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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 20. Chapter 10: The Final Battle II

Chapter 10: The Final Battle II



4:00pm Malfoy Manor


            The first silence in hours was finally heard and it echoed throughout the valley, the last Dragon fell from the sky in flames and a shower of blood. Voldemort’s army was defeated, beaten and its bodies were strewn across the land. The Aftermath was devastating, nearly all the death eaters were dead, Voldemort was gone and the Malfoy Grounds were ruined and the home burnt to the ground. Nothing was the way it was when they found it. The light army received few losses mostly thanks to Slythersend’s amazing Dragon Fleet, but all over the ground the bodies of the dead were being gathered. Most of the action was happening at a makeshift command post where Harry was being treated.

            “How is he?” Orion asked

            Saibeth looked over at him “he’s not doing well; he will need elven medicine we need to get him back to Slythersend or Adendele.” Saibeth said

            “Then lets get him moved” Orion said, Saibeth nodded and instructed her Dragon riders to Bring Harry to Adendele

            “Are you alright?” Orion asked

            “Yes I am fine thank you… Saibeth answered”

            “That was a fancy bit of flying back there…”

            “Orion was it?” Saibeth smiled and they left the site smiling and talking


            Solstice looked around the site. Something wasn’t sitting right in his stomach, there was something wrong…




4:20pm Elven Camp


            Orion and Solstice arrived back at the campsite and rushed to find Draco and Lord Zasuan

            “My Lord we have…”

            “They’re not here?” Orion said

            Pulling out his wand “Go check Lord Zasuan’s tent I’ll form groups to check the castle” Solstice ordered

            Wasting no time Orion ran bodily to Lord Zasuan’s tent

            “You there, gather your squad, Lord Draco is missing we need to search the castle. Break off into groups of six I want to see you back here in twenty minutes” Solstice ordered to the nearest commander

            Orion was hoping this sinking feeling was going to leave the pit of his stomach, but after twenty minutes when that feeling didn’t leave he became suddenly very aware of what happened. The council of generals were ordered to assemble, of the generals only Ru, Solstice and Orion were left, they met in Draco’s tent

            “The squadron came back with nothing” Solstice “it’s like they simply vanished”

            “They did” Ru answered

            “How?” Solstice said “I detect the use of a portkey

            “A portkey? …like that thing we used earlier leaving you feeling like you are bait at the end of a fishing line?” Orion asked

            “Yes, magic, some wizards took them… we need to get back to Adendele and try to find some answers there… we can come back later” Solstice said

            “Very well, we will need to inform Lady Talenna, Orion you head up to the school, we will start pulling out troops out, we need to convince they’re captors that they are victorious, we know they are alive, hopefully we can keep them that way” Ru said

            Orion nodded and departed




5:06pm Hogwarts/ Dumbledore’s Office


            Orion entered the office and was surprised to see the wizard council in meeting.

            “May we help you?” Minerva asked

            “Yes, I am Orion Firebrush… on behalf of the Armies of Adendele we wanted to congratulate you on your victory” Orion bowed

            “Posh” Minerva said standing “it was your victory and without you we would have been lost, the whole of the wizarding world owes you a debt for the service you have given us” She said solemnly, most of the people at the table agreed. Scrigemor and his compatriots did not agree.

            “Lord Zasuan and Lord Draco have returned to the elven realm, we are departing ourselves” Orion said “we wish you the best of luck”

            Minerva spoke up “in a week we will be having a celebration here at the castle, we were wondering if Harry might attend?”

            “I will look into it”

            Orion left the chamber

            “Shall we resume?” Scrigemor sneered

            “The ministry shall re-open it’s lower floors next week which will allow for the Death Eater trials to commence” Scrigemor said “we have teams working on rebuilding Diagon alley, construction will probably resume next month, same for Hogsmeade, we are anticipating a baby boom”

            “Very well, we will need to review these plans at a later time, dismissed” Minerva said

            ‘Something is very very wrong’ she thought as she watched Scrigemor almost run out of the room





11:26am Adendele Infirmary


            Harry opened his eyes staring up at the very white ceiling of the Adendele Infirmary, for some reason he wasn’t that surprised… however he was very surprised at the people sitting next to him. Lady Talenna was sitting at his side holding his hand looking very worried. Next to her was a Dark elf, black as the night and next to him was a very relieved looking Remus Lupin

            “Remus!” Harry shouted

            “Glad to see you’re alright you little pup.” He said giving Harry a hug

            “Ummm… Harry said “who’s your friend?” He said looking at the dark elf

            “Doesn’t matter where you are… you still have no manners Potter!” Snape said

            “Snape?” Harry looked very confused

            “Very good Potter, your skills of deduction are better than your skills at Potions, perhaps that is for the better… I on the other hand have wonderful potion skills that I used at great length to save your life”

            “Thank you then” Harry said

            “you are quite welcome, can we go home now?” Snape addressed to Remus

            “Sorry Harry gotta go” Remus smiled

            Harry smiled as Remus smacked the dark elf over the back of his head

            “So he’s not a vampire after all” Harry muttered

            “I HEARD THAT POTTER!” Snape roared slamming the door behind him

            “I wouldn’t push it that far” Orion said “apparently he can turn into a bat”

            “That doesn’t surprise me” Harry said

            Harry felt his hand being tapped. He looked up to look at Lady Talenna

She had bags under her eyes it looked as if she hadn’t slept in days.

            “I’m glad to see you’re awake Harry” she said to him… “We were all quite worried”

            “What happened? What’s wrong? Why are there guards all over the room?” Harry asked quickly “Where’s Draco”

            Harry stared at her in the eyes and started to see flashes of memories little bits “they’re... Not… no… they’re… been kidnapped?” Harry exclaimed “THEY”RE GONE!”

            Lady Talenna nearly burst into tears

            “Harry we don’t know what to do… we suspect that some of the wizards at Hogwarts might have done this, but we don’t know who.” She said

            “NO….NO…” Harry said as his heart felt the depths of the betrayal “why would they”

            “That is what we wanted to know”

            “well some people might because he is an elf, some wizards get kicks on thinking they are better then other races, but others….Lucius Malfoy had a lot of enemies… he could have…” Harry started to break down

            “Harry…” Harry looked up to see Orion staring back at him… he looked even worse than Lady Talenna “There is a party next week for celebration at Hogwarts, we need you to go there because we are counting on the enemy to be there” he said

            “I’ll go” Harry said

            Lady Talenna looked at Harry, “One last important thing Harry, if anything were to befall me.. I want you to lead Adendele until you safely return Draco”

            “But what if I can’t?” Harry said

            “Then it shall not matter” She said “Adendele will vanish…”

            Then suddenly her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed, going into convulsions of the floor the guards managed to pick her up and put her on a bed. With a cry

            “ZASUAN!” she fell unconscious


            Lord Zasuan was dead…

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I have really enjoyed reading this story and would be over the moon if more chapters were published and I would recommend this story to any prolific reader.

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Oh crap ran out of chapters you can't leave the story lime this. Draco has to come back since he us now king please continue the story. Whopper of a cliffhanger lol.

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