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Dean Warner Intrigues - 19. The Holidays

Chapter 19                                         The Holidays

Their holidays were different after that Saturday morning meeting.  The detective's information had not been encouraging.  Jack Turner had taken custody of the key ring with the large 'W' and returned the keys to John and left to turn it over to the Feds.  Bruce had laid out detailed parameters of the security changes being implemented and how they would have to keep the agents informed, at least through text messages.  Several additional phone numbers were programmed into their phones as well as the names of the agents assigned to them.  They had planned on going shopping but the weather was lousy again and was supposed to be better on Sunday so they put that off. 

John had suggested they call Debbie and ask her to come over so they did and took her to lunch at a small diner within walking distance of the condo.  Now that they knew they were being accompanied by security, it was much easier to spot them.  Dean brought his mom up to date on what was happening with help from John.  John explained about the increased security at the direct and unequivocal order of his mother and that she was paying for it.  Dean's mom was told that if the security for her and her house that the police provided seemed inadequate, that she was to inform either Dean or John and private security would be provided for her as well.  

Debbie Warner listened to her son and his lawyer friend and was worried.  She had been worried since the initial shooting incident but had been relieved when Dean left town for school.  Now she was worried that school was not the safe haven she assumed.  She also was now worried about her house being broken into and decided to get a monitored alarm and asked Dean and John for the number of Bruce Schuetz to ask his opinion about obtaining a monitored alarm system for the home.  They finished their dinner and walked Debbie to her car.  Dean kissed his mom goodbye  and then she kissed John too and got into her car and left for home. 

As the weather was still spitting a wintry mix of sleet and some snow but with little accumulation, the guys decided to return to the condo and go online to check out prices and sales on some of the stuff they wanted to purchase as Christmas presents.  Dean had asked John what to get for his parents who had everything.  John having faced that problem all his life, had some good suggestions.  He told Dean that his dad really liked Benriach 20 year old single malt scotch whisky but that he could not buy it locally but that he had two bottles put away and he would sell Dean one.  Dean asked John what he was getting his dad and John replied, “the other one.  Dad will be ecstatic.”

John suggested that Dean get his mom one of the local store's specialty,  a baker's dozen of large cinnabuns.  Dean was astonished.  “Cinnabuns?”

“Yeah, she won't buy them for herself and forbids the chef to buy or make them.   The only time she get's them is when either I or my father think to bring them home.  She just can't resist them.  She swears it is her one failing.  If you bring them on Christmas Eve, she will enjoy them after the midnight church service.”    Dean and John had discussed their families' Christmas traditions.  John's family did the Christmas eve church service and opened family presents after getting back from church.  Dean and his mom usually opened presents Christmas morning and then went to late morning service.   This year they planned on doing both.   Christmas day dinner would be at the Trask's and Dean's mom was invited. 

The guys got on line, Dean had brought his laptop and John was on his Macbook.  Dean was worried about what he would get John and John was worried about what to get Dean.  Neither was sure what the other would really appreciate so they both decided to go with personal items.  Dean was busy checking out sexy underwear and edible lube for John while John was looking at a set of graduated dildoes and other toys for Dean.   These would be gifts they exchanged in private.  John had already gotten Dean and his mom new iPhones to open at Christmas.  Dean decided to get John a Cross Classic Century Ballpoint pen and pencil set of writing instruments for his desk at the law office which he would give him at the Trask home on Christmas eve.  The guys spent the afternoon watching some TV while they surfed the net.  They ordered pizza for supper and had it delivered.  They washed it down with Budweiser.  That evening they watched the Transformers on pay per view. 

The day which started out so stressful ended with both of them relaxed.  It made for a nice time in the bedroom where they were both playfully erotic with each other. 

Sunday they called their security contact and detailed their plans for the day.  They showered, shaved, dressed and met the elder Trasks in church.  Afterwards they went to the country club for brunch with them.   Then they headed to the mall in Terre Haute.  At the mall they split up and went to several stores.  They each found some small gifts to include with their planned purchases and felt good about them.   Among them, Dean found a set of really nice leather gloves for John as well as wool muffler in IU colors.  John found a nice key ring with fob for Dean at the Disney Store.  It was Mickey with a large initial 'W'.  He also picked up some Axe cologne for Dean.  Dean found a holiday apron for his mom and bought her a blu-ray DVD player.   John got Dean a nice cashmere sweater.  Surprisingly,  Dean also found and got a nice cashmere sweater vest for John.   They each made a trip to the adult store and bought the personal items they had checked out on the web.  They met up at five o'clock each loaded down with bags and headed for the car where they loaded up the trunk of John's car.  While in town, they went back to the Outback for supper and each enjoyed a half rack of baby back ribs which they washed down with Foster's.

They were back at the condo a little past eight in the evening and watched the rest of Sunday night football on NBC.  The Redskins beat the Vikings 32-21.  They watched the football highlights at half time and were pleased to see the Colts had beat Houston 38-15 earlier in the day.  Neither had thought to record it. 

