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Unexpected - 16. Chapter 16

Mild drug reference in this chapter.


Alex kisses Benny’s forehead and puts his arm around me. I feel a sense of love and pride when we are linked together like this. It’s saying to the world this is my family.

“Hey, Benny Boo!” Alex whispers. The nickname gets him a giggle from our little munchkin. “Why don’t we introduce you to your horse?” He giggles again.

Alex walks us as we are over to Benny’s horse. He pets his face and bends over to kiss the horse.

“What’s his name Daddy?” He asks.

“Promise!” Alex replies and Benny looks at him like has two heads. “Your horse’s name is Promise?”

“Oh!” Benny giggles. “Put me on him Daddy. I wanna sit on him.”

Billy offers me the lead rope and I thank him. Alex lifts Benny up onto the horse. He looks so tiny on the massive beast - his little legs look like they are almost horizontal. Alex nods his head to me to go forward while he supports Benny. I clack at Promise and walk forward.

“Look, Cory! I’m riding!” Benny calls to him.

Cory looks up to Benny with a tear stained face and smiles, “Good one, Benny. Look at you - you’re a natural. You’ll be better than me soon,” he says with as much encouragement as he can muster. Cory then stands and helps his Daddy off of the ground and hugs him again. Random flicks his head to get the lead rope away from Billy then walks over to Cory and puts his head between Callen and him. They both laugh and pet Random.

“I love you boy. I’m so glad we’re back together,” Cory says while he hugs the horse’s neck. We all look on, elated for them.

“Okay you lot. How ‘bout we let Billy put the horses away? As I recall, you boys still have some presents to open,” calls out Uncle David.

“Yay!” Benny expresses loudly and everyone laughs.

Cory hands the lead rope attached to Random back to Billy and starts back to the house with his arms wrapped around Callen’s waist. Callen, in turn, puts one arm around Cory’s shoulders and is holding Jase’s hand with the other as they walk.

Jack is holding Beth’s hand and Uncle David his holding his wife’s as they walk side by side talking.

We dawdle behind them: Alex is carrying Benny and blowing raspberries on his face making him giggle and has his other arm around my shoulders with our fingers entwined together. I’m not sure I have ever felt happier than I do right this second. I would say I feel complete.

Everyone settles around the tree, the boys are enthusiastically ripping paper and leaving it where it falls. I’m in the kitchen making a pot of coffee and tea for all. I can hear the oohs and ahs from the crowd. I bring the trays out one at a time with the coffee, tea and orange juice for the boys. The other tray full of cups, mugs, sugars and creamers. When I sit down Cory, and Benny show me their new tack, blankets and grooming kits. Callen and Alex have done a great job with the saddles and gear. Somewhere on most pieces it has the name of the horse impressed into the leather in a fancy font.

The coffee and tea have been inhaled, the conversation slowing in pace. The boys are begging to use their new gear and ride the horses. Uncle David and company, including Jack, are excusing themselves to go to David’s sons for Christmas lunch. We thank them for coming and tell them we’ll have dinner soon and they depart.

“So are you lot staying for lunch, or are you going as well? Just so you know there is no turkey, only ham and salads. Yes I’m lazy, but we had the big breakfast and to be honest turkey makes me too sleepy and is a lot of work,” I say to Cal and Jase.

“Ham is perfect Trace,” says Jase. “Why don’t you all grab a couple of Alex’s wheelbarrows and take all of this over to the barn and ride your horses. Trace and I will get lunch ready, be back in three hours, okay?”

Cory and Benny are high fiving and jumping up and down in excitement. Callen and Alex are pulling them to the shed to get the wheelbarrows. Jase turns to me and says while chuckling, “God they’re easy. We get three hours of peace. Yay! For us.”

This makes me laugh as I saunter into the kitchen and pull out the fixings for a garden salad and start peeling potatoes for the potato salad. I also put six eggs on to boil. Jase went straight to work on the garden salad. Once the potatoes are on the stove to boil, I clean the bench around Jase to give him more room. I went into the cleaning cupboard and pull out a big jar full with a dark brown liquid and light brown colored balls bobbing around three quarters full.

