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Euphoria and Other Poems - 10. Chapter 10



Disloyalty walked in on us
As we lay there on the floor exasperated from the joueux toil
A splinter of hope playing on the maligned hubris of lovemaking
Fumbling in the dark
Grasping on any straw, perhaps the long one at last
Is it not best to give up and give in
Let the dissonance sweep in and break off the pieces of our merry times in the wintery deadland of vows & virtues


Bring in the jackhammers, love


Thank you for reading this. If you have something to share, comment below. Eternal sunshine.

Copyright © 2017 asamvav111; All Rights Reserved.
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So many vivid images...I am struck by how you paint this picture so well. 


Disloyalty walked in on us  is a marvelous first line. A splinter of hope playing on the maligned hubris of lovemaking brings me right into the darkened room, sunlight peeping through shades. Dissonance sweeping in to break off bits of infidelity in a cold virtuous winter - what a splendid notion, one that packs whole novels into a few words. 



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Like Parker, I was also struck by the first line.  I get the impression that the infidelity works both ways in this poem.  The maligned hubris of lovemaking stood out to me also.  Plus grasping at straws... perhaps it's the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.  The last line is quite powerful too.  Bring in the jackhammers... there's going to be a lot of deconstructing going on.  I wonder if there will be rebuilding also?  

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