Monday was Christmas eve and they got up late and had a leisurely breakfast of toast, cereal and coffee.   They called the agency and went out and got some wrapping paper and Dean ran into the local store that specialized in the cinnabuns and got two holiday bags full,  each with a baker's dozen.  He decided to take his mom some the next morning too.  They got back to the condo and spent a couple hours wrapping gifts.   John had a small decorated tree in the corner and they put their personal gifts for each other under that tree and then separated the bags of wrapped gifts going to the Trask or Warner houses.  They had gotten takeout Mexican for a late lunch. 

A little after eight they arrived at the Trask family home (mansion in Dean's mind) and had a light buffet dinner before going to church.  Dean slipped the bag of cinnabuns to the butler and told him they were to be served with coffee after they returned from church.  He and John took the rest of their gifts and put them under the tree in the family room.  The church was decorated beautifully and the choir outdid themselves singing the traditional  Christmas Carols.  The pastor gave a great sermon about the Christmas season of joy and pointed out that it was a Christian's obligation to try to bring a little joy into the world, particularly in the season celebrating Christ's birth.  The collection was designated for the poor of the county and to help with the food pantry.  The carols had started at 10:30 p.m. and the service ended just after midnight.  When they came out of church it was snowing lightly and the snow just covered the grass.  Everyone was enchanted.  

When they arrived at the Trask manse, the snow made everything look beautiful and the landscape lighting and christmas lights added to the festive scene.  Once inside, they congregated in the family room off the large kitchen and the butler rolled in a cart with coffee, hot cocoa, and a large silver platter with a glass domed lid covering just warmed up sticky cinnabuns.   Before Mrs. Trask could admonish the butler, Dean spoke up:  “Ma'am, I took the liberty of getting the cinnabuns for you for Christmas and asked the butler to serve them when we got back from church.  I asked John what to get a woman who has everything and he confided that these were your weakness.  Please forgive me if I overstepped the bounds of good taste.”

Libby Trask was bowled over.  She was pleased and also a little upset with her son.  He knew her far better than she had believed.  “Well, there is nothing to forgive you for, but I will be having a heart-to-heart with my son” she said as she gave John a smirk.   “Let's have them while they are still warm.  I will pour coffee or cocoa, what will you have?”

Dean chose coffee, John chose cocoa as did his dad.  They each took a plate with a cinnabun and Libby also took coffee and a plate with the sticky bun.  Libby also helped herself to a second one and did not even notice the small smiles her husband, son and future son-in-law gave her.  Then John's dad started passing out the gifts, starting with Dean.  The first gift was from him and Libby and they waited for him to open it.  The elaborately wrapped paper  covered box was fairly large and when Dean opened it, he found a really nice leather bomber jacket in dark brown distressed leather.  It was really soft leather and supple as silk.  He was a little bit overwhelmed and just got out a heartfelt thank-you.   The second gift was given to John and it proved to be another leather bomber jacket cut slightly differently, but also in a dark brown color.  The leather in it was also exceptionally soft.  Then John's dad handed Libby a gift wrapped box and they waited for her to open it, which she did very carefully.   Inside was a piece of antique Limoge china which she had admired while on vacation last year in France with her husband.  He had remembered and called and had it shipped to the law office and held it there until Christmas.  It was a china dresser box with handpainted violets covering it.  She was thrilled and said so after kissing her husband. 

Her son John took over handing out gifts and presented his mother with one which he said was from him and Dean.  It was a small box  and she opened it carefully.  It contained a diamond tennis bracelet with the word “mom” outlined in diamonds on a platinum link across the top.  On the reverse it was engraved, “with love, John & Dean”.   Dean was surprised but kept his thoughts to himself.   Then John handed two gift boxes which were somewhat heavy to his dad.  John Trask Jr. opened the one from Dean first and noted it was his favorite single malt scotch and thanked Dean and said to John, “I don't think you can top that son.”  

John told his dad to open the other box and it was exactly the same.  “Surprised dad?  Now you should have enough to last you a full year”  John Jr. said.  He then handed a wrapped box to Dean who opened it to find the cashmere sweater.  Dean then reached under the tree and pulled out the last two gift boxes and handed them to his John.   John opened the first and found the leather gloves and the wool muffler.  The second one contained the desk set.  Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts.  The two young men had to try on their new leather jackets which they both pronounced as “perfect”. 

John and Dean left the Trask home a little before two in the morning and headed back to John's condo, where they decided to open the personal gifts they were exchanging.  Secretly, Dean held a gift back.  They got comfortable and opened the gifts and then started to model and try out some of the toys.  It was an amorous evening and they finally got to sleep a little before five. 

Christmas day dawned bright and cold.   The guys got up just after eight, showered together, shaved, finished up in the bathroom and got dressed and left for the Warner house.  Dean remembered the other bag of sticky cinnabuns and they also brought the gifts for opening there as well.  They arrived and Debbie had outdone herself and served eggs benedict.  The  cinnabuns were sort of dessert and then they took their coffee into the family room and Dean handed his mother several gifts all at once.  She started with the blu-ray player and was ecstatic as their old DVD player was about six years old and the remote did not even work anymore.  She opened the other gifts and was pleased and then opened the gift from John and found a new iPhone.  She was ectstatic she would be able to text and send e-mails much easier.  Dean then handed John the gifts marked for him.  John opened the cashmere sweater vest from Dean and was pleased.  Debbie gave him a car detailing package from the local car wash place as well as an Amazon gift certificate.  Then John handed Dean his gifts.  His mom gave him a new 160 gigabyte iPod  Classic as well as a gift card to the iTunes store.