“What the devil is that, Trace? Are you into Voodoo or something? You have a jar full of pickled eyes.”

“Funny man. No, they’re pickled onions. Mom’s family is English and she used to make these every year for the summer. They go great with salads. This is Florida - you can have all year round, to go with the salad – all year round. They’re delicious, Callen and Alex love them. They will try and polish all of these off today - you wait and see.”

Once the lunch is ready and in the refrigerator, we set the table then Jase and I sit and relax with a beer.

“You excited about getting married? What’s with August 20?” Jase asks me.

“I’m over the moon, Jase. You have no idea. I never thought it would happen. I love him so much. I love our little family so much.” I twirl my ring around my finger.

“And what’s August 20?”

I grin at him, “I have no idea.” I continue drinking my beer.

“Yeah! Right!” Jase chuckles and looks at me sideways.

Saved by the bell, our cowboys come walking down the hallway; shoeless.

I smile at them, “Thank you for coming through the laundry and not messing up my floor.”

Alex scoffs and says to Callen, “I wouldn’t dare. Last week I thought he was going to kick me out when I walked inside with my boots on. I won’t make that mistake twice.”

“How about you all go and wash up, and we’ll put the food on the table.”

The boys turn to go and wash up, but Alex elbows Callen and says quietly, “Is that what I think it is?” Callen looks at the jar of pickled onions.

“Hell Yes!” They both move toward the onions.

“Uh… Uhh! No you don’t. You go and wash up first. They aren’t going anywhere,” I say blocking their path.

“But…” Alex starts

“We just…” Callen follows

“No, go wash up.” I stop them.

They turn with their shoulders slumped and stomp off – the big babies. I turn to Jase as he’s pulling the ham plates and salads from the refrigerator. He is silently laughing away, shaking his head. I put the salads and ham plates on the table as Jase puts them (?) on the bench. Once we are all in our seats the fight is on to get to the food.

“I guess you boys worked up an appetite out there huh!” I say, watching the last supper go down at the table. You’d think they were never going to eat again. Poor Benny: every time Alex puts something on his plate he delivers the same to Benny’s. He’s looking at me in panic, we usually make him eat everything on his plate. Alex then put two pickled onions on his plate.

“Poppy?” as he points to the onions.

Alex pipes up, “They’re pickled eyes. You’ll love em’.” Then he chuckles.

I don’t know what’s gotten into him and Callen but it’s like they’re sixteen again. Kind of like when they used to get their hands on some…

I give Alex a hard stare, “Have you two been behind the woodshed?” This is where they used to smoke it, away from the house. They both nod in my direction. Crap! “Where did you get it?”

“There were two rolled up and ready on top of a post-it that said, “Merry Christmas. See you up high. Love Santa Billy.” Callen says to me as if it happens every day, no big deal. I look at our boys and he continues, “don’t worry we waited until the boys were cooling down and grooming the horses. Then we snuck behind the woodshed.” He and Alex cracked up.

“Callen, what would Dad say?” I chide him as I’m removing most of Benny’s food and relocating it to my plate. I could physically feel the kid sigh with relief.

“I don’t know. Probably “pass that bad boy and don’t be a hog’.” He retorts laughing hysterically, Alex also found this funny.

Jase and I roll our eyes at each other and continue with lunch. Cory and Benny talk ten to the dozen about the horses and their ride, what they taught Benny and how well he is picking it up. Cory seems to think Benny has a natural talent for it. They even managed to get Callen on Alex’s horse to go on a trail ride. I could see Cory is in heaven - it’s like he has come alive. I’m so glad it all worked out in the end.

While Jase and I clear the table Benny drags them all to watch Sponge Bob. All we can hear is Alex and Callen cracking up and making stupid comments, to which Cory joins in. Jase goes to Cory and gives him that fatherly stare - you know the one which makes you crap your pants.

