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The Castaway Hotel - 6 - 6. Chapter 6 - Two Rickys

The next day, I got up very early, so I would have everything ready by the time the boys came down to eat. There was some joking around at the breakfast table, concerning some of the activities that took place the night before, but it was basically innocuous. For the most part, the teasing was about the amount of noise various groups made or the types of activities they were suspected to have been a part of. This elicited a few chuckles and snickers, but overall the boys were getting on extremely well with each other and no one got upset over the mild barbs and good-natured ribbing.

Once the boys had finished eating, Nigel, Jake and I hustled them along, so we could take them for their next outing. After making sure everyone had dressed in the types of clothing they would wear for work or play, I began receiving more than a few confused looks. This was due to the fact that for our other excursions I had insisted the boys dressed fairly nicely. Even though this type of garb might be more comfortable for them, they knew it was not the caliber of attire I would have normally made them don, especially for something I had planned. After many questions and comments about it, which we adults deflected without giving up any additional information, the boys finally let the matter drop.

As we exited the house, we quickly split the boys into two groups and loaded the first into the van. The other group then got into the Suburban, and we started out, driving toward the more rural part of the county. I think by the time we were partway to our destination, most of my boys had figured out we were going to the Beckers’ farm, but didn’t divulge this information to Nigel’s group.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a very hyper Little Ricky, who was bouncing around so much that his parents had all they could do, just to keep him out of harm’s way. When the vehicles finally came to a stop, he raced over and threw my door open, so he could climb onto my lap.

“Hi, Uncle Pop. I sure have missed you,” he announced, in his sincerest voice. However, just watching his expressions and sensing his hyper state, I found it difficult not to think about his namesake. Little Ricky and my Ricky were so much alike, with their never-fading grins, unabashed enthusiasm and devilish appeal, that I could no longer look at one without instantly being reminded of the other.

“Hi, Ricky, and I sure have missed you too,” I replied, which earned me a hug. “It’s almost like having my own Ricky back home for the day, just a younger version.”

Although I hadn’t consciously thought about how he might react to my comment, it did have a positive effect. It caused Little Ricky to flash me a huge grin. That told me he considered my remark to be the best compliment I could have given him. I wasn’t really surprised by this, especially since I knew how much he idolized his older counterpart. In fact, I could clearly tell he thought it was great that I had acknowledged the fact they were so much alike.

Energized by my words, as if he needed anything to make him more hyperactive, he pulled me from the driver’s seat and dragged me over to his parents. Although they were anxiously telling him to take it easy and warning that he could dislocate my shoulder while tugging on me in that manner, he didn’t let up. As he dragged me forward, he loudly announced what I had said to him a few seconds earlier.

This pronouncement caused his parents to chuckle and acknowledge they had often thought the same thing. Then we good-naturedly joked that it might be best if we banned the addition of any more young men sharing this name. The Beckers even went as far as to suggest that maybe we should ban the use of the name altogether, if it caused the bearer to be so hyper and mischievous. Little Ricky heard everything we said and flashed us his pouty expression in response. He did this to make us believe we had just hurt his feelings, although we were all pretty sure he was inwardly pleased by the attention and the comparison.

When the discussion died out, I exchanged belated greetings with the Beckers and then introduced them to Nigel. Once they had a chance to chat briefly, I had Nigel introduce his boys, so he could control how much information was shared.

Once this had been completed, I explained to our visitors about the connection between the Beckers and Curries. After they understood our bond, I announced we were here to assist them with the farm work and explained the Beckers were in desperate need of help to get things done. After some minor grumbling from our guests about having to work on their ‘holiday,’ I told them we’d more than make it up to them later, but I wasn’t about to abandon our friends when they need help. I then explained to the Barstows that the adults would make all the decisions concerning who would work with whom and which type of chores they’d do.

Nigel’s boys calmed down quickly after learning the facts and were no longer upset with this idea. My boys helped by telling their guests they knew me well enough to know that I’d keep my promise and repay them with some additional fun and other rewards for their efforts.