Dean opened the gifts from John including the Mickey  Mouse key chain with Mickey holding a large initial “W” and loved it.  They got ready and went to the late morning service at the church the Warner's usually attended.  It was again a joyful celebration with the reading of the gospel of Luke describing the birth of Christ and singing Christmas carols.  Following church they went back to the Warner house where Debbie got the two pies she had made and after leaving Sadie out for a bit,  they headed to the Trask place.   This was Debbie's first time there and she was a little surprised to see how impressive it was.  Dean had described some of it to her, but seeing it, especially all decorated for Christmas was something else.  John introduced her to his mother and dad and they asked that she call them Libby and Jack and she of course asked them to call her Debbie.  Unlike Thanksgiving, it was just the two immediate families and they ate at the table in the family area off the kitchen. 

Also unlike Thanksgiving, the chef served a standing crown rib roast and the prime rib was delicious.  Garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, fruit salad and rolls were served.   A pleasant Cabernet Sauvignon went well with the prime rib.   It was a leisurely meal and the conversation was about the season and the wintry weather.  Coffee was served with the homemade cherry and apple pies Debbie brought along with fresh whipped cream.   All were well filled. 

They went to sit on the couches and club chairs in the large family room and Debbie brought up the recent incident and mentioned that she talked to Bruce Schuetz about having a monitored security system installed in her home.  Libby told Debbie:  “Just let Bruce take care of it Debbie.  I can guarantee that he will give you a great price.   He makes lot's of money off this family and will have it done at his cost.”

She was so earnest and direct that Debbie could only agree and said, “I will call him back tomorrow to go ahead and take care of it.” 

Dean turned to his mom and said, “It will make me feel better to know there is added security on the house.  You are away a lot on a regular basis.  While Sean and the guys next door do watch out for you, I am still worried.  The extra layer of security may not stop anyone really determined, but it should slow them down.”  Debbie smiled at her son and the conversation turned to other things after that. 

John and Dean took Debbie home and Dean asked what Mike and Bob had planned for Christmas.  Debbie told them that since they were single, with no relatives in the area, they always got stuck working the holidays so the cops with families could have time off.  She said she was thinking of having them over with Sean on Friday evening for a get together and asked the boys if they were interested and if so, what she should make.  Dean immediately suggested lasagna, with salad and garlic bread and perhaps a bottle of red wine.  Debbie laughed and said, “I should have guessed.  After spaghetti, it is your favorite dish that I make.”

When Dean and John got back to the condo, John pulled out one last Christmas present for Dean, which was an iPhone.  Dean was ecstatic and John had to show him how everything worked.  Dean also had held back a gift and presented John with a Canon EOS Rebel XT digital camera.   John was very happy.  He had taken many pictures with his little Canon Powershot but this new camera was an SLR and you could get all kinds of lenses and do all sorts of things that the little point and shoot camera could not.  They played with their new electronic toys for a while and then moved their play into the bedroom where it became more personal and sensual. 

At the Warner house, the alarm system was installed the next morning.  Debbie was amazed. She called Bruce about nine o'clock and by half past eleven, she had more system than she thought possible.  It included five outside cameras which hung around the corners of the house and garage and the camera's could pan and rotate and were motion activated but could also be remotely controlled by her computer, her neighbor's the policemen who lived next door with their computer or the security company.  They too were brought up to speed on the system and were glad she was getting the extra security.  A digital video recorder was included on premises and could be reviewed on the computer or the television.  Inside, all the doors and windows had hidden sensors inside their frames except Dean's window, which was still sealed on the inside with the bulletproof polycarbonate.   The doors and window were also covered with motion sensor alarms.  In addition, there were panic buttons strategically placed in several locations.  There were small control panels at each door to turn the alarm on or to reset it and the computers could access all functions.  Bruce really wanted Debbie to consider having a safe room built but it would take up part of the family room and all of her kitchen pantry and she didn't want to sacrifice the space for something she hoped to never need. 

Debbie had John and Dean over to walk them through the set-up so that they could set the alarm and the codes needed.  Dean was impressed.  John thought it looked like a bare bones set-up compared the alarm systems in his building and at the office, never mind his parent’s home, but he kept that thought to himself.  Debbie told them the guys next door had accepted the invitation for Friday dinner and that she was going to have to call Sean as well.  The guys laughed and agreed to do it for her that evening after he got home from work, as Debbie had to work that night.   They called security and told them they were going to the mall to get something to eat and check out the after Christmas sales and off they went.  They hit the food court and each got something different.  John opted for a hamburger, fries and a shake.  Debbie got Chinese and Dean opted for Mexican.  They ate and then started on the stores.  John wanted to go to the camera shop and look at the additional lenses and other accessories available for his new camera.  Debbie wanted to look at a cashmere sweater for herself and also some pet supplies for Sadie.  Dean was good.  He was saving his money as he was hoping to get a new car in 2008 to replace his aging Corolla.  They got Debbie home in plenty of time to get to work and they had some left over pot roast at the Warner house for supper.   They called Sean that evening to see if he was available for a free dinner on Friday night and of course he said he could work them into his schedule.  He asked what he could bring and Dean suggested some wine to go with the lasagna.  

