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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 19. Chapter 9: The Final Battle

Chapter 9: The Final Battle



11:00am The Elven Camp


            “Harry, Draco and I will remain behind here at camp… we will await your return”

            “Alright... let me go say goodbye to Draco”

            Zasuan left their tent

            “Draco I’m sorry…”

            “It’s ok Harry” Draco said “Please be careful…”

            “I will…”

            Harry left the tent in full battle Armor and his Pegasus was waiting for him. Quickly mounting it he was followed by Orion and Solstice as they gathered up the troops and started to form ranks. Solstice gathered his Dragon riders and started to exercise the Dragons in the sky.

            “Harry?” Harry heard a voice calling him, turning around he spotted Remus

            “Don’t get down for my account” Remus put a hand up “I wanted to wish you luck, Arthur was going to come too… but he’s too busy stopping Molly from trying to prevent her remaining children from joining you today.”

            Harry smiled for a moment “what about you, are you coming?”

            Remus looked sheepish “well Harry, I’m not” he said “there is somewhere else I have to be”

            Harry look surprised “where is that?”

            “I can’t tell you, but I promise I will be seeing you soon…”

            “Alright… well I wish you luck” Harry said

            “You Harry would have made your parents more than proud”

            Remus walked off towards the castle, leaving Harry wondering where on earth he could be going



11:50am Hogwarts


            “Harry we have setup a mass port key that will activate everyone just outside the Malfoy Manor wards” Minerva said “the Dragon Riders have to fly there, they shall arrive slightly after you”

            “Thank you Professor”

            “No Harry, thank you… I also wanted to say it’s good to see you again, and I’m so glad you’re doing so well.”

            “Thank you Professor”

            “Alright... We’re ready when you are”

            “I’m ready…”

            Harry looked out across the field with his army of Elves and ranks of wizards. Off in the distance he caught a glance of Draco with his father. He cracked a smile as they disappeared from view.




11:55am Malfoy Manor Grounds


            Harry found himself and his troops in a field looking up a grassy hill at the edge of some woods. Callings his troops to march forward they walked up the hillside. The sight before them made Harry’s blood run cold.

            Before them was a vast valley full of little thickets and fields. Harry spotted a quiddich field and in the center of the valley surrounded by woods was Malfoy Manor a castle of a house nearly five stories tall made out of marble. It looked almost like the Parthenon. The part that made Harry sick was on top of the manor sitting on a large black Dragon…Voldemort, and surrounding the house was an army five times that of the one that attacked Hogwarts. The sky was nearly blocked out by all the dementors and all sorts of magical beasts filled the Malfoy Grounds.

            Voldemort took off into the sky and landed in-between the two armies, Harry getting the idea did the same. Kicking his heels the Pegasus soared over the field until he was face to face with Voldemort. Taking only a moment Harry found himself face to face with his enemy, this would be the final conclusion. This is the end.

            “Hello Harry”

            “Hello Tom…”

            “Nice of you to join me” Voldemort mocked

            “Well I figured I would finish this once and for all Tom” Harry said

            “Odd Harry Potter… That was my plan… oh how we do think alike” Voldemort mocked again

            “You and I Tom, are nothing alike” Harry snapped back

            “Sure we are, both orphans fighting for a cause”

            “Wrong again Tom, you killed my parents… while your parents didn’t want anything to do with you… you mother died rather then stay with you”

            “CRUCIO!” Voldemort bellowed, Harry easily side stepped it watching it harmlessly hit the grass

            “How does that feel tom, to have nobody want you… even now?”

            “VAXTA!” Voldemort Shouted again, this time Harry erected a shield and absorbed the spell

            “Stupefy” Harry shouted, which Voldemort reflected, which Harry reflected again.