With this in mind, everyone took this unexpected task in stride and listened carefully, as we discussed the types of jobs that needed to be done. Once this had been accomplished, we sent the six oldest boys out with Mr. Becker, to help in the fields. He had finished doing the first cut of hay a couple of days earlier and had finished raking it just before we got there, so now he was ready to bale it and store it in his mow.

Mr. Becker still used a fairly old fashioned baler, one that produced rectangular bales weighing between 50 and 100 pounds each, depending upon how he set the tension on the twine. The boys would ride behind him in the hay wagon, so they could take the bales off of the baler and stack them. When the hay wagon was full, they would return to the barn and unload the bales onto the escalator, which took them up into the loft.

Some of the other boys would be assigned there, to take the bales and stack them for later use. That group now listened attentively as Mr. Becker carefully explained how to stack the bales with the cut side up, so they wouldn’t mold and then did as instructed. It was tough, dirty work, but my fitness buffs and Nigel’s older sons seemed to enjoy the physical challenge, so each of them took part without complaint.

Little Ricky took the next group with him into the barn, where he and some of my boys who had done this before showed Nigel’s boys how to milk the cows. This was all done by hand at first, until they got the idea, and then Little Ricky showed them how the milking machines could be used to do it much faster. The best thing was, each step gave the boys a chance to see and do something new.

The last group consisted of the youngest boys, who went with Mrs. Becker to feed the chickens, slop the hogs and collect the eggs. When those two groups were done with their chores, they helped Little Ricky release the cows out into pasture, before cleaning up the barn and shoveling out the manure.

Each of the groups finished up their duties just before lunchtime, so we sent them off with Little Ricky to take a quick dip in the pond. We gave them a few bars of Ivory soap, a bottle of shampoo and some towels to take with them, so they could wash thoroughly before the meal. We warned them not to take too long, because the food would be ready in about half an hour. I was worried they might start messing around with each other at the pond and forget to return quickly, which would lead to them holding up the meal. Not only that, but they would also delay the rest of the days work, which would mean we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all the tasks we needed to do before we left.

Just to prod them a little more, we told them we’d start eating whether they were back or not, so if they wanted to get their fill, they’d best return on time. Taking our warning seriously, we nearly buckled over in fits of laughter as we watched the boys sprint toward the pond. It appeared none of them wanted to miss out on getting his share of the chow and were intent on doing this as quickly as they could.

Once they’d all stripped down, I was advised that Little Ricky had a good time checking out all the new bodies, but was able to control himself and not start anything with any of them. They still had a good time bathing in the pond and tossing the bars of Ivory soap around for everyone to use, but they were more careful passing around the bottle of shampoo. They didn’t want to drop and lose it at the bottom of the pond and then have to dive to retrieve it. The boys did manage to complete the task within the time limit, and once they got out and dried off, they dressed and raced back in to join the rest of us for lunch.

Jake, Nigel and I had stayed back with Mr. and Mrs. Becker, to help them prepare the meal for this hungry crew. After washing up quickly, we convinced Mrs. Becker to let us utilize some of the goodies we had brought with us, so we wouldn’t use up all of their supplies.

Although Mrs. Becker had previously prepared some of the dishes while the rest of us were out doing the other chores, there was still much to do. We all knew how much growing boys are able to eat, especially when they’ve been working hard, so we planned on preparing enough food so everyone could have their fill.

The first thing Nigel, Jake and I did was to set up a few portable tables, next to the Beckers’ picnic table, to accommodate this large group. Once that task was finished, we went back into the house, to work on the meal.

Since Mrs. Becker had already done so much, Jake and I suggested we’d take charge of preparing the hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages. We took the large cooler we had brought with us, which contained the meat, and carried it outside to the grill. While we preparing the meat, Nigel set out the disposable dishes, paper napkins and plastic eating utensils, before carrying out some of the serving dishes.

When the boys returned, we all sat down to eat, but still took time to say grace first. Within seconds after saying ‘Amen,’ however, the platters and bowls of food began their whirlwind trek around the tables. The boys eagerly helped themselves, but then passed the dish on, without being greedy. Once everyone had their plates loaded with a variety of items, they emptied them with equal gusto.