Thursday, they got up early and went to John's health club and had a swim.  Dean finally met the two guys who 'worked' there and were on John's security team.  John was an okay swimmer but Dean was good and getting better.  Later, John wanted to play handball and Dean watched, as he had never learned the game.  John excelled at that game and handily beat his opponent.   They went to lunch but stayed in town as the weather was threatening again.  They were invited to eat dinner at the Trask home and it was just the four of them.  Dean had gotten the rest of his grades and earned a perfect 4.0 for the semester and they all congratulated him on his stellar grades because they knew he had worked hard.  Mrs. Trask  was afraid the distraction of the ongoing investigation would be a problem, but Dean assured them that since he was acutely aware of how much his education was costing, that he would not be diverted from his goal,  which was to graduate on track with the best grades possible. 

He was more worried about his mom living by herself, but was somewhat reassured by the new alarm system and the watchfulness of their neighbors.  The dog also had excellent hearing and was very protective.  They discussed their plans for New Year's Eve and John and Dean had not really made any.   Libby asked them to come to the country club.  There was a dinner followed by a cocktail party with a really good band playing a mix of tunes and then champagne at midnight.   Dean was a little reluctant as he wanted to do something romantic with John and an upper middle class country club would not be the best place for them to be themselves.  John felt the same way and suggested that he and Dean check out a gay nightclub in Terre Haute and they could spend the night in a hotel there and come back home on New Year's Day.

Friday they went to John's club in the morning again and had a good swim and workout.  It seemed the two of them just enjoyed being with each other all the time.   They were trying to make the most of their time together as they remembered each week spent apart during the fall semester and knew the next semester started in early January.   They grabbed some nuggets from Mickey D's and took them to the Warner house where Debbie was building her homemade lasagna.  She took a break to eat with the guys and then went back to work building one of her specialty dishes.  She made it with ricotta cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, and her specialty meaty tomato sauce in three layers of pasta.  For the six of them she was making two pans.  She had Dean and John put together the salad and cut up onion, olives, green and red peppers, mixed with torn Romaine lettuce.  She had a selection of Newman's Own dressings including Italian, blue cheese, French and Ranch.   Garlic bread was also on the menu and would be popped into the oven when the lasagna was taken out to cool.   Bob Denton and Mike Flint were bringing dessert. 

Promptly at half past four, Sean arrived with two bottles of Chianti and a bottle of Recioto Della Valpolicella  to accompany dessert.   Bob and Mike arrived a little after five and brought a chocolate mousse cheesecake which was a specialty of a local bakery.  The guys all mentioned how good it smelled when they came in as the lasagna was baking.   Dean got both pans out at half past five and set them to cool a bit.   The garlic bread was wrapped in aluminum foil and ready to go into the oven at quarter to six.   Sean poured the Chianti.  At six they all sat down and Debbie said a short blessing for the food and friends.  Dean stood and dished up the lasagna from the first of the two pans, emptying it.   The salad and bread was passed and five big guys and one mom were soon chowing down.  Dean told his mom the lasagna was perfect and the others chimed in with agreement.  Debbie smiled and watched the five guys chowing down and had no doubt they liked it.   Second helpings, albeit smaller were had by everyone except Debbie and she marveled at how much these guys could put away. The two bottles of Chianti were finished and the dessert was brought out along with the remaining wine.  The room temperature dessert wine was poured into clean,  chilled glasses and the cheesecake was served.  Debbie only wanted a small slice and the others all had a regular slice.   The wine complimented the cheesecake and they took their time over dessert as they had for the main course. 

John described their plans for New Year's Eve and Sean invited himself.   Bob and Mike also were off for a change and while they really were not into the club scene, thought it might be fun for New Year's Eve.  Debbie was relieved as she thought there would be safety in numbers and as a mom she was worried about her boys, even though she knew there would also be a security detail watching over them.  They all pitched in and helped clean up after the meal. 

It got dark early, but the guys went outside for a while accompanied by Sadie and Bob went and let out Max as well.  While it was cold, the dogs enjoyed running around and did so for about twenty minutes, then the dogs and the guys all retreated to the Warner family room where Debbie was parked in a recliner with her feet up.  The guys lounged and channel surfed and finally found a movie on cable that looked decent.   Beers were passed around and they all just chilled and enjoyed the easygoing camaraderie. 

By eleven, the movie was over and first Sean and then the other guys thanked Debbie for an outstanding dinner and then bid everyone goodbye.   A few minutes later Debbie yawned, stood and stretched, then bid Dean and John goodnight as she and Sadie went off to her bedroom.  John was spending the night as they had all drank plenty.  Dean let John shower first as his shower was really too small for two.  John finished quickly and Dean took a little longer while John brushed his teeth.  Dean got out and brushed as well and then the two big guys squeezed into Dean's regular full size double bed.  Neither had a problem with that, the only problem was that while at John's they had complete privacy and could be as noisy as they wanted, here they realized that they needed to be a little more discrete. 

