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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - Prologue. An Introduction to The Elven Chronicles

Please read these disclaimers.

Before I started writing Raven I wrote this story for fanfiction.net under the name Damien Malfoy. I wanted to make clear that this story is not a copy and that I did indeed write this work, I even updated my old profile on fanfiction to reflect that.

I also wanted to say that this is an early work of mine, I will be posting chapters as I briefly edit them for corrections and content. This story is the foundation of a lot of the creative ideas for Raven and in some ways could be considered a prequel. You will find many similar names and characters used in Raven as in this work.   I hope that you take the time to read Raven if you have not already done so.  

As should be expected of any fanfiction...
DISCLAIMER: Property of JK ROWLING and WB, this story is not for profit.  

Our story begins just after the end of the Half Blood Prince.

This will be a Harry/ Draco Slash story… that means that the two will at one point have sex. This story will also contain MPREG but I promise it will be very vague seeing how that I really don’t like MPREG but this story really calls for it… you’ll see…   If any of these ideas offends you in anyway please stop reading  I also have no beta, I promise to do my very best with spelling but please don’t send me corrections. Seeing how I am not going to be able to change them all.  

Thanks Cailen

Please read these disclaimers.

cailenauthor 2011
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