After they had devoured everything on their plates, we advised them they could take seconds, which they did without hesitation. The rest of us watched in awe as they refilled their plates, with nearly as much food as they had already eaten, and then a few of them even returned again, for third helpings. It didn’t take long before nearly every edible item within reach had disappeared. Fortunately, we adults were smart enough to get our fill on the first go around, since we guessed nothing would be left setting around for very long.

While we were helping to clean up and putting things away, Mr. Becker was busy making a few phone calls. What we didn’t know was, he was arranging for his friends and neighbors, in each direction, to bring their horses over after lunch. After all the animals arrived, Mr. Becker and Little Ricky took turns taking groups of boys out for rides around the farm on horseback, while the rest of us relaxed and waited for our turns.

This gave us a chance to regain our strength and not have to work in the midday heat, but we knew we’d be heading back out to the fields and various other locations by late afternoon. This period of down time was a blessing and came about as the result of having so many to do the work. This meant, everything got done much more quickly than it normally would, which left this time for the boys to play and have some fun.

Once everyone had their ride, we went back out to the various locations and finished the chores. The older boys returned to the fields and completed the haying, while the middle group cleaned out the chicken coop and did the second milking. The younger boys helped Mrs. Becker pick vegetables from the garden, and then she taught them how to clean and prepare these items for the evening meal.

After all of the chores were done and the last load of hay had been stacked in the barn, Mr. Becker sent everyone out for another dip in the pond. This would not only allow them an opportunity to clean up, but it would also give them a chance to cool down and work the kinks out of their tired muscles. Mr. Becker realized these boys were not accustomed to such physical work and their muscles might be sore after the hard day they put in, so he felt the warm water in the pond would be just what the doctor ordered.

Although I’m fairly certain he and his wife understood the boys would be skinny-dipping, I doubted they were aware of what other activities might be going on as well. Nigel, Jake and I weren’t quite as naïve and suspected this outing might lead to some sexual hijinks, although these activities would be limited in scope.

Since Little Ricky was comfortable going au naturel in front of us, he made sure to invite Nigel, Jake and me to join them. We readily accepted and were immensely glad we did. It was a sight to behold, as all those sweaty bodies shed their clothes and went running as fast as they could to leap into the water for a swim. The three of us also shed what we were wearing, but we waded out into the pond to swim a bit, before we bathed too.

The boys had a great time in the water and often pulled us adults into the activities they thought up. However, we didn’t have the stamina they did, so Nigel, Jake and I got out and laid in the sun to dry, while continuing to watch the boys as we did so. Once we were dry, we went back in to the farmhouse, to help prepare the evening meal, which left the boys to their own devices.

I understand that after we left, Little Ricky talked two of Nigel’s younger sons, Will (14) and Andre (15) into fooling around with him. They went behind some trees and jacked or sucked each other off and didn’t come out again until each of them had cum at least once.

My boys also told me how amazed they were by how Little Ricky had filled out since our last visit. After I explained that’s what good, hard work could do for the body, they wondered if maybe they should come back to help out more often.

The boys stayed at the pond for nearly another hour, before we started honking a couple of the car horns. This was a signal the Beckers’ used to let them know it was time to come back in.

While we waited, Jake, Nigel and I began to stack some of the wood Mr. Becker had cut from a tree that had rotted and constructed a rather substantial woodpile. We did this so we could have a bonfire later. We thought the boys would enjoy toasting marshmallows and making smores after it got dark and a bonfire is always a nice way to end the day.

For those of you who have never had the privilege of enjoying a smore, they consist of two graham crackers, a chocolate bar and one or more marshmallows. The chocolate bar is placed on top of one of the graham crackers, and then a toasted marshmallow is placed on top of that, before being covered by the second graham cracker. They are extremely good and kids generally love them, so we thought this would be a good treat for the boys.

