Dragons of Drupes

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Drake’s addiction to smoking, his band’s first gig, and his ever-growing list of chores, become insignificant when German authorities threaten to tear down his house.
To save it, Drake and his roommates travel across the globe and into Drupes—a parallel city of London—to follow clues. While using his wits to solve the mystery and find Red Beryl, he begins to explore his feelings toward his irritating but hot roommate Jack.

Hey peeps,

This is an older story I rewrote/touched up. It's a sort of a teenage scooby-doo style story with a romantic twist . . . :)

As I've finished the story, I hope to get it out to you in pretty quick succession . . . 


This was edited by Teresa Crawford (not a GA member, so I couldn't attach any credit to her in the info)

Many thanks to Andy and Jasper for betaing :D

Anyta Sunday

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