“I didn’t go behind the woodshed! I swear!” Cory puts his hands up in defense; Jase just points to him and gives Callen the same look.

“What? He’s telling the truth.” Jase squishes Callen’s cheeks into fish lips with one hand then says, “He better be for your sake.”

Callen says with his fish lips, “I wob oo baby!” Jase leans forward and kisses him. Jase gives them a pass for now and gets two beers and hands me one. We sit at the table trying not to laugh at our men being silly. Benny is totally oblivious to what’s going on except for Sponge Bob.

By the time we have polished off our second beer, they were asleep, except for Cory who has switched to the game box.

“It’s almost eight o’clock. Time went by quickly today. Why don’t you guys catch a taxi home and Cheech and I will bring your car over in the morning.”

Jase sighs, “Sounds good to me. I’ll ring for the taxi and then you can help me get mine up.”

He rings for a taxi, Cory packs up the game box, and then Jase is trying to rouse Callen. “Cory come over and gives me a hug.”

“Thank you for finding Random.” He says quietly.

“Pure dumb luck, I’m afraid. No need to thank me.” I hug him back.

“All the same, I’m very grateful. My Dad’s told me the horses were your idea, so Thank You. I love you Uncle Trace.” And he squeezes me tighter.

I pull his head back as a single tear escapes and I wipe it away.

“You’re welcome, and I love you too, kiddo. Don’t ever forget that.” I smile at him. He buries in and hugs me again. Cory releases me from his titan grip so I can give Jase a hand to wake Callen. A horn toots outside which helps our cause. He stumbles with Jase’s help out to the door, mumbles “I love you,” and staggers his way to the taxi. He didn’t even have his shoes on. Jase and Cory follow him laughing. They wave as the taxi turns around to leave; Callen’s head is slumped against the window. Yep! You’re not sixteen anymore, Brother.

I lock up and deal with my own sleeping beauties. Benny is easy, so I tuck him into bed first. Then I go back for my problem child. He’s spread out along the couch; I try everything to wake him. Nothing seems to work, so I put my lips against his for a kiss. By the third try he is kissing me back. He wraps his arms around me and pulls down to lie on top of him. He whispers he loves me, slides his hand down, holds my cheek and falls back to sleep. I’m so exhausted it didn’t take me long to do the same.


I’m not sure how, but I wake in our bed to a warm, wet and tight feeling on my cock coinciding with a wonderful pressure to my prostate. I look down and see Alex attached to my crotch smiling at me. Oh, my god. I moan and run my fingers through his hair, pushing my hips upward to meet his mouth. Now that I’m awake, he increases the speed and pressure.

“Oh! Alex… grrrr… fu… mmm…” This encourages him further. I can’t handle the pleasure and pain all rolled into one, “Alex, I.need.you.inside.me. Please… Oh fuck yes… Please Alex.” I beg him.

He gets on his knees and lifts my legs over his shoulders and puts a pillow under me. Then he lubes his cock which is standing at delicious attention. Oh my God, that bad boy is going in me and I can’t wait. I impatiently try to stroke myself while I watch him and he swats my hand away growling.

“C’mon Bubby, I want you in me.”

He leans forward and kisses me with heat and raw passion. Our tongues dance together as he enters me. I close my eyes and moan. He slowly and gently slides all the way until I feel the furry mass around his cock. I won’t let him trim himself; I love the feeling of his hair against me. It sets all my nerves on end.

“Open your eyes, honey. I want to see you.” He says between kisses. He is slowly pumping into me with long strokes. Oh, it’s delectable torture. I can’t stand this; I lift my hips to meet him and grab his backside and pull him to me hard. He sits back on his knees and holds up my legs, which changes his direction. Now my prostate is getting hit every stroke, I groan and he hastens his motion but keeping his rhythm.

His baby blues are almost black as he stares into my soul with hot animal passion. My hands are behind my head fisting the sheets. It’s too much. I can feel my balls rise and a warm sensation in my belly.