Once they returned from bathing, they were hungrier than ever, so we allowed them to fill up their plates. Eagerly, they selected what they wanted from all the different foods we had set out for them. Fortunately, I had brought enough steaks and chicken marinated in barbecue sauce so everyone could enjoy some of each. Once again, our young bottomless pits managed to polish off every morsel in sight. They ate not only the meat, but also devoured the corn on the cob and fresh peas and carrots from the Becker’s garden. They left nothing but crumbs and scraps in their wake, which also meant there were no leftovers to put away.

After throwing away the disposable items and washing up the serving dishes, we waited for it to get dark, so we could light the bonfire. As soon as the fire was going, we allowed the boys to toast their marshmallows and make their own smores, which was another new treat for Nigel’s boys.

After we finished eating the smores, I told a couple of ghost stories as we sat around the fire, but unfortunately I hadn’t had a chance to set up any special effects this time. However, I think my tales proved to be more than sufficient to unsettle Little Ricky, a portion of Nigel’s gang and some of my younger sons – but that wasn’t all. Once I’d finished, many of the older boys had fun trying to scare the pants off of the aforementioned group by pulling various pranks, so I think that was more than enough for those who were spooked by my stories.

When it was time to load the boys back into the vehicles and head home, we thanked the Beckers for the wonderful experience and great day. We also gave Little Ricky our own special good byes, before I pulled them to the side and invited all of them to join us on another visit to New York City. The Beckers politely thanked us for the offer, but explained they wouldn’t be able to take time off from the farm at this time of year. There was too much to do and their neighbors had enough of their own work, so they wouldn’t be able to help. They said they’d regrettably have to pass, but did agree to cover Little Ricky’s chores, if he wanted to go with us.

Hearing this, Little Ricky started jumping around and whooping it up, before giving his parents hugs and kisses for doing this for him. Then he moved off to make his own plans with the other boys.

Once he’d settled down and walked away, I pulled the Beckers aside, so I could tell them about our other plans, including the trip to the naturist camp. I informed them that Little Ricky was welcome to join us for all or part of the activities we had planned for Nigel’s stay, if that met with their approval. I also offered to bring my family out again, one or more times, to help them get ahead with their work, so they wouldn’t fall behind while he was gone.

Although they were very religious people and a bit surprised about the mention of the naturist camp, they agreed that Little Ricky loved to run around with as little clothing on as possible. He had filled them in on some of the stories about his stay at the group home, as well as letting them know how my boys enjoyed going naked around our house. He also told them how much he liked skinny-dipping with them in the pond, so they said they wouldn’t mind and would ask him what he wanted to do.

They then went on to add that even though they might not do anything of that nature themselves, they were willing to let their son make his own decision. They said they would talk it over with him in private, after we left, and would then call me tomorrow, to let me know what he’d decided.

Now that it was settled, we said our final good-byes, loaded everyone into the vehicles and started off for home. Most of the boys were pretty exhausted from the hard day’s work, but each of them readily admitted he’d had a wonderful time.

The ride back was pretty quiet, seeing some of the boys dozed and the others just talked quietly or looked out the windows. The drive seemed to go by quickly and it wasn’t long before we were pulling into our driveway. After waking up those who’d slept on the way back, we all dragged into the house. Many of the boys opted to turn in early, although a few of them did stay up to watch a movie on television first. A couple of hours later, the house became really quiet and it stayed that way for the rest of the evening.

The next day I received my call from the Beckers, during which they advised me that Little Ricky definitely was eager to go to New York City again. Not only that, be he also wanted to join us for our visit to the naturist camp. While Mr. Becker was informing me about this, I could hear Little Ricky in the background, teasing to talk to me. After I finished telling Mr. Becker that we’d pick Little Ricky up on Friday, he handed the phone to his excited son.

“Uncle Pop?” an exuberant voice squeaked out.

“Yes, Ricky, it’s me,” I confirmed.

“Thanks for inviting me to go with you,” he said. “My parents told me all about it. I didn’t think they’d let me go someplace where they knew I’d be running around naked, but they said it was up to me and they trusted you, so I want to go there too.”

“Okay, and I thought you might,” I conceded. “We’ll pick you up on our way through on Friday, so you make sure you’re packed and ready to go. Okay?”

