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My Shorts, and Flash Fictions - 19. Prompt #640 – Creative – Alien

Posted RAW, and Unedited. May or may not become stand-alone at some future date.

“Shit!” Jeff exclaimed as he looked down at the argent man in front of him. He had heard a commotion in the backyard near the storage shed and went to look. He spotted the man, leaning against the shed, breathing heavily, and looking like he was about to pass out. The smell of sweat and smoke clung to the man, as he approached him. His uniform was badly damaged and caked in soot.

“Sanctuary…,” his guest said, before passing out completely.

Sighing some, Jeff sprung into action. He looked at his property and made sure his guest was within the safe zone. He pressed a button on the electronic device that was strapped to his wrist, which would activate the security system, including electronic dampeners and holographic cover. He scooped up the argent man and made his way inside to his basement.

Jeff was one of a few Protectors that were contracted with the United States Government, to care for, and protect the silver skin aliens, named the Argents. It was an Earth term and was looked upon as a positive and negative descriptor based on the user and use. The Protector Organization was a shadow operation, and even with some ‘known’ locations, the government denied its existence. They did so against the wishes of the International Oversight Committee who would rather the Protectors, and Rogue Argents be turned over for violations of international law.

“So, that’s what the commotion on the interstate was, coming home. You must have been in one hell of a firefight,” Jeff said to the unconscious argent in his arms. The automatic door slid shut as he came into the basement, where he kept a medical station, for wounded humans and argents. The basement, house on top, along with the property the house sat on was converted after he became a Protector, to maintain its appearance as a normal house in the country. However, it housed a state-of-the-art, electronics, medical, and defensive systems that were needed to protect Rogue Argents, or their human handlers, from the IOC, and the Argent Military Command.

The basement was clean and clutter free but had a well-used look to it. Jeff’s house was one of a dozen designated safe zones for Argents on the run, and it was enforced by international and interplanetary treaty. The smell of antiseptic cleaners and a chill from the air conditioning embraced Jeff as he walked and set the Argent man on the medical table.

“Alright, let’s see what I’m dealing with…” Jeff preceded to active the medical monitors, as he slowly stripped the guy. “No internal injuries, except some head trauma. Looks like you’ll have a concussion, and several minor lacerations and small patches of burns… Oh, one broken femur… That’s got to hurt, and how did you walk here?”

Jeff set the argent’s broken leg, and then using a sub-dermal bone mender, went to heal the broken bone. Using other electronic tools, he closed the cuts and healed the burns with a dermal regenerator, and used another device to repair the head trauma. “I don’t think you’ll have any lasting problems. You got off easier than most.”

He stood back and looked at the argent. If it weren’t for the silver-hued skin, and the green blood, they would be human in all but name. Marveling at the alien’s toned body, which must have been honed by years of physical work, or military training, and the light dusting of indigo blue hair across his body, that thickened into a nice pubic patch and treasure trail that led to a nice endowment, Jeff couldn’t help to feel a stirring in his loins. “Back to work, Jeff,” he said to himself.

Jeff took a clean rag and some water and proceeded to clean up his charge. He watched the monitors closely and followed the progress of the medical devices as they did their work. “Hmm, this readout says, you need fluids. I can do that,” Jeff muttered as he started an IV drip designed for argents.

Once again, Jeff stood back and looked upon his work. Grabbing a blanket, he covered his charge, and set his wrist device to monitor the argent, while he went back upstairs.


There was a pain, and that meant he was alive. He felt a warming and vibrating sensation on his leg, and his head, and slowly opened his eyes. Evie, sighed as he looked around at the medical equipment, and the tell-tale signs, that he was in a Protector’s custody. He felt the device attached to the side of his head and laid still.

“You gave me a little scare,” Jeff said, as he came down the stairs. “Jeff Atwood certified Protector, and normally a Medical Doctor at the hospital in town.”

“Evie… Flight Commander, second class,” Evie said, as he looked his human savior over. Jeff was a tall for a human, at least six-foot-four, and had an athletic build. Copper red hair and sea green eyes stared at him with a mixed look of compassion and a little bit of lust. “I thank you for taking me in.”

“You’re welcome, Flight Commander. Are you defecting from your world’s government?”

“Evie… just Evie, please,” he said with a groan, as he shifts some moving his leg. “I am defecting if the Protectors and the United States would have me.” He paused as a shot of pain went through his leg. “Was it bad?” He gestured to his leg as he asked his question.

“It was a simple fracture of the femur, and you were in shock. I’m surprised you made it to my house, on that leg,” Jeff said, as he moved to a cabinet to get a dose of painkiller. “Are you in any other pain, or have any sort of discomfort?”

Evie shook his head no, as Jeff walked over, and administered the medicine via the IV port. He sighed as the painkiller took the edge off the throbbing in his leg. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, Evie,” Jeff said his tone pleasant, and comforting. “I’ve already sent a signal to HQ that I had a guest. I’ll update them in a moment, about your defection. It might be a few days, to a couple of weeks for a secure transport to get out here to pick you up. Is that acceptable?”

“It is.”

“Alright. Your leg will be fully mended in about an hour. Your head and other injuries are already done. I’ll grab some clothes for you, and we can get you upstairs and fed. How’s that?” Jeff grabbed the clothes from one of the drawers after he disposed of the needle into a Sharpe’s bucket.

“Sounds good Doctor.”

“Jeff. Just call me Jeff,” he said and gave Evie a warm smile. He turned and went back up the stairs to the main living area.