“I’m going to blow, I want… harder… oooh fuck yes… Ohhhawww… Grrr!” My toes curl and my body twists under him, my first shot flies straight up in the air and is hanging from his chin. At this point he growls like a bear and releases his own and I can feel his powerful blow-by-blow inside me as my contractions slow and my seed pools in my pubic hair. He must have shot seven times. He falls forward, raised by his elbows and kisses me so strongly I think my teeth are going to end up down my throat.

We lay side-by-side on our backs, with our heads facing each other trying to catch our breath. He smiles at me and says, somewhat breathlessly, “Morning beautiful!”

I try and chuckle, “Morning, Fiancé, I think we should quit work and just do that all day.”

Alex brings my hand to his lips and kisses the back. He grins at me. “Done.”

We fall back to sleep holding hands for another hour before we shower and dress. Best morning ever.


New Year’s came and went with minimal fuss. We went to Callen and Jase’s and had a few drinks and played games. The guest list was small - our boys, Maria and the kids Dom had to work, Adam and Anna and, rounding up the night, Jack and Beth, who have become quite the couple. Jack moves quickly, but they seem happy. Good luck to them I say. It’s hard to find someone to love who will love you back. Alex says all he talks about at work is Beth - Beth this and Beth that. It’s not one-sided either - according to Alex, Beth dotes on Jack. He’s excited about being a Dad and always refers to the baby as ‘Our Baby’. It’s so sweet.

I asked him how his Dad felt about Beth’s pregnancy. Apparently Bull is over the moon to be a Grandpa. It shouldn’t have surprised me: he is a very maternal man and loves kids no matter how he groans about his own. I’m not sure there is a thing his kids could do to lose his love. He and his wife Trish will be coming down for the birth. How cute is that! They adore Beth, even though they have only skyped with one another.

Anyway, it was low key and fun. We rang in the New Year and then all went home. That was a couple of days ago, which brings us to today. The move for Callen’s family is tomorrow and they haven’t finished packing so we’re here to help. I’m kind of excited they’ll be next door. I know it’s kind of childish, but it feels like an extra layer of security for me to know Callen will only be 100 feet away. I like having him around.

As I’m filling a box full of kitchen ware, my phone rings. I don’t recognize the number or area code.

“Hello,” I say answering.

“Oh… Uh… Hi… I’m looking for Callen or Tracy Johnson?” The voice says.

“Yeah, this is Tracy!”

“Hi! My name is Chase Ruttlidge. John at the Bulga Ranch gave me your number. You bought Random if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yes, is there a problem?” I say skeptically.

“Oh! No not at all, I own Adonis. I came down here this weekend to start working with him and John told me how he reacted with you, I think, or was it Callen?”

“It must have been me. I don’t think Callen went near him. Did I do something wrong?”

“No quite the opposite actually. Is there any chance you could spare some time tomorrow and come out to the ranch? I’d like to see what John is saying is true. You can bring Random if you like and we could take him for a ride.”

“Well, he’s not my horse. He belongs to my nephew, and I can see if he wants to come. He’s fifteen nearly sixteen. I don’t ride.”

I hear Chase chuckling, “Of course bring him and Random. I could give him some pointers.”

“Um… okay, any particular time?”

“Ahh, come around ten-ish, that will give me some time with Adonis first.”

“Alright we’ll see you ‘round ten.”

I hung up the phone.

“Who was that, hon?” inquires Alex.

“The owner of Adonis, Chase Ruttlidge. I think that’s what he said his name is?”

Cory and Shane came out of the hallway to the cooler to get a drink.

“What about Chase Ruttlidge?”

“He asked me, you and Random to go and see him tomorrow. Something to do with his horse?”

“Are you for real?” he looks at Jase, “Dad, can I go?” he asks enthusiastically, then excitedly turns to Callen. “Please Daddy, please, please, please, let me go.”

“What about Shane, son? You can’t just abandon him.”

