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Hallow's Eve - 1. Hallow's Eve 2017

Hallow’s Eve


DaHawk & Bndmetl


This year Halloween had lost its flair to Drew, Sam, and Gary. Today marked the one year anniversary of their friend Mikey’s disappearance. The fourteen-year-olds had decided today they would spend Halloween together roaming the woods and goofing around to remember Mikey.

The boys met outside Drew’s house with the appropriated gear for the day each had backpacks with flashlights, sandwiches, sodas, water, and snacks.

Drew looked at his friends with a sad smile, “Thanks for coming guys, I know none of us want to celebrate the holiday Mikey disappeared on, but at least if we spend the day together, I can feel Mikey knows we are thinking about him.” He glanced at each boy, and they nodded to confirm their sentiment.

Sam looked to Drew inquisitively, “So where are we going?” Gary also looked towards him awaiting an answer.

“There’s this old abandoned farmhouse about an hour walk through the woods in that direction,” Drew pointed his finger. “I figured we could spend the day searching around there and then just hang out and talk. Besides, if I’m home my parents wanna make me go to some shitty Halloween party.” He said with a sigh, and his shoulders dropped. “They don’t get it I absolutely hate this holiday after Mikey vanished.”

“I can relate mine think I should go trick or treating, like I’m five-years-old or something,” Gary said with a look of defeat.

“Mine too Gary, it literally makes me sick to my stomach to think about it,” Sam said as a chill passed through, and he shivered. “That gust of air was cold.”

Drew and Gary looked puzzled at Sam. Drew spoke up, “Sam, there was no gust of wind dude.” All three of the boys shrugged their shoulders, and they started off on their remembrance trek.


An hour later after climbing over fallen trees and under hanging branches, the boys came to a clearing. Drew pointed over into the clearing, “There it is! See it? Spooky right?” his whole body shivered at its creepiness.

Gary looked at the house, shutters were hanging every which way, and windows were broken. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” He said as the feeling of dread overcame him.

The boys dredged through the clearing. Upon reaching the house, Sam opened the door. The boys walked inside, and there was a loud slam, they spun around, and all of the sudden the door was gone, and so were the windows, and the room became eerily dark. Drew was the first to find his flashlight, flipping it on, the beam of light shaking in its path, giving away Drew’s fear. The other two boys lit theirs, they weren’t faring much better judging by the wiggle of their torches as they tried to look around the room.

“We should go… it’s so creepy in here Drew,” Gary’s voice trembled as he spoke into the shadows created by their torches.

Loud screams were heard from somewhere in the upstairs. All three boys jumped and squeaked in fear at the noise. Drew cringed, “Don’t you think we should go check and make sure nobody is hurt?” Sam and Gary shook their heads no emphatically, their eyes popping like they were on springs, fearing what they might find. “Come on you cowards, we can’t let somebody lay up there hurt,” Drew said with more courage than he felt.

Drew started slowly up the stairway, trying desperately to make sure the steps didn’t creek underneath his feet, with Sam and Gary both holding onto the straps of his backpack. Drew glanced over his shoulders and shook his head at his friends. At the top of the stairs, there was a door directly in front of them, putting their ears against it listening and heard nothing.

Drew tried the doorknob, there was no movement, it was rigid and didn’t move. The door appeared to be locked, he decided to try it again, but this time it opened. "I swear the thing was locked a second ago," He whispered to no-one in particular, as the boys cautiously stepped inside the room the door slammed shut behind them, a cloudy white figure appeared. The boys all jumped backward two steps holding onto each other.

A muffled voice said, "Guys do not leave this room, you shouldn't have ever come here. This is where it happened...." The voice faded out as the figure disappeared.

"What was that?" Sam croaked.

"Drew I'm tired of the games you're pulling today, I didn’t agree to this shit." Gary turned balling his fists up at him.

Drew scrunched his face up, "I'm not doing anything, honest guys...." He said as yet another loud scream was heard from not far away, leaving all three of them shaking. Sam dropped his torch on the floor with a loud, raucous thud. The boys all jumped and screamed backing up against the wall. When their heartbeat had calmed somewhat, Sam bent down and picked his torch up.

“Sorry guys,” Sam apologized just above a whisper, his friends could see him shaking.

The white figure reappeared; Sam gasped and flew back against the wall with his friends.

