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Worth the Struggle - 4. Breaking Down the Barriers

Breaking Down the Barriers


It has been two weeks since Blu had moved to college, things had been going smoothly. Apart from the weird first day when he met his new roommate Kyle, they have been getting along famously and fallen into a routine. The two of them were mostly in the same classes for the core units as they were freshman. Although they were studying education, Kyle was studying to become a Music Teacher and Blu an English teacher.

For the last two weeks, Kyle and Blu had done nothing but go to class, study, eat and sleep. Both had a good work ethic and were determined to reach their goals. Where other kids were going out partying, pledging fraternities and generally enjoying their first taste of unsupervised adulthood, Blu and Kyle had decided not to go that route and risk falling behind. However, Blu being an extrovert he was getting a little antsy without any downtime.

Blu threw his pen on his desk in frustration, he was up to date with his class work and needed some fun. He looked over at Kyle who had laid down to read but had fallen asleep. Blu couldn’t help but watch his roommate peacefully sleeping. “God damn that boy is adorable,” Blu thought to himself. He checked the time, and it was only eight-thirty at night. “Cool,” he whispered, lifting himself from his chair, Blu moved over to Kyle, reaching down cautiously and shaking him gently awake.

“Kyle! Hey Buddy, wake up,”

“Kaleb, leave me alone….” Kyle rolled onto his side and put his pillow over his head.

“Dude, it’s me Blu. Wake your ass up and put on some clothes, we are going to Walmart,” Blu chuckled.

“Ugh…. Did you run out of condoms already?” Kyle rubbed his eyes and laughed at Blu.

“Bite me asshole, get up. Come on, chop-chop, the quicker we get there, the quicker we get back.”

“Just what do we need from the land of the crazy’s?” Kyle said as he started rummaging for clothes, “Does this polo shirt look alright?” He held up a baby blue colored polo toward Blu.

Blu rolled his eyes, “Listen, pretty boy, I don’t care if you only wear a jock and nipple pasties, hurry up.”

Kyle’s eyes got big as saucer’s and turned red, hurrying to throw on his polo. “Ummm, NO to both of your suggestions, I mean you can do that, I won’t stop your exhibitionism.” He laughed as he pulled straightened his shirt and gave a spritz of cologne to finish off.

“You know we’re only going to Walmart right, the only thing you’ll pick up there tonight is an octogenarian.” Blu grabbed his wallet, phone, and keys from his desk drawer and pushed Kyle out the door, “Let’s go Blondie.

Blu walked swiftly to the shuttle stop to get to his car, while Kyle followed behind dawdling with his hands in his pockets and yawning. Blu reached the stop, turning and encouraged Kyle to move his ass as the shuttle was coming. They were silent for the trip to the car, Blu jittery with the excitement of leaving campus, Kyle was relaxed and simply following along and couldn’t give two shits. Kyle turned and smiled at Blu smugly as he knew his lack of enthusiasm was annoying him. Blu rolled his eyes and stood up, as they were approaching their stop.

Once they were in Walmart, Blu hurried to the electronics section to the gaming consoles.

“You know we don’t need to waste money on this, my parents would kill me if I spent money on a console. They would be saying we sent you to college to learn and you’re wasting your time and our money on this….” Kyle looked into the display case and a bit excited and worried at the same time.

“Well, my Dad put the money in my account a week ago and told me to go and get something fun for our room. As we could supply the military with condoms already, I thought this would be the next best thing,” Blu laughed, and Kyle smirked, “You can’t be too concerned the way your face is already plastered to that window case… Hey, Blondie, look at that. If we get that Xbox deal,” Blu pointed to a poster, “we get it cheaper and with three games.” He said putting his hand on his roommate's shoulder, moving his body around.

“Blu look there,” He said pointing, “I’m buying Rock Band, I’m so gonna kick your ass, screw what they say when they check my bank account,” Kyle said as he turned and looked at Blu with a smile.