Before they could get settled, John thought of hotel reservations and wanted to get online on Dean's desktop computer to see if they could confirm three rooms.  It took a few minutes to boot up the computer and get online and when he looked for reservations, all the double rooms were booked at all the decent places.   Dean asked “have any of them got a suite with three bedrooms?”

“Great idea, I'll check” and John was busy online once again.   He checked with the best hotel in town and a three bedroom suite was available, but only in a  two night package from Sunday until Tuesday priced at $1995 without including the hotel's New Years Eve party in their ballroom.  That was an extra $100 per person.  John decided it would be his treat and booked the room only on his credit card. 

Dean then said, “I guess we should have called the club earlier to see if we need reservations for New Year's Eve.”    John gave a slight yawn and said “I'll  check to see if I can do it online” and found that he could and so he did.  He then sent a text message to their security agency detailing their plans and that they wanted a driver with a big Yukon or Tahoe to pick them up and take them and be on call to take them around town.  He got back in bed and filled Dean in on all the arrangements. 

 The guys snuggled together naked under the covers on a cold December night, just sort of slowly rubbing themselves together.  They traded kisses, started licking ears, moving hands around and became more amorous.  Shortly thereafter, Dean turned under the covers and moved them face to groin and they both started kissing and licking each other's tumescence.  Their passion mounted quickly as they each engulfed the other and soon they were both spewing their loads which they cleaned up completely.  Then Dean turned back around and spooned up behind John and they were asleep in no time at all.  

Saturday morning, John was on the phone to the club to confirm their reservations for New Year's Eve.  He was told the options, but that if they wanted a reserved table, it was advisable to pre-book it.   So he booked a table for the group and put that on his credit card as well.  He knew Dean really had no club experience and wanted it to be positive and to keep Dean from being too closely exposed to the rougher edges sure to be encountered in the mash around the bar. 

They decided to go to John's health club again and get in a swim and they had a good time.  Dean was getting to be known and John had put him on his membership.   John's security guys were there as well and came over and informed John that they would be accompanying them this weekend and they already had made arrangements as to where they would stay.  John was surprised and asked about it and they explained the security company kept an apartment in Terre Haute which was already used by some of their colleagues but it had an extra bedroom.  

Dean gave John a funny look and then said to the team, “I hope you guys don't mind sharing.” 

The two guys broke up laughing and told them they were a couple and preferred it that way.   Dean was surprised as both of them looked like extremely fit, hard-nosed ex-military types with crew cuts.  Neither had any obvious piercings or tattoos and they were both clean shaven.  He then glanced at their crotches and noted they both filled out their shorts.  They saw him look and both smirked at him.  Dean blushed as only he could and he knew he was red from his head to toes.   John looked at him and smiled reassuringly and said:  “I guess they gotcha!”

Dean could only nod and they all laughed at his expense. John and Dean stayed a while longer and then headed for the locker room.  They showered and dressed and left to go get some takeout for supper.   They settled on Chinese and took it back to the condo.   Dean called his mom and wished her a good shift as she was getting ready to go to work.   John called Sean and the cops and told them their plans and asked if they wanted a ride to the hotel in Terre Haute as they were leaving Sunday around two in the afternoon.  Once the calls were finished, they settled down to eat and then went into watch some TV on the big screen but there was nothing on, so they started making out on John's leather couch.   It started getting pretty intense and they soon took it into the bedroom and then the bathroom. 

In addition to the oversized shower, John had a large jacuzzi tub big enough for the both of them and they decided to enjoy a bath.  They luxuriated with the jets for more than twenty minutes and then John got out and got out a disposable enema kit and proceeded to fill it and then used it on himself as Dean drowsed back sitting in the water.  When he finished he was surprised when Dean asked if he had another kit.  John got another one out and filled it and showed Dean how to use it.   After they were both cleaned out they showered and then dried themselves and headed into the bedroom.

“Why did you want to use the enema and get cleaned out?”

“Because I want to taste you back there and I hoped you would return the favor.  Also, I think I want to see if I can take your big boy like you take my Dino!”  

It was a night to remember.   They took it slow and lovingly.  Neither had been interested in rimming before, but now wanted to do it to each other and found they loved the sensations.  Neither had shaved and the slight bristly feel was stimulating.   As they were both new to this and only had what they had read or saw on porno's to go by, they did not know quite what to expect, and were therefore surprised at how much they enjoyed it.   Especially, when John pushed Dean's legs back over his head and knelt up to rim his ass and  pushed down, Dean's dick poking his face.  He noticed his cock became exceptionally hard and he was soon engulfing it and giving himself head as he was being rimmed.  He thought it was an awesome experience and spit his cock out to tell John.   John's passion was becoming inflamed as well.  He started adding the edible lube to Dean's well laved hole and pushing in a finger or two along with his tongue and the lube. 