“Uncle Alex, can we please take Scar for Shane, and borrow your trailer?” Cory is now begging his Uncle for his co-operation.

“What’s the big deal?” I ask Cory.

He scoffs, “He’s only top five in, cutting, roping and steer wrestling…”

“Cory… Cory… Cory…” He shuts up and hangs his head. “Kiddo, I don’t care about his stats, just tell me one thing.” Cory looks at me. “Is he hot?” I ask, laughing. Alex is walking past and cuffs me on the back of the head and Callen punches me in the arm.

“Owww! Ya big bullies!” I screech. The others are bent over in hysterics.

“Is it alright, Uncle Alex?” Cory asks again, while he laughs at my pain.

“I guess so, you’ll have to load and unload the horses. Tracy has no idea, okay?”

“Thanks, Uncle Alex.” Cory and Shane scurry off as quickly as possible. They won’t risk a ‘No’.

“Well is he hot or not?” Jase yells after boys laughing. Callen cuffs him on the back of the head and Alex punches him in the arm. Stealthy bastard was behind me and I didn’t even know.

I laugh and nod my head at Jase while he rubs his arm, “Now I get to laugh at your pain.”

“We still don’t know if he’s hot,” Jase whispers and smiles at me.

“Crap!” I exclaim quietly. We both got a cuff on the head this time.


I woke the next morning to a post-it on stuck to my forehead. It says ‘Moved your truck to the barn. Coffees ready. Love ya.’

Crap! That means the boys are at the barn with the horses. I am showered, dressed and coffee’d, with one in a to-go cup. I slowly meander over to the barn. Cory and Shane were hanging around ready to get on the road.

“Where’s Benny?” I ask.

“Uncle Alex is taking him with him today. He said to let you know.”

“Thanks, Shane,” I state. “Let’s hit it.” We all jump in the truck to get on the road. Driving past Callen’s, they are out the front so we beep and wave. They, of course, wave back. The drive is quiet. I try to start a conversation but the boys are quiet this morning. They assure me everything is okay -just a late night packing apparently. Sure, Sure.

I pull up the long driveway of the ranch. The boys are talking about the horses they see, and horses in general. John and Chase were over by the house talking and drinking coffee. I could see Adonis in a round pen, his attitude the same as the day I met him.

“Boys, don’t go near Adonis. He’s a little out of sorts and Chase is having trouble with him. We should find out where to put Random and Scar for the minute.” As we exit the truck, Chase and John wander over to us. I walk behind down behind the truck bed and there is Ace asleep in the bed of the truck. He hadn’t made a peep the entire drive, I didn’t even know he is there until just now. Shit! I get him out of the back and put him in the front cab of the truck and put the windows down. Last thing I need is him shooting off somewhere after an animal on this ranch.

“He’s a big boy,” says Chase as he approaches and puts his hand out. “Hi, Chase Ruttlidge.”

“Tracy Johnson,” I reply, shaking his hand. Then I turn to John. “Hi, nice to see again John.” Turning to look at Ace and give his head a pat, I acknowledge the comment about Ace. “He’s a bad boy. I didn’t even know he was in the truck until just now. He slept the whole way here.” I chuckle, “Sorry about him being here, John. I’ll make sure he stays out of the way.”

“Don’t be, most of the horses are used to a dog. My dog however ain’t so used to other dogs,” he says chuckling.

“I hope you don’t mind - Cory brought his friend and horse with him?”

“Nah! That’s not a problem. I’ve cleared out a couple of stalls anyway in the barn. You boys unload and put the horses in the stalls. The last two on the right-hand side when you walk in before the corridor.” John directs the boys.

I walk with Chase over to Adonis. He’s wildly pacing the pen, throwing his weight around. I know he sees me and he continues until I reach the gate. He calms his tantrum and walks over to the gate to get some love from me. I reach up and pat between his eyes and ears, then kiss his nose. Looking around to find Chase is standing back just observing. I turn back to Adonis.

“How are you big fella? I see you’re still giving them a hard time. What’s wrong with ya?”

