On The Outside

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What if you hated yourself for being gay? What if you wanted to keep it locked away inside of you forever? Ethan is living the experience of that awful realization and hoping to one day overcome it. But what about a new friend by the name of Drew? If you think it's hard keeping your feelings a secret...imagine what it must be like for someone 'exposed'.


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I like all of your stories Comicality. They really helped me to "understand" myself a little bit better. I know now for maybe 10 months or so that i'm for sure a little bit different than the other boys in my age (I'm 16 years old). I also made a few rules to myself like try to be straight, never tell somebody or don't look at boys maybe it will disappear. But after maybe a month with these rules I couldn't take this "lie" for me anymore. So i forgot these rules but i didn't came out to anybody because my fear of rejection is to big. But anyway thanks for your great stories and it would be nice when you could have more time to post your story updates a little bit more regularly. [i hope that this text make sense to you because english isn't my first language and well...]

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