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Love - And Other Four Letter Words

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Talking about the actual words used to describe sexual situations, from the innocent to the extremely vulgar, and the impact they can have on your story

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This was some good advice on using tone, and words in writing sex scenes, and how it can make a story or break one.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is some really good advice on how to approach sex scenes.  This is definitely worth a read if you're writing sex scenes in your stories.

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:o:o:rolleyes:... OH.....Okay I  love the way you expressed yourself... It means I fully understand without any reservations what your saying.. ( I guess this is why I have not indulged in writing ant thing thus Far.. I so want to, But for the Experience of romance, not as much the sex.. I believe it's important to share the bonding of love between 2 people, without turning it to a f... session. I'm not a prude by any means . But your right.. the porn slang tends to cheapen The deeper beauty of love... Even without writing certain words spoken leads me to a place my mind just pukes back... "Making Love " listen to how endearing that sounds in place of various others. word's that do little more than make it sound like you just paid for a hooker.... Look I'm human and not perfect, but every thing has a time and place.. I agree you can portray it better, better than giving it the feel of say "The Butt cake Boy's Part 2. I think the biggest thing about most stories has been how they keep my attention.. what is it about them that keeps it? is it encouraging me to be a better person. To appreciate the Gift of Love. after all ...I like it why wouldn't Most people? Yea respect.. I want that special person that I'm in  love with to get 110% of the love I have for them. Yea..  Love is a beautiful and WONDERFUL thing... But Just miss treat it and see what you have...I love some of the examples that Comsie has portrayed, it makes you feel like your right there experiencing the whole love scene... not perverted... Pure and empowering. every detail of the love you feel being Shared as one.. sends shivers down, and throughout your body.. that's what I look for, what I need to see .. Yea I set the standards... the porn really is not one... The Romance, inocense  of pure love .. It's what I thrive for... I need healing, I need love, and I find solace and peace .... Hope and repair .. Stability and strength  , this is how I want love to speak to me... Sooo I guess.. my work is cut out to find the proper vocabulary to approach and share my true feelings of love.. At a loss.. my work knowledge needing  help.. I don't really want to write till My heart can give it the justice it deserves.. such a passionate skill one I lack in... yet appreciate .. Wow.. I remember many stories started and stopped because the value left when the love did.. I don't know ? maybe I'm the Odd man Again? But it just has to feel right , to feel believable.. and one thing I do with ALL  my HEART I believe in pure , honest.. toe curling Love, and nothing else matters... If you have that... roll playing with that special someone Just comes naturally..YA know..Nothing replaces it, or it connection, it's so toxic...Yet.. welcomed  Love the very word that's what I want to share.. thanks... These are So Helpful, I really was searching for a direction to go... maybe I've found One??:wizard::unsure::*)  forgive the spelling and typos , I'm Just gonna let this one ride and focus on how better to express myself... THANKS

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