“That’s the spirit, but how ‘bout we don’t tempt the fates. I’ll pay for it tonight, we’ll go to the campus bookstore tomorrow, and you can get my textbook for Academic Writing and then get cash out for the difference. Rudolph and Penelope will be none the wiser, and my ass will be sore from the thrashing you have promised.” Blu grinned at his double entendre. Kyle chuckled and turned a pinkish shade at the thought of giving Blu a sore ass.

The boys loaded up their purchases in the trunk of Blu’s car and headed back to campus. As they got close, they passed a club called, “Rim Job,” that was playing live music and looked lively.

“Look at the sign for that place, it has a car tire on it.” Kyle pointed, “It’s pretty neat.”

Blu pulled over and parked the car. Kyle looked over at him and raised his eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice Blondie. Let’s go check it out,” Blu chortled. Kyle shook his head, “Come on, we need to have some fun. Here’s the deal, we go in, if you hate it or are uncomfortable, we’ll leave. No argument from me, I promise.”

“I dunno, I’ve never been to a club, hell after the console and now this, my parents would have a stroke.” Kyle looked apprehensively at the building.

“All the more reason to do this, let’s get you out of your comfort zone. I promise if you want to leave, you’ll get no shit from me,” Blu said as he opened his door trying to bluff his way to the club. Blu shut the door and headed across the street to the club. He heard the car door close behind him, he kept walking with a big smile on his face. He pressed the button on his keys to lock his car.

Kyle showed his identification to the bouncer at the door and got his wristband, as Blu did the same. Opening the door and walking in Kyle was looking all around when his eyes locked on two college-aged guys were sitting in a booth making out. He elbowed Blu harder than he meant, “Uh…. B…. Blu…. LOOK!” Kyle said as he turned crimson red.

Blu kept moving through the club, until they reached the bar, he grabbed Kyle and pulled him closer so he could be heard over the band, “Dude, simmer down. That will be you one day, look around I think we might just be in a gay bar… And surprise, surprise, you're gay, remember.” Blu leaned on the bar and indicated for the bartender for a drink. He watched Kyle look around the bar, his face blushing adorably. “I wonder if he’ll dance with me,” Blu thought to himself as the bartender approached. He ordered a couple of sodas for him and Kyle. When he turned around with the drinks, Kyle had moved over to a standing table and was watching the dance floor bounce to the beat, his foot tapping along. “So cute,” Blu said, knowing Kyle couldn’t hear him.

Two pretty overly preppy girls approached the table as Blu reached Kyle. Blu grinned, “Hi there,” he said to them and put Kyle’s drink down in front of him.

Kyle looked at the girls smiling, “Hi, I’m Kyle, and this dork is Blu.” He said joking and smirked at Blu. “He’s harmless, honest, he’s even housebroken.” Kyle said as he thought, “If I am lucky, I’ll eventually get to date him, maybe after college when my parents have no say in my life.” Then a sort of sad look passed over his face. Blu gave him a concerned look. But Kyle gave him a smile, and Blu let it pass.

“Hi, I’m Charlotte, but my friends call me Charlie,” the petite red-head said. “This is my girlfriend, Liv.” Kyle looked at Liv who was a striking blonde, who was also petite; she smiled and gave a slight nod.

“Nice to meet you,” Kyle said bashfully and sipped his drink. “Do you go to college at BU? I’m studying to become a Music Teacher.” He looked toward both girls.

The girls both looked at Blu waiting to hear what he was studying, “Oh, I’m studying to be a Sex Therapist,” Kyle was taking a sip of his drink and coughed into his drink, the liquid spurting over the sides of his glass.

“Blu, what the hell, I thought you were studying to be an English Teacher. When did you change your Major?” Kyle turned looking at him expectantly, while he tried to clean up the mess he'd made with a napkin.

Blu threw his head back and laughed, he pointed to the dance floor with the hand that held his drink, “When I saw those two guys rutting up against each other there,” he shook his head smiling, “So fucking hot!” Charlie and Liv laughed with Blu.