He nudges me and gives me a couple of horsy snorts. I keep talking to him and talking in a low slow volume and pace. Eventually, Chase walks towards us. Adonis is getting a little ruffled, but stays calm whilst I’m standing there.

“I don’t know what you want from me with Adonis, but he seems to be a pussy cat to me. Maybe it’s you lot,” I chuckle while I keep patting him.

“No, it’s you. There’s something about you that soothes him. You don’t have any food or anything on you, do you?” he asks and I shake my head ‘No’. “Are you wearing any type of cologne? It could be the soap you use, or the washing powder from your clothes maybe. Something about you calms him,” Chase says scratching his head.

Cory and Shane show up hand in hand, walking toward us. I give them a look, and Cory shook his head ‘No’ defiantly. He knows I have his back no matter what happens. When they reach us I introduce them.

“Um… Chase, this is my nephew, Cory, who is a huge fan of yours and this is his boyfriend Shane.”

“Nice to meet you boys. I’m glad to see you don’t hide yourselves or relationship. Too much ignorance in this world already for you not be who you are – I figure.” Says Chase.

“Nice to meet you too, Chase. You see, Uncle Trace, I forgot to tell you one of the reasons I am a huge fan of his, is because he is one of the few openly gay cowboys on the Rodeo Circuit.”

I cuff his shoulder, “You could have told me. Don’t think there won’t be payback for this either!”

“Oh, I look forward to it old man. Bring it on.” Cory says, “By the way, have you rung Dad yet to tell him how hot Chase is.”

My face must be bright red, I mutter under my breath how much of a shit he is. Cory grins at me with a sly look on his face as he knows there is nothing I can do to him in the present company.

“You’re pretty cocky for a kid who forgot there are no witnesses in the truck on the way home,” I state, trying not to laugh. Cory just pokes his tongue out at me and tries to get closer to Adonis. He wasn’t happy about this at all. He steps back farther into the pen and starts throwing another tantrum.

“Damn it!” I heard Chase say under his breath.

Looking at Chase, an idea comes to me, “Chase are you still willing to work with the boys? I might have a way to help, but you’ll have to give me some time to sort it out. I can’t promise anything.”

“Sure. Do you boys want a trail ride or do you want me to work with you on your riding technique?” Chase asks the boys.

“Umm… Technique if you don’t mind. I was training for barrel racing and cutting, but I don’t really want to do barrel racing. I’d rather do roping. Shane and I would like to do the roping together.” Cory says.

“Aright boys, tack up and I’ll meet you in the second pen over there. We will go back to basics. So don’t be frustrated as it will give you a better foundation, especially if your riding skills are different or at different levels. It will be like retraining yourselves and learning to work and ride together. It’s hard work but if you put in the work you’ll be unbeatable after some training and experience. Trust me. You just need to be patient, listen and practice, practice, practice.”

The boys nod their heads and wander off to tack up and bring their horses out.

“Thank you for taking the time with them. Cory just about wet himself when I told him we were coming to meet you. I’m not sure about Shane’s riding skills but I wouldn’t think it’s much past beginners. But in a way that probably helps training him - he won’t have any habits,” I say.

“You got that right. Cory will probably be harder to train at the moment. He seems like a good kid though. Brings me back to when my Dad used to teach me and Troy, my riding partner. Well ex-riding partner. I can’t do the rodeo anymore due to injury. I’m looking for a way to stay in the industry though,” he relays quite sullenly.

“Don’t give up. There’s always a way. As you say, it just takes patience.” I smile at him and he returns the smile nodding toward me. “Um… my idea might involve your moving. Would you be willing to do that, do you think? It’s not far from here.”

“Depends on the circumstances, but if it were the right opportunity, I would take the time to consider it. What do you have in mind?” he asks.

“It’s kind of complicated and I only came up with it while you were talking to the boys. There’s a lot of moving parts and involves three other people to give the okay. It’s ’s in the planning stages, but if you agree, we would need your input.”

