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Working at the local mall, 23 year old Eric is struggling with an attraction to younger teen boys. The taboo is something that he is desperately trying to ignore...until Dustin's beauty enters his life, and forces him to question everything. (Story contains Adult/Youth content)

Admin Note: This story is allowed under previous rules. Do not report it for rule violations!

WARNING: This is an ADULT/TEEN story! If the idea of a love story between a man and a teenager turns you off, this one isn't for you. Flames *won't* be ignored...they'll be laughed at! So at least make it entertaining!

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I finished this first chapter in two seperate readings, fell a sleep on it last night. I'm seeing the serious undertones of this story under the light layering that is so signature to you. This is probably the heartbreaking story I have read in a while. I wish Eric would not have so much selfhate in himself. I can see the gray area in this story, but I also do understand that attractions can not be explained. I will read on.

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