Dean spit out his cock once more and told John to get bagged and put it to him before he popped a load.   John was on the same page and soon was pressing into Dean's lubed and loosened ass.  He took his time.  Dean winced once and John backed up a little before slowly starting again.  After what seemed like an eternity, when he was fully in Dean's ass, he developed a steady in and out pace while almost standing over Dean with his ass up in the air and Dean's long member in his throat.  Time seemed to be suspended and then suddenly, they were both coming.    Dean had to straighten out after being bent in half for so long and they cuddled and kissed for a while.  Then Dean turned John over and attacked his ass with his mouth and tongue.   John found he liked it a lot.  He got to his knees and was jacking his cock as he was being rimmed and fingered by Dean.   Dean was using the edible lube as well as two or three fingers to fully coat and stretch John's anus.   His whiskers were stimulating John's ass cheeks as well and John started pushing his butt back against the mouth, tongue and fingers.   John stopped jacking his dick as he was afraid he would come too soon and he turned his head and told Dean to get bagged as he was ready. 

Dean complied and put on one of the super sized condoms John had ordered over the internet.  It was clear and pink colored and slightly ribbed.  John oohed and ahhed as Dean slowly slid his nearly twelve inches of dick into John.  It took several minutes as he carefully worked it into John's ass.  John had only done this a couple of times with Dean and had been using dildos to stretch his ass and also  a butt plug several times a week to keep it stretched.  He still felt the slight burn as tissue was stretched to accommodate Dean’s huge member.  When he loosened and was comfortable, Dean started that really slow in and out motion that just about sent John into orbit.  It was like nothing he had ever experienced before except with Dean.  John was sure it was so very special because he and Dean had such a loving connection and this was the ultimate physical manifestation of that.  Dean having already shot a massive load down his throat after being anally stimulated while sucking his own cock, lasted a really long time.   He kept up that slow steady motion that was reaching far into the center of John's being and really stimulating his prostate along with the rest of his colon along with full body skin to skin contact as he lay atop John.  The heat became intense and they were both drenched in sweat and still Dean sawed in and out only speeding up very gradually.  John became completely aroused and started slamming his ass back onto Dean's cock.  Dean knew he was near and reached around and under John and started jacking his cock in time to the motion of their lovemaking and within minutes Dean started spewing into John's bowels while John's cock was coating his hand with cum.  They collapsed in a puddle and turned to each other and started kissing and expressing their love for each other as each told the other:

“I love you!”

They continued to lay besides each other, legs entwined, still sweaty and in their own mess for some time.  Finally, their ardor cooled, and they decided they needed to shower, which they did together.  It was tender and sweet but they did not try to stimulate or bring each other off again as they were sated.   They finished and went and changed the bed and put the dirty linens in the washer and started it.  Then they went to bed and held each other.  In no time they were asleep. 

Sunday started out lazy.   They both had bad cases of morning breath and needed to use the toilet.   They both were a little sore back there as they took care of their morning bathroom tasks.   John made western omelets while Dean made the coffee and toast and got out the plates, cups and cutlery.  They enjoyed just being together and talked about their plans for the day.  The security guys were to pick them up about two and then drive them out to North Ash Drive and pick up Sean.  Mike and Bob were working late Sunday into Monday morning and they would get picked up around two in the afternoon on New Year's Eve. 

They took care of some laundry, got dressed, packed a couple of overnight bags and were ready when the call came that their ride was at the front door of the building.  They wore their new leather bomber jackets that John's parents had gotten them for Christmas.  They picked up Sean and made the uneventful drive to the hotel in Terre Haute.  Check in went smoothly and the guys were escorted to their suite.  Sean was impressed.   Dean was awed.   The suite had an entry hall with a separate coat closet and fresh cut flowers on a sideboard table.   The central area was a formal living room with a fireplace with a large screen television over it, two big couches, a couple of club chairs, a huge coffee table and assorted side tables.   Along one wall was an antique desk and chair with a power station on top along with a desk set, telephone and lamp.  In a corner was a wet bar.  In front of that was a large round dining table with six chairs.  There was a powder room with a sink and toilet off the entry hall.  The main room had three large windows.  The center one was a walkout to a balcony. As it was winter they just looked out.  There was a hall to the left side which led to the three bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom with full shower and jetted tub.   The master bedroom also had a fireplace and a king sized bed.  There was another hall to the right side that led to a kitchen.  It was quite a set-up for Terre Haute and both Dean and Sean wondered just how much this had set John back. 

 Dean and John dropped their bags in the master bedroom and Sean picked the bedroom with the queen bed leaving the third bedroom with another king bed for the two neighbors.  They returned to the living room and John asked Dean, “do you have nice slacks and a fancy club shirt to wear to the club tomorrow night?”

Dean looked at John and smirked and said, “you've seen my entire wardrobe, do you have to ask if I have a fancy shirt?”

