A Class By HImself

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Derrick has recently left the comfort of his old school to attend a new prep school on the other side of town. He may not have their money, or their possessions, but once he finds the love of a boy he meets on the bus...he finds something much stronger.

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I friggen love this story!! It's one of the best I've read! Course due to my obsessive reading I fell behind on my school work, BUT I don't regret it for a minute! Can't wait to read more! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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I'd like to read more about it. I mean,really. Your story successfully made me smile, and cry as well, as I could response a lot to Derrick's sensitiveness and his situation with his mom. Plus, Derrick, Tanner, Chris and Derrick's mom are all so lovely~

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Okay, i might get these names wrong ,I haven't read the story in a while but when I did I composed a series a notes becuase I've been rereading and rereading the story to make sure, but the way Joel acts, well with the pressing Derek's hand to his dick, or the making jokes of cumming on his pillow, or stuff like that, but even though they were childhood friends, they haven't seen each other for like a year, and so it's be awkward for ur old friend to say I need a home, when u haven't seen each other in a long time, or talking about sex things like that, that would take a long time to even build that trust, but that's beside the point, why if u were "straight" wold u press another dudes hand against your cock, or making jokes of ejaculating on your friends pillow, that kinda beyond bromance, only couples talk about stuff like that, so is it just me but does Joel come across as gay..? Or even bi? cuz that what it looks like to me, becuase as I listed the sexual talking and shit, yeah it maybe he's talking about girls and boobies and but at the rate he's talking about and the way he is it sounds kinda forced, like hes saying, "yeah, I made you touch me but don't worry I still like squeezing a girls handlebars. Don't worry" so I think he's either gay or bi, and which Joel's mom will say something about that to Derek's mom, but I mean like is it just me who thinks that? Which also, I think Joel is jealous about the hot guys in Derek's new school and he feels like they are to hot, which if he's bi or gay it might because he feels like he would never have a chance with Derek,becuase I cam understand him being jealous that they are rich, but he also said that he doesn't care about money becuase him and derek got sound that by phoning the company and saying its broken. So I think there's is a deeper message when he sees the guys who Derek's hangs around with, and that is how hot they are and the threat the pose to Joel getting Derek.and when I say Derek k mean the main character, so sorry if I get it mixed up

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