A few hours later, Evie and Jeff sat in the living room of the house above. Dinner had been eaten, dishes were cleaned, and the leftovers put away. Jeff had given the nickel tour of the house and showed Evie a place where he could stay until he got picked up by the authorities. Jeff had given him access to a datapad, and Evie gave a statement and a formal request for asylum. Jeff had the TV on and had the local news turned on, to watch the continuous coverage of the accident on the highway.

“I’m surprised; the pursuit craft didn’t do more damage,” Jeff stated as he looked over at Evie.

“I stacked the roster with some pilots that were loyal to me and understood what I was doing. This war we’ve been part of now for thirty-five-years has taken a toll on my people. I’m hoping the United States can intervene.”

Jeff looked at him nodding. He wasn’t fully versed in the Interplanetary Wars, but the Earth and her Colonies were officially neutral. While the Argents’ government might pursue, and shoot down defecting forces in Earth Space, but the IOC would gather them up and send them back to Argent controlled space. “Do you have important information that can’t wait for the debriefing?”

“None that is critical. But, I brought data-files with me, in my cyber implants, they should look at.”

“I’ll make a note of it.”

Jeff couldn’t understand why, but he felt a surge in the air. Like an unexplained shift in the current, but he knew that was not it. In all the years of being a protector, he never experienced what he was feeling right now. Being a psychic, Jeff was sensitive to the mental energies given off by others. “You’re unbonded, aren’t you?”

“I am. How did you know?” Evie asked, looking over at him.

“I’m psychic… and unbonded as well,” Jeff said, with a bit of apprehension in his voice. “Tell me, did you defect because of the war or because of the soul-vision?”

Since the first human settlers in Earth’s off-world colonization project, ran into the Argent race, there was an undeniable connection between the two species. Men and women of psionic talent, of each species, were drawn to each other, in what came to be known as Soulbond. A linking so powerful between two psychic practitioners that it could travel across the galaxy between worlds, where one could feel what the other felt, and if they lived or not. Species, gender, and sex did not matter in the pairings, and sometimes could be more than just a pair.

It was not unheard of that humans and argents would have visions of their potential Soulbond, and would seek them out.

Jeff waited for Evie to speak. He could feel their psychic energy starting to mingle.

Evie sat, and looked at Jeff, “I’m telling you the truth. I came here just to defect, and not to find my Soulbond.” He felt the attraction his mental energy had, and the strong pull towards Jeff’s. “I… I don’t think I can restrain it much longer.”

“Neither can I,” Jeff said and licked his lips. “I’ve been keeping it in check most of the day, and I think me relaxing now is what caused this.”

“Then we need to let it happen.”

The pair nodded to, and then looked at each other in unison. It was at that moment when their psychic powers connected. There was no visible signs, nor any audio noise, but if you were psychic and within ten miles of the country house, you felt the connection. At that moment, the two became one. Each one’s mind linked in such a way, that there was a deeper understanding than any lover in history would experience. Likes, dislikes, past experiences, became shared with one another.

Neither man, knew when it happened. One moment, they were looking at each other, letting their mental walls drop. The next they were in each other’s arms passionately kissing, and touching each other as if they were lifelong lovers.

Jeff and Evie knew this had changed things. Neither of them cared.

The End… For now.

Hope you enjoyed it. It was a fun exercise.

Setup: Driving home you manage to get past dozens of cars that are pulled over or stopped to watch some sort of accident. You get home and just strip off, climbing into a hot shower and trying to let the day go. When you finally finish, you pull on some clothes and go to make dinner. As you enter your kitchen you hear a crash in your backyard. Rushing outside into the darkening evening you see a figure spread out on the ground. When you finally are close enough you find a figure sprawled out on the floor. The deep green blood and light silver skin make it clear that the figure is an alien. What do you do?


Argent is a shade of Silver. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argent

Copyright © 2017 BHopper2; All Rights Reserved.
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I like where you took this Peompt, A.

With a couple of likeable MC’s in Evie and Jeff, a revisit to see how they’re doing would be nice. :) 

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29 minutes ago, Reader1810 said:

I like where you took this Peompt, A.

With a couple of likeable MC’s in Evie and Jeff, a revisit to see how they’re doing would be nice. :) 

Thank you, Reader. I'm glad you enjoyed, and Evie and Jeff will return. That I will agree with. I think they just became part of a larger universe.

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wow A, just wow. you just get better in storytelling. especially when you let it flow. now feed the reader *cheep, cheep* 

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7 minutes ago, mogwhy said:

wow A, just wow. you just get better in storytelling. especially when you let it flow. now feed the reader *cheep, cheep* 

Thanks, Moggie. I'm glad you liked the story. Will be more in the future, once others are done.

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1 hour ago, Puppilull said:

A lot of story in a short piece. You almost owe these guys more. 

Thank you for reading. I am defiantly going to be writing more about them.

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1 hour ago, deville said:

Mmmm, such an interesting prologue , can’t wait for the rest. 

Thank you! Jeff and Evie, are most defiantly getting their own story now. I'm glad people liked this little short of them.

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This was very nice, A!  I liked Jeff's professionalism, but with brief lapses while 'checking out' his patient!  But those moments make him more human to us.  And their psychic bond.. was a clever device. I liked your story very much.

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19 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

This was very nice, A!  I liked Jeff's professionalism, but with brief lapses while 'checking out' his patient!  But those moments make him more human to us.  And their psychic bond.. was a clever device. I liked your story very much.

Thanks, tim. I am glad you enjoyed the story. When I saw the prompt and sat down to write, it all just flowed out. I after the comments I got about these two, I've decided to expand this story, but not until other projects are done.

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