Sean said, “let's go shopping.  I could pick up something new to wear too.”  They went to the lobby and noted a corridor with some boutique shops and strolled down it to see if there was a men's store.  There was and it was somewhat busy.  It featured name brand suits, tuxedos and sports coats and slacks.  The dress shirts started at $59 and went up to $325.  However, most items were rather conservatively cut and styled and did not suit the tastes of the three men planning on ringing in the New Year in a gay night club.  John had told their security people that they would probably be going shopping and so a quick text message to meet them at the front door of the hotel with the vehicle was sent and soon they were on their way to a little store that John had frequented before.   It was in a gay section of town and it catered to that crowd.   Skin tight leather pants, chaps, vests, and an assortment of other goods to suit every gay taste were there.  John showed Dean a selection of silk shirts styled with large open necked collars in a variety of colors and prints.   Sean meanwhile was into the leather section.  He had never bought any and was dying to try out the look.   In no time he had picked out a pair of leather pants as well as a vest and came looking for a colorful printed silk open neck shirt to go with it.  He found an outrageously brilliant fuschia  one with large green leaves printed on it.   He went to try his selections and within minutes was literally prancing out of the dressing room and admiring himself in the three way mirror.  With his large build, bright orange hair and the leather pants with the bright reddish purple shirt printed with lime green leaves only partially covered by the small vest,  he was a sight.  Dean and John just grinned at the obviously happy, but campy Irishman.

After much searching John found a dark red shirt and a pair of tight shiny black gabardine pants that he liked for himself and bought a silver belt to go with it.  Dean was more careful, slowly looking at everything and decided with his endowment, he didn't need to emphasize his size with tight pants.  He found a nicely tailored pair of black jeans which were boot cut and had some fancy scrollwork across the top of the back of the pants and on the back pockets.  He finally found a shirt with a slightly western look to the cut which was white with embroidered threads forming intertwined red roses across his chest.  He asked John's opinion which at first was doubtful, but decided to try them on any way.  When he came out, there were no doubts.  The way Dean filled out the pants and shirt, it looked like they had been customed tailored for him.   A belt and some leather boots were found to finish the outfit and the three men left with their purchases. 

They headed back to the hotel and dropped off their purchases and made pit stops to relieve their bladders.   They planned on eating in one of the less formal hotel dining rooms which featured steaks and seafood and then going to the hotel piano bar afterwards.  They all changed into slacks with dress shirts and sports coats but didn't bother with ties and headed down to supper. As it was still relatively early, they had no problem getting a table and ordered drinks.  John ordered a Margarita as did Sean.  Dean ordered a rum and coke and was asked for his ID which he produced.  The waiter asked if they wanted to order an appetizer and Dean asked for fried cheese sticks and marina sauce.  They perused the menu and each made their selections and were ready to order when the waiter came back with their drinks and appetizer.  The entre's came with a dinner salad, a choice of potato and a choice of vegetable.  Sean ordered a New York strip steak done medium, with baked potato, asparagus and the Ceasar salad.  John ordered the combination platter of petite fillet mignon cooked medium, with lobster on the half shell, baked potato, snow peas, and Bleu cheese dressing on the dinner salad.  Dean ordered the featured sixteen ounce porterhouse steak cooked medium, snow peas and garlic mashed potatoes and also a Ceasar salad. 

They passed around the appetizer while they awaited their salad and Sean complained, he could only afford to go out like this about once a year as he broke his budget buying clothes.  John said this was the most expensive extended date he had ever been on himself, but that it was worth every penny so far.   Dean looked at John and smiled and said, “I don't think I would want to get used to this.  It is fun for a special occasion maybe once or twice a year, but I am content to spend my evenings with you in front of the fire on your leather couch, just being us and making small talk and well, making out.”   Dean blushed slightly, he really was getting better about not getting so embarrassed, and looked over at Sean who had a sappy looking grin on his face.  

Sean noticed both John and Dean giving him an odd look and said “it's nice to see two people in love.   Someday I'll meet Mr. Right too, mark my words!” 

Just at that moment the waiter arrived with their salads, and fresh hot bread and butter.  He served them and asked if they wanted fresh ground pepper and each said yes so he made the rounds and left bidding them to enjoy their food.  The guys dug into their salads and were not disappointed.  They each finished their salads and the waiter asked if they wanted wine with their main course and John ordered a bottle of  Australian Shiraz from the wine list and  glasses were brought and the wine poured just before their main course was served.   The wine was sampled and Sean and Dean tasted it carefully as it was something new for both of them and they liked it.  As the entres were served, they noted it complemented the beef well.  They enjoyed their meal as they were hungry, finishing everything as well as the wine.   They decided to forego a dessert as they were planning to go to the piano bar.   The bill was brought and Dean grabbed it and said it's my treat and handed over his Visa card to the waiter.   Sean and John were a little miffed and wanted to leave a cash tip, but Dean refused to let them see the bill.  When the credit receipt arrived he added a fifty-five dollar tip and signed the copy for the waiter and handed it to him. 

