on it sure.  All that is known with any kind of certainty is what the sacred texts of the Ddraig Llyfr tell us.  According to Taliesin chapter 1, verses 1-4:


“Ac yr oedd pelen dân mawr yn awyr y nos,

Ac Yddraigfawr gwneud ei hun yn hysbys i ddynoliaeth.

Roedd hi'n ddiwrnod hyfryd, a'r dyn dathlu,

Ac yn dathlu y wraig, a'r plentyn dathlu.”


“And there was a great fireball in the night sky,

And Yddraigfawr made herself known to mankind.

It was a glorious day; and the man celebrated,

And the woman celebrated, and the child celebrated.”

Ddraig Llyfr is pronounced “Thryg luh-vir”

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