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November Falls

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Ember McCain is a mechanic in his late thirties, he's closed off and bitter about his teenage years. His biggest problem is not being able to let go of the anger he feels from the bullying he received in high school. Despite his own short comings he's managed grow a successful mechanic business, most of his employees are strong confident gay men. He's finally in a place in his life where he feels happy, confident, and content being himself. That is until Brady Douglass, his high school bully moves back to town and is everywhere, including his own workplace turning his world upside down.

This story is for 18 and over, it has explicit language and sex scenes. This story and characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary.

JT Babbage & Cameron Austin

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Can't wait. Sure wee'll have to wait until friday?

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(Rubbing my hands together ) woooo this sounds like a beautiful story 🤗🤩🤤

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Missing this week’s installment and hoping all is ok with the authors.

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4 hours ago, FSELL said:

Hey y’all, all good. Both Joh and myself have been caught up big time with work and stuff. So we had to hold up for a week, we will resume normal programming soon, haha. Appreciate you’re need back, and hang in there guys ok. 

Keep smiling y’all. John 

Thanks for reaching out, see you at normal programming.

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I miss your excellent story and will gladly wait for the next installment.   Sigh.........

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