"I appreciate you guys not forgetting me, it means a lot to me," The white figure purred. Gary looked at Drew pulling his arm back to punch at Drew, "STOP!" The figure demanded as it became an intense stark white color so cold it was almost blue.

"This isn't funny Drew, I'm gonna pound you right here and now if you don’t stop this crazy shit," Gary said anger seeping from his soul while he now shook from a building rage.

The figure started to become a little more shaped, "Drew didn’t do anything, this house is haunted by a dangerous demonic spirit." Again, more screaming and banging was heard throughout the house. The figure disappeared from sight, to god only knows where.

Sam walked slowly toward where the figure had appeared, he stood in the middle of the room shaking, "Guys... I wanna go home," His voice trembling and his eyes filled with water.

Drew stepped over to Sam placing a hand on his shoulder, "Dude we are gonna be ok. Whoever that thing is it seemed to be looking out for us." Gary stepped closer to the other boys, still skeptical of Drew, but scared shitless if he were honest about the situation.

The walls of the room seemed to shutter, and then there were inaudible groans heard. Yet again more screaming was heard, the figure reappeared. "I'm doing everything I can, so the same thing doesn't happen to you that happened to me," The figure stated, and its form changed to Mikey their old friend, but very white in color and almost transparent. "I'm sorry guys, I never wanted to leave you." Then Mikey's figure sat down on the floor beside where the boys were standing.

Drew and the other boys sat down with Mikey, "What happened? Where did you go? None of this makes sense...." Gary rambled on nervously, he could not believe his eyes, they had to be lying to him. Gary felt like he was on sensory overload at the moment. He reached out to try and touch Mikey, but his finger went through the mist of his friend's presence. The boys all giggled for a second.

“Feels cold,” Gary mumbled, the other two boys tried and nodded in agreement.

“Quit it, will ya,” Mikey grumbled, “it tickles.”

“Really,” Drew’s eyes went big asking the question.

“Of course not, I’m a ghost,” Mikey shook his head snickering.

Mikey got serious, he sat there thinking about the last time he saw his friends, "Well, last Halloween I woke up early and decided to take a hike before you guys all woke up," He looked towards his friends. "I wandered through the clearing and found this house, I thought it looked cool so I came in but I never got to leave." He said sadly. The walls shuddered with fury after Mikey spoke. "Guys I need to get you out of here. When the clock strikes midnight as long as that thing doesn’t get to you, it will then be safe for you to leave." The boys all cringed, knowing their fate laid in Mikey's hands. “I’m gonna go and confront this demon to try and buy you time,”

"But what about you Mikey?" Gary asked with concern.

"My fate was sealed last Halloween, I just haven't followed the light that wants me to crossover. " Mikey shrugged his shoulders as he peered at his friends. "I really have to go and try to keep the demon away from this room, don't try and leave this room it’s the only safe spot here for you." With that being said Mikey's ghostly form shifted through the wall.

Drew's shoulders slouched and he looked toward the floor. "Be safe Mikey, I knew I could feel your presence before today." He mumbled as a tear escaped his control. The day slowly dredged along, with the boys scared and relying on Mikey to keep them safe. Despair was always at the forefront of their thoughts.

Loud screaming and moaning came from the walls as they started turning blood red with them appearing to be bleeding, and puddles formed on the floor. Mikey appeared but he seemed to be getting weaker as he slouched to the floor beside them, “I’m sorry guys, I don’t know if I can hold out for four more hours.”

Sam looked at Mikey with a sad look, “What happens to you if you fail?”

“I hope I can make it to the light, but honestly I’m not even sure,” Mikey said raggedly. Sam cringed, and Gary sighed as Drew remained quiet. “Drew, I promise to keep fighting, I need you all safe even if it’s the last thing I do. Guy’s I need to go again, so it doesn’t get any closer to this room. If he gets inside, it will claim your souls, and you will never leave like me.”

“Mikey whose blood is coming from the wall?” Drew asked as he looked at reddish liquid seeping from the wall.

Mikey faced Drew with a pained expression on his face, “Some of it’s mine and others that have lost the fight to stay alive in this house. But for you it’s only an illusion, whatever you do, don’t touch it.” Drew pulled his knees into his chest, and tears glistened on his cheeks. Drew worried about all of his friends, and blaming himself for getting them all into this situation. Dark thoughts passed through his mind, trying to figure out what would happen to Mikey if he failed. And if he succeeded would he make it to the light.

Mikey had regained some strength, “I’ve got to go now, he’s getting too close.” Mikey’s ghostly body appeared to stand and float through the bloody walls.