“Oh, yeah!” he said, excitedly. “I’ll be packed by Thursday and will be waiting on the porch for you on Friday.”

“All right, just don’t get too excited,” I teased. “I don’t want you passing out before we get there. We’ll be arriving around 6:00 Friday morning, but I want you to make sure you give your parents a special thank you for letting you do this and for doing your chores while you’re away.”

“OH, I will, and thanks again, Uncle Pop,” he added.

I hung up, but continued to smile for many minutes afterward. That was one excited boy, and so much like my own Ricky. I just wish he were here to join in the fun too.

Well, everything was set now, so we just had to bide our time until Friday. While I waited for the big day to arrive, I continued going about my normal activities and regularly checked my email. Eventually, I discovered another message from my Ricky.

Hey, Dad,

Sorry I haven’t written for a while, but I’ve been really busy. Things are going great over here. I really like my classes, and I’ve been learning a lot, but I’ve been having some fun too. I’ve been seeing a lot of Kylie and we went to a dance together. I think she likes me, because she even asked me over to get to know the rents better. I’m supposed to go to her house this Sunday for dinner, after church. I’m not really comfortable around her mom and dad, but I like being with her, so I guess I’ll do it. Wish me luck.

Peter and I have been getting along great too, but he’s starting to get even with me for all the pranks I’ve pulled on him. The other night I came home a little late and he was already in bed, so I slipped into the room quietly and didn’t turn on the light, because I didn’t want to wake him. When I slid under the covers, my mattress crashed to the floor. He had taken out two of the slats that held everything up, and then arranged the other two slats so they would give way, once my weight was on them. When I turned on the light to fix my bed, Peter was laughing hysterically.

Although I was really pissed, I just went over and began to tickle him for doing that. I realize some of my brothers could have hurt me for some of the thing I’ve done, but they never did, so I didn’t want to do that to Peter either. I did want to get back at him, so that’s why I tickled him, but now I’ve got to think of something else to do to him, to get even.

The problem is, that’s not the only thing he’s done. Another time, when we were planning to go out and play soccer with his friends, he did something else. I had left my stuff on the bed, while I ran to the toilet, and when I came back, I just quickly put them on. I didn’t think anything about it until we met up with his mates. Wow, look at that! I’m even beginning to talk like them. I’ve never used the word ‘mates’ before I came over here. Hehehe

Anyway, when we started running around, I noticed my balls felt as if they were on fire. When I mentioned this to one of the other guys, he just started laughing and told me it sounded as if Peter had pulled the old liniment trick on me. He then explained that Peter had most likely put some liniment in my underwear when I wasn’t around, and then once I started running and sweating, the combination of moisture and liniment created an extreme burning sensation in that area.

Man, by the time I got home, my balls were really red and sore, so I took my stuff off and jumped in the shower to wash it off. That was another mistake. The water made it burn even worse, so I jumped out and grabbed my towel, so I could wipe it off instead. That helped some, but that area still felt very warm and tender afterward. Damn, my balls were still sore two days later and they still aren’t back to normal. Don’t worry, though, I’ll get even with him for that too.

Well, Dad, I still like it over here, but I miss all of you. Tell my brothers I said hi and let them know I miss each of them. I hope you all miss me too. See you next year.

Your bestest son,

By the time I had finished reading his email, I knew Ricky had met his match in Peter. Finally, there was a boy who was willing to give back as much as he got on the receiving end of Ricky’s stunts. Besides, it gave me a good chuckle knowing he wasn’t passively accepting Ricky’s abuse.

I zipped off a quick email in reply, telling Ricky that Peter was only paying him back for all the pranks he had pulled on him, before advising him to consider the score even and move on. Even though I suggested it, I knew Ricky would ignore my advice, so I realized I’d be hearing about even more pranks in the future.

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On 02/22/2016 05:45 AM, Fae Briona said:

I grew up on a farm - farm chores aren't for the weak or lazy. :)

I know, Fae. I grew up on a farm too. As the song in 'Oliver!' said, 'It's a fine life.'

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