            “You’ve gotten better little Harry, we best not play anymore games”

            “AVADA KEDRAVA!” Voldemort shouted, Harry took his wand and threw it at the spell. The spell absorbed into the wand and fell to the ground

            “Accio wand” Voldemort said grabbing Harry’s wand “what now Harry, I have your wand”

            “Now we duel” Harry said with a small smile

“Robamsharbra!” Harry shouted sending thousands of little lights from his hands that shot out catching Voldemort completely by surprise and made small little paper cuts all over Voldemort’s skin and cutting and tearing his robes”

“Palux!” Voldemort shouted blasting a crater six meters wide behind Harry

“Palux!” Voldemort shouted again, this time Harry snapped his fingers and the spell turned into a bunch of butterflies

“What kind of trick is this, you have no wand”

A light glowed behind Harry’s eyes

“That’s right I don’t” the butterflies turned into daggers and shot at Voldemort

            Voldemort narrowly escaped by putting up a shield

            “You know Tom, I was nervous when I first came out here today… but now I see that I shouldn’t have been”

            “Oh, you should be scared”

            “No Tom, Dumbledore told me some things and it took until this moment for me to understand, you fear death so you have no life… without love there is no point to life. You can fight death all you want but life without love is nothing… death for love is the ultimate power… You can kill me today and I will become more powerful then you will ever hope to be... It is why today I am going to defeat you!”

            “You cannot defeat me Harry”

            “Yes I can”

            “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Voldemort Shouted

            Harry watched as the spell approached in, inside his heart he felt Draco all around him. his bond flared to life… ‘That spell will not harm me’ Harry thought

            ‘That spell will not harm me’

            ‘That spell will not harm me’

            ‘That spell will not harm me… because I love…’

            Harry shut his eyes and felt warmth all around him. For the briefest of moments he saw his parents smiling at him, but when he opened his eyes he saw nothing but Voldemorts shocked face.

            “This is impossible”

            “No Tom, this is real power”

            Harry spread his arms out and suddenly the ground began to shake. Startled cries could be heard from both armies ad the ground began to crack and the skies began to darken. Huge thunder clouds began to roll in and the wind began to race. Around them holes started to form and the earth shook apart. Magic filled the air making it hard to breathe. The raw power behind Harry was enough to lift the boy into the air as tendrils of raw magic swirled around him like a golden tornado.

            “He is not worthy, remove your gifts” Harry said

            The thunder clasped as now the whole valley shook

            “He is not worthy, remove your gifts… power of earth he is not worthy” He repeated

            Fire shot up from the ground around Voldemort

            “Power of sky, remove your gifts…” Thunder struck the ground around them

            “Power of water, remove your gifts” Rain fell from the heavens and a couple or tornados rained down across the grounds

            “You are not worthy” Harry said

            “YOU ARE NOT WORTHY… AVADA KEDAVRA!” Voldemort shouted

            The fire once again lit behind Harry’s eyes as the spell shot towards him. Without even blinking the spell bounced off him and shot back towards Voldemort

            “You have been found unworthy” Harry said as the spell caught Voldemort in the chest lifting him off the ground as the earth suddenly melted away leaving nothing but fire. The sky lit up as a thunderbolt struck Voldemort through the chest and for a few seconds Harry watched as the body burn in the air before falling into the fire and then was gone. His spell lifted and for a few moments he looked at the final resting place of Voldemort. Then suddenly realized he was also standing in front of a large black Dragon and a huge army. He tried to move but felt his legs give way underneath him.

            Orion watched in horror the final moments of Lord Voldemort and was amazed at the sheer power behind that spell. He watched Harry Fall to the ground and suddenly there was pandemonium as two armies raced to meet each other. Orion dashed on his Pegasus but was too far away. Suddenly out of the sky a large black Dragon dived and in an inverted roll caught Harry off the ground and raced out into the air.

            “Hello Harry… need a hand?” Harry looked up with tired eyes as he recognized Saibeth, High Queen of Slythersend

            Suddenly on the grounds another army appeared. The dark elven army with their fleet of Dragons swarmed onto the battlefield. They were saved



1:40pm The Elven Camp


            “Don’t Worry Draco; I’m sure Harry is fine…”

            “I am too…” Draco said as he continued to fidget around the tent looking lost

            He and Draco sat there patiently for what seemed like hours until they heard what seemed like shouting. Suddenly they looked up as their tent flaps opened but before either of them knew what was happening they were both knocked out with a couple of stunners

            “This them?” one of them asked

            “Sure is”

            “This is what the boss asked for… right?”

            “Yeah… nab a couple of faggot elves”

            “Ok let’s get back” he said grabbing the bodies and activating a portkey

cailenauthor 2011

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