Kyle tilting his head watching the two guys Blu had pointed toward, “Wow, umm.... yeah they are hot.” He shifted his hips trying to hide a problem that was starting to arise. Blu chuckled as he watched Kyle fidget, he swung his arm around Kyle’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, “You can use the bathroom first when we get home,” Kyle just shrugged his shoulders.

Charlie smiled knowing the issue that Kyle was having so to give him an out, she cleared her throat, “I’m studying Music Performance, and Liv is studying Special Education at BU.” She chuckled and kissed Liv’s cheek.

“Wow, we are all gonna be teacher’s other than the Sex Therapist,” Kyle said sarcastically while looking toward Blu.

Blu grinned, “Hey! A sex therapist could teach stuff too,” then downing the last of his drink.

“Uh, shut up…. I’m not the one that came to college with enough condom’s that will last you until you die,” Kyle smirked at Blu and elbowed him as the girls chuckled.

“I’m optimistic,” Blu chortled, “Did you ladies want to meet us for breakfast in the morning, we’ve got to book it if we want to make the last shuttle?” Blu looked over to Kyle, “Drink up Blondie, we’re outta here,”

Kyle gulped his drink as the girls watched. Liv spoke up, “Sure, what time and where at?”

Kyle said, “How about seven-thirty at the student union?” Liv and Charlie nodded agreeing to meet up. The boys smiled knowing they had made two new friends.

When they reached their building, Blu stopped in the foyer, “Just let me grab my mail, I forgot earlier.” As the boys returned to their room Blu flicked through his mail, he pulled an envelope and pulled an invitation out. He held it up for Kyle to see when he walked out of the bathroom, face flushed and sweaty.

Blu smirked, “My buddy Brandon is engaged, the party is next weekend. You wanna be my plus one?”

Kyle shrugged his shoulders, “Sure, not like I would have anything to do here by myself.” He looked at Blu, thinking of the things that could happen if they ever got engaged.


The next week flew by, the boys had met up with Charlie and Liv a couple of times for breakfast and a few dinners. The twosome was starting to become a foursome. Suddenly, before they knew it, they were returning to their dorm room to grab their bags and make tracks to Blu’s home in Bristol, an easy two-hour drive. Brandon and Jenny’s engagement party was the following night.

Returning to the dorm, they found Kaleb leaning against their door. Kyle looked worriedly at him. Blu said he would get some drinks for the drive and give Kyle a moment to speak with his brother.

Kyle approached Kaleb placing his arm around him, “Are you okay Kaleb? How did you get here?”

Kaleb sighed looking at his brother, “James dropped me off for the weekend. Can we go inside, so everybody doesn’t hear our business?” Kyle nodded and opened the door to his room, and ushered Kaleb inside and sat on the edge of his bed. “Well, Mom and Dad are horrible. Lately, I might as well not even come home. When I am there, the only person that speaks to me is James, they don’t let me go out. I am lonely as hell; it’s like living in a prison.”

Kyle started to worry knowing they were leaving for Blu’s house shortly, “Kaleb, I’m sorry man, I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t expect it to get this bad.” He hugged Kaleb, as Blu walked into the room.

“Alrighty,” Blu threw a bottle of water at Kyle and then Kaleb, “You ready Kyle, Mini-muffin, let’s hit the road. I’ve spoken to Brandon, and it’s cool, I get plus two for this party. Yay, for me two blonde eye candies, lucky I have two arms.” He said picking up his bag, the two brothers just staring with their mouth hanging open, “What? Let’s go, boys, we’re burning daylight. I don’t want Mom and Nan ringing every ten freakin’ minutes until we arrive.” Blu walked to the door and held it open for the brothers to walk through. As Kyle and Kaleb walked through the door, Blu followed checking out their asses as they walked. “Nice,” Blu whispered.

“Huh?” Kyle questioned turning around.

