My Only Escape

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Every day after school, young Zack runs home after his last class, hoping to avoid his abusive father's rage and avoid anymore physical and emotional bruises at home. It isn't until he meets a beautiful stranger at school that he begins to wonder whether or not he's worth anything at all. Can he live in one world and fantasize about the other? Or will he have to choose?


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I am new to this site and have read the GFD and a few other stories, but the thing about this story that stands out to me is this:

That is one of, if not the most, best gay story ever that I have read.

Mr Comsie, i have to say that this story engaged me so much, hell I was finding it hard to get to sleep at night because I was thinking about what was going to happen next!

The thing with this story is that it has so much emotion in it, it frustates you but excites you at the same time! It is brilliant!

The one problem with it is that I wanted more. I didnt want it to end at chapter 17. I liked how Brody and Zac would be boyfriends forever but i kinda wanted to know or find out a few things. What would happen if Zac told his mum what his father was doing to him, what if he told Brody? I was hoping that the father would get busted or something that would keep the story alive. Maybe the Holly girl (is it holly?) would ask out Brody if it happened. What would he say? That's the kind of I wanted to find out.

I know you wrote this what, 3 years ago? but even so, i still love it! The age of the two boys was more "appealing" to me aswell, i would most likely read stories of yours that included people in the ages of 14 and 15. Just my opinion anyway.

Even if you dont plan on writing more of this story, please keep the reviews of mine and others in mind.

Comicality - I give you a big well done! :P:thumbup:

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I hope that prick gets what he deserves Comsie!!!
Excellent storie - can't wait for the next chapter

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