“I wonder what would happen if we touch the bloody walls,” Gary wondered out loud.

Mikey’s head came back through the wall, “Don’t – touch – the – walls – dumbass,” Mikey disappeared again.

The boys sat huddled together worrying about Mikey and if they would survive. Would their lives ever be the same if they survived?

Painful screams were heard coming from close by, and the flow of blood from the walls seemed to have increased. Drew gasped, “Look at the walls.” The puddles of blood on the floor inched closer to the boys in the center of the room. The boys retreated as far as they could away from the blood. At least Drew and his friends had stopped flinching over every noise.

Mikey reappeared laying on the floor beside the boys, looking dull and frail, he was gasping for breath. It was apparent that the essence of his spirit was draining from him rapidly. Drew reached out to touch his friend, and his hand passed through Mikey’s form and got a cold chill, “Guys, we need to help Mikey fight this demon. Even if we don’t make it, we can’t leave him to do this by himself,” Drew said as he grabbed the cross on the chain around his throat.

“We’re with you,” Sam and Gary said in unison as they all stood around Mikey’s form.

Drew grimaced as he watched Mikey for a while, “Mikey you aren’t fighting by yourself anymore, we are facing this side by side with you. There’s four of us now, bring it on demon spirit.”

Mikey gasped, “You can’t help, or you may never go home guys….” Cough, gasp… “I don’t want you stuck in this hell with me,” A determined expression passed over the three boys as they looked frightened over Mikey, they were willing to fight to save themselves and the spirit of their friend.

Drew spoke adamantly as a shiver ran through his body, “We are helping you Mikey, good or bad we are in this together.” Just then another bright white glow appeared in the room causing the boys to jump, the figure taking form had wings, large white wings with a glowing hot white aura around its presence. The blood receded and vanished back into the walls, and the door reappeared.

“I’m Adriele, I am here to provide the four of you powers to fight the demon. God has guaranteed if you all survive until the stroke of twelve, you will all return home safely. Drew, you are to be given the power of God’s Guiding Light. Sam, you will have the power of God's Word. Gary, you possess God’s, Saving Grace.” Adriele knelt beside Mikey’s failing form, “You Michael, possess God’s Divine Love as you were willing to sacrifice yourself for your friend's lives.” He looked at each boy collectively, “God sent me with a message, together you can beat the hellspawn. Separately you will all perish. God sends each of you his loving and comforting hand to protect each of you children.” Adriele placed his hand on Mikey’s form, and Mikey appeared as a living teenager, no longer suffering any injuries or difficulty breathing.

Mikey sat up looking around at his friends, and then his eyes fixed on Adriele, “The light, that was you the entire time wasn’t it?” Adriele nodded, “Why…” Mikey looked confused toward Adriele, “Why am I alive again?”

Adriele focused on Mikey’s friends pointing at them, “They were willing to die for you and you for them. God decided none of your time was done on earth as long as you can each survive and end the hellspawn’s control over this place. Remember, you only have until midnight, God be with you always.” Adriele’s form slowly vanished from their sight as a million tiny icy crystals that evaporated when they hit the floor.

Drew knelt and wrapped his arm’s around Mikey, “I missed you so much, even though I could feel you in my heart.” He said pounding his chest with his fist over his heart, “I knew you were looking out for us.”

Mikey wiped his eye’s, “Let’s get this done before we run out of time midnight is only a twenty minutes away.” Drew pulled Mikey up from the floor to his feet. Mikey hugged each of his friend’s. Drew lifted his hand, and the brightest light shone from the end in Mikey’s eyes.

“Geez, Drew, knock it off with that thing, put your hand down.” Mikey squawked. Drew put his hand down and gave him a sheepish look.

Drew walked to the door opening it, guiding the boys out of the room. Reaching a spiraling staircase that none of the four boys remembered, they hesitated. Mikey shoved the boys toward the stairs that descended into a dungeon looking place that appeared to be encased in screaming bloody corpses.

The boys stopped when Drew sighed as he asked, “How are we going to fight this Demon?” He looked to his three friends. Gary shrugged his shoulders, Mikey scratched his head with no answer, and Sam’s face lit up, “God’s Word, it’s a powerful weapon to fight evil.” He answered loudly over the screaming. Mikey stood next to him wiggling his finger in his ear and shaking his head.

