Picture Me And You

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For Kevin, finding true love is a pursuit worth passing up the many opportunities for meaningless sex on the internet. An activity his two best friends have recently gotten lucky with a million times over. But is it possible to find the real thing, even in the most unlikely of places? Copyright © 2010 Comicality; All Rights Reserved.

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Thanks for replying. Just to be clear:

I don't want Kevin to hurry up and do anything. Not sex, coming out, dating, saying he loves Rory or even kissing. I'm fine with him taking things slow.

However, it would be nice to occasionally see Kevin use his brain and be sensible and start thinking about what Rory says and does. And maybe eventually open his mouth and TALK to him, ask him what he likes, how he feels. We know he can, because they did when chatting.

And it's nothing to do with age, but I'll admit I'm a guy who handles everything in life from an intellectual stand point (even as a teenager). So I can't relate to all this emo stuff. However, this is probably why I'm attracted to your stories, and I find your characters cute in many ways. But when they keep up the silly nonsense for too long, it gets too much. So if they just act intelligently now and then, I'd have no complaints about your stories.

Not that I have any right to complain about getting to read all these awesome tales for free ;)

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