They then went to the piano bar and found a place along the wall across from the piano.   Dean ordered a Bud Light and the other two guys did too, but they weren't asked for their ID like Dean was.  As he had only turned twenty-one at the end of November, he was going to have to get used to keeping his ID handy.  He looked his age, but no older.  The guy on the piano was young, maybe no more than twenty-five and was good.  He played a mix of tunes from the nineteen-fifties to the present and really seemed to get into the oldies from Motown.  He had a confident but not overpowering voice and sang some songs.   He took request from the patrons and people were buying him drinks and putting money in a large brandy snifter sitting on top of the piano.   After their second beer, Sean sauntered over and put a ten spot in the glass and asked if he could play Alone Again, (Naturally), by Gilbet O'Sullivan and the guy smiled and nodded.   As Sean sat down, the piano man took a drink of his beer and started the familiar strains of the song and started singing in a voice that was reminiscent of the original artist.  The bar became quiet as the song was performed and drew prolonged applause at its conclusion.  Sean was gobsmacked.  He loved the song and it was sung with such heart and emotion that he was about overcome.   He clapped loudly and long as he stood and soon the whole room  was standing.   The piano guy took a bow and thanked everyone and launched into another set of tunes.   They stayed through two more rounds of beer just talking and enjoying the songs, and then decided to call it an evening.

2012, Daddydavek; All Rights Reserved
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I am enjoying the story but as someone who taught writing for over three decades, I am afraid that I have some suggestions for you. I think that you include far too much detail of things that are not important to the narrative. Do we really need to know what kinds of salad dressing were available, for example? Or what the salad itself was made of, for that matter. Do we really need to know every detail of the security system installed at Debbie's house? All this sort of extraneous information just bogs down the story. Think verbs, verbs, verbs! If you were my student (and you should be glad you have been spared!), I would have you read through this chapter and strike out every noun, adjective and adverb that is not absolutely necessary to advance what you want to say. Then you should have the bare bones of the chapter laid out before you so that you can see what your characters are doing, thinking and feeling. Flesh out the bones with a little descriptive detail and see what a difference there is to the pace of the chapter.

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On 06/13/2012 07:24 AM, Ozymandias said:
I am enjoying the story but as someone who taught writing for over three decades, I am afraid that I have some suggestions for you. I think that you include far too much detail of things that are not important to the narrative. Do we really need to know what kinds of salad dressing were available, for example? Or what the salad itself was made of, for that matter. Do we really need to know every detail of the security system installed at Debbie's house? All this sort of extraneous information just bogs down the story. Think verbs, verbs, verbs! If you were my student (and you should be glad you have been spared!), I would have you read through this chapter and strike out every noun, adjective and adverb that is not absolutely necessary to advance what you want to say. Then you should have the bare bones of the chapter laid out before you so that you can see what your characters are doing, thinking and feeling. Flesh out the bones with a little descriptive detail and see what a difference there is to the pace of the chapter.
Thanks for the review and I do agree. I do have a definite tendency to be wordy and to overwhelm with details. I promise I will get better, but probably in my next story.

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I promised myself that I was going to save the rest of this story until tomorrow, but I could not stand it. I have read lots and lots of stories here, and reviewed them, and this one is definitely in the top ten. This chapter is probably one of my favorite chapters of all the stories that i have read. I am a holiday person, and I love all the small details of the meals, drinks, especially the gifts. The cinnabuns were priceless. I love them myself, and ironically, a couple of years ago, my hubby bought some for us to have on Christmas EVE since our daughter and our grandson would not be home until the next morning. We actually had them with our drinks.

Also, the familiarity that the two families felt with each other was very profound. Loved it

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On 10/12/2012 10:22 AM, joann414 said:
I promised myself that I was going to save the rest of this story until tomorrow, but I could not stand it. I have read lots and lots of stories here, and reviewed them, and this one is definitely in the top ten. This chapter is probably one of my favorite chapters of all the stories that i have read. I am a holiday person, and I love all the small details of the meals, drinks, especially the gifts. The cinnabuns were priceless. I love them myself, and ironically, a couple of years ago, my hubby bought some for us to have on Christmas EVE since our daughter and our grandson would not be home until the next morning. We actually had them with our drinks.

Also, the familiarity that the two families felt with each other was very profound. Loved it

Christmas is my favorite time of the year too and I am so happy that you enjoyed all the details in my story. I tried to make it a real memorable family get together.

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It's been said that when I transcribe messages that I "tell stories" so I can totally relate to the wordy explanations that Ozymandias makes mention of above. The only thing I have to say is that your descriptions of their dinner had me critiquing the menu choices as my taste buds are too pedestrian to like some of what is mentioned. I still scratch my head at what people see in yams and sweet potatoes. Thankfully, when I spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family last November there wasn't a yam or sweet potato in sight.

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On 07/13/2015 07:03 AM, Reader1810 said:

It's been said that when I transcribe messages that I "tell stories" so I can totally relate to the wordy explanations that Ozymandias makes mention of above. The only thing I have to say is that your descriptions of their dinner had me critiquing the menu choices as my taste buds are too pedestrian to like some of what is mentioned. I still scratch my head at what people see in yams and sweet potatoes. Thankfully, when I spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family last November there wasn't a yam or sweet potato in sight.

I definitely don't think sweet potatoes or yams are exotic but each to their own taste. I enjoy eating and my stories reflect that too. As always, thanks for reading and reviewing.

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I am enjoying this story. I like all the detail you give in the,writing. It gives me a feeling of actually watching the action of the characters. 

I do love that song, Along Again Naturally, about a year ago I put it on my iPhone and enjoy listening to it occasionally. 

Thanks for all you do. 


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Thanks for the very kind words and I'm glad that you are enjoying my story!  

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