Mikey urged the boys to continue their fight so they could return home. Drew smiled, “I’m our guiding light to the evil, let’s go…” Entering the room with corpses they were all screaming in agony with blood dripping from every crack and crevice, the floor even sloshed as they walked in the blood of the fallen.

“This is so gross,” Sam screwed up his face as remains squished under his sneakers, “I thought we couldn’t touch the blood?”

“We have God’s powers now remember,” Gary shoved Sam’s shoulder.

The Hellspawn appeared to face the four with a snarled look, “You will all die, NOW!” It spoke with a demented voice. Hellspawn advanced on the boys, slashing a gnarled looking hand that resembled a blade. Gary used the saving grace to shove Drew to the side as the blade struck Drew’s thigh narrowly missing his stomach. Drew hobbled behind his friend’s seeking safety but shining the light toward the demon. Sam started speaking words involuntarily, words that he had never heard until this moment. The demon staggered with the first set of words spoken, laughing, “You aren’t powerful enough to kill me, child, I will make you a deal, give me the injured one and his soul, then and only then will I let you leave.” The demon hissed.

Mikey used God’s Love to protect Drew. Sam laughed hysterically at the demon, “You don’t understand, God gave us the powers combined between the four of us to defeat you and send you back to hell.” The demon hissed and struck at Sam missing its target horribly. Sam started speaking another set of words which he couldn’t fathom, the demon lunged striking Gary leaving him laying on the ground gasping. The boys looked on frozen in fear for a second.

The demon released a horrifying laugh and looked towards Gary’s bleeding body, “One child’s blood is spilling to give me life, you will all four bleed for me tonight. Tonight will be glorious for me as each of you perishes. Step forward, so I can take what is mine swiftly, sparing some misery.” Hellspawn demanded while licking the blood from its hand.

Sam again started with God’s Word which was given to him as Hellspawn grew in size, the words only angered it.

Hellspawn’s eyes drifted over the three standing boys, his evil eyes drifted to Gary laying on the floor, picking up his body with one hand he dangled the boy in front of his friends. Placing his razor-like finger to Gary’s leg, dragging it across his flesh Gary yelled in agony as blood poured from the open wound. Drew hopped forward trying to reach for Gary. Mikey grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Don’t Drew,” Mikey yelled, “we’ll get him back, I promise,”

Sam spewed some more words which only aggravated the grizzly looking figure more.

“Which part of him should I cut next? You decide since you like talking so much…” Hellspawn asked pointing toward Sam. He waited for a response, but Sam stood frozen looking horrified, “Okay,” Hellspawn spat and opened his hand placing it across Gary’s chest, “You had your chance.” He slid his fingers across Gary placing four very serrated looking cuts on his chest, and Gary’s body went limp with blood flowing from his body.

“STOP!” Mikey shouted looking on it was as if his friend appeared to be passing before their eyes.

Sam reached out and grabbed Hellspawn in desperation, recanting some more words which opened a wound on Hellspawn, which caused it to thrash around and drop Gary’s body. Sam’s body seemed to be convulsing as he preached God’s word at the demon. Hellspawn staggered dropping to its knee, while Sam continued with words that God only understood. As the last word left Sam’s mouth, Hellspawn fell to the floor no longer moving. Sam not trusting the demon continued more words until Hellspawn’s body burst into flames consuming its corpse. Sam staggered backward drained of any energy, he had to regain his strength to help Gary.

The two other boys rushed to Gary. Mikey bent down placing his hands over the chest wounds which appeared to slow the bleeding and did the same to the leg wound.

Drew grimaced due to his wounds, “We need to get out of here, and get Gary help.” He looked at the others with terror, Sam pulled himself together, finding his last bit of energy.

Mikey got under one of Gary’s shoulders and Sam done the same to the other, together they picked him up. Drew hobbled guiding the boys to what was to be the exit from within the dungeon. Reaching the door, Drew opened it to reveal the light of the full moon. The boys looked at the stars thanking God for their lives and their friends.

Gary awakened shortly after being carried outside, “Ow, what happened?”

Mikey knelt down beside Gary, “It’s over buddy.”

Gary passed out!

The End

@Bndmetl and I would like to wish each of you a Happy Halloween. Thanks for following the both of us!

Copyright © 2017 Dahawk, Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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On 10/13/2017 at 5:07 PM, glennish said:

Thanks for the Halloween treat.  Glad it wasn’t a trick. 

@glennish We are glad you folks enjoyed it!

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