“Such as?”

“Nothing is a go - you know that, right? It’s just an idea at the moment. But it would be to start a riding school with lessons by you for teenagers like Cory and Shane. You could make a name for yourself as a trainer and run it from our place, which we could turn into a ranch. Like I said, there’s a lot of moving parts and it would depend on your input. Maybe a summer school for kids teaching them horsemanship - I think that’s the right expression. But anyway something along those lines, it will take planning and money and the others to agree as well as yourself. Another option would be for you to move Adonis to our barn and I could help you with him. I don’t know how, but I could do whatever you ask. You may have to talk me through some of it though. I’m scared of the hairy beasts,” I explain, laughing at the latter.

Chase is nodding as I’m talking, “Sounds interesting. We’ll see what you can do and then we can talk. It wasn’t quite the direction I was thinking, but it sounds interesting and a way to stay around the circuit. It would probably give me a sense of accomplishment as the kids do better at the rodeo as well.”

The boys come along leading their horses, Chase walks with boys over to the pen. I ring Alex.

“Hi Honey, how’s it going there?”

“Hey Bubby, umm… I’m not sure, I don’t think this is an easy fix for Chase. Do you have a minute to talk?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’ve just got to the jobsite. The boys are pretty much set up and are now unpacking. What’s up?” he asks concerned.

I relay the plan to Alex. He suggests we have dinner with next door to explain my plan and go from there. He didn’t reject it, so I guess maybe there’s merit to it. One thing I love about Alex is he doesn’t dismiss ideas when I bring them up. He asks questions and lets it sit for a while. I mosey over to where the boys are working with Chase. I don’t really understand what they’re doing but they look good doing it. Chase has a lot of patience with them as they try to do what he asks. He has them back the horse to the fence and counts then they take off on certain numbers doing different things. It’s all gobbledygook to me.

They work on it for about two-and-a-half hours. Once they finish, Chase gives them both a great deal of praise and encouragement, then sends them to cool down and look after their horses. We go back to Adonis so I can say goodbye. I tell him about my plan and dinner and invite him over tomorrow night. He says he’ll think about it and call me tomorrow, as he doesn’t want to waste our time if he isn’t interested. I thank him again for the time he spent with the boys.


Alex and I are lying on the couch watching the late news. I’ve lost total interest. I lean forward and kiss his neck. He puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls it to his mouth for a scorching kiss. I move up and pull him on his back and straddle his hips; slowly undoing his shirt and kissing each new available piece of skin appearing as the button is undone. When I reach the last button, I move onto the button on his pants. Then his fly, continuing to kiss the skin as it appears. I gasp when I see he’s going commando and go in straight for the good stuff.

I take his half-erect cock into my mouth so it all disappears. Slowly releasing to the tip and running my tongue around the head gently then licking up the pre-cum. God he tastes good. He’s now fully erect so I take him to the hilt. I get faster in time with Alex’s moans. While fondling his balls I use a finger to massage his perineum. He groans loudly and grabs my head and lifts his hips to meet me.

“Oh, fuck… babe… Tracy… oh god, I’m cum…” and he shot down the back of my throat at least six times and collapses back on the couch panting. “God, I love you honey.” He gets out between breaths. “How ‘bout we go to the bedroom and finish what you started.”

I jump off the couch and start stripping and leaving my clothes where they fall all the way to the bedroom, Alex behind me laughing at my striptease.

Thanks for reading, I hope your enjoying it. Please keep the feedback coming.

A big thanks to TonyF for taking the time to edit for me.

Copyright © 2017 Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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I loved the antics of the guys after going behind the woodshed. What is it with Trace being able to calm the horse when he is actually scared of horses.

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On 02/25/2017 12:29 PM, wolf39 said:

I loved the antics of the guys after going behind the woodshed. What is it with Trace being able to calm the horse when he is actually scared of horses.

Animals pick their humans, and they can do it in an instant. I've seen it before it's the weirdest thing. I just took a piece from that experience. And thank you.

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