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William's Love

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Two best friends set out on a road trip after the death of one of their Dad's. They develop their already close relationship along the way. What will happen once they get back home.

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I do understand and sympathize with TIMMIGON's humorous  imploring.  But isn't part of the implied deal of reading stories posted online (rather than published in a completed book held in one's hands) that one is reading perched on the edge of a precipice?  The pleasure of nervously savoring rather than gulping?  When the next chapter does arrive, it is such a welcomed gift.  And your chapters, Bndmeti, are always a treat.

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Well, let it not be said you don't have a good reason...now POST more. LOL.

The last 2 chapters were fantastic.  I am now on chapter 23...for the third time reading through and I so really love this story.  But I have questions?

Why haven't you made Kit's life more integrated into the story?

Why hasn't Oliver and Kat talked marriage?

When is Lee getting a boyfriend?


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Awesome story, highly recommended for all readers. Has characters you love from the very beginning.

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