“Oh, nothing,” Blu’s face went red as he looked away.

Kaleb turned and stared at Blu, “You were checking our asses out weren’t you, perv?” He smirked at Blu, “I mean I do have a hot ass, but….” Pointing at Kyle, “His is sorta pathetic...” Kyle slugged Kaleb’s shoulder and shook his head.

“What do you expect, they are right there, all tight and perfectly perky. Now zip it the shuttle comes in three minutes, we’re going to have to run,” Blu countered boldly, although his blushing face gave him away. He’d been busted and was a tad embarrassed.

The boys ran for the shuttle to get to Blu’s car. Once they were on the road the car was quiet for the first forty-five minutes until Kaleb leaned through the middle of the front seats.

“How’s Nan anyways I’m ready for some verbal sparring with her?” Kaleb said with a chuckle.

All quiet on the Bristol front so far, which can only be scary. She’s probably saving it all up for when we get there. You better have a seatbelt on there Mini-muffin.” Blu said pushing Kaleb backward.

Alright, when did you become my mother, Blu?” Kaleb said sarcastically, as he fastened his seatbelt.

“Right about the time I thought “how I would explain a Mini-muffin squished on the highway, outside of my car.” Seatbelt on yet or Kyle is gonna pound you for me. Don’t give me any crap either, it’s assault if I do it, but if your brother does, it’s sibling rivalry,” Blu said seriously.

Kaleb laughed, “Anybody ever tell you how much of a dick you can be? I’m telling Nan.”

Blu rolled his eyes and kept his mouth shut, it is Kyle’s brother after all. The boys were all pretty quiet for the rest of the trip, save a little more banter between the brothers. Blu listened as they bantered back and forth; he missed out on that growing up. His Dad was a pretty good substitute, but it wasn’t the same. Blu eventually pulled up in his driveway. His mother rushed to the car, opening Blu’s door before he even cut the engine. Laughing he stepped out of the car to hug his Mom. She inspected him from head to toe, making sure he was all in one piece.

“You’re too skinny?” She looked over the top of the car at Kyle, “Have you boys been eating? You both look thinner. Come inside, I’ve got dinner ready,” Kaleb stepped out from the back door, “Oh Mini-muffin,” she quickly put her hand over her mouth shamefully. “I’m sorry, that’s what they call you. You are Kyles brother, aren’t you? Never mind, you’re too skinny as well come inside, and we’ll feed you.” She put her arm around Blu’s arm holding him close and walking them toward the house, “How’s school? Is everything okay? Are you having any trouble? Do you need a tutor? Oh do you have enough money, is that why you’ve lost weight?” Blu looked over his shoulder rolling his eyes at his roommate and the Mini-muffin, they were snickering their asses off at him as they followed behind.

After Kaleb quit laughing he cleared his throat, “Mrs. Waters where is my favorite old broad at? I need to tell Nan how mean Blu is to her Mini-muffin,” He said snickering as he looked at Blu. Kyle slapped the back of Kaleb’s head and shook his head.

“Is that my boys?” A female voice rang through the house, then Nan appeared in the doorway, arms raised, Blu put his arms out to hug his Nan, she blew right by him and hugged the stuffing out of Kyle. She broke the embrace with Kyle, “Now Blu, are you giving my Mini-muffin a hard time?” she put her hands on her hips with a bit of attitude.

“He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt Nan,” Blu shrugged a shoulder,

“Oh,” Nan lifted her hand and smacked Kaleb on the back of the head.

“Ow, Nanna, what the hell?” Kaleb screeched rubbing the sore spot.

“Wear a seatbelt, Shithead.” Nanna then grabbed him and hugged him until he couldn’t breathe, “And it’s Nan,” she said pulling away from her Mini-muffin.

Kaleb shot an evil smirk toward Blu, “Nan, I think Blu is too embarrassed to admit it, but he ran out of condom’s already.” Kyle’s eyes bulged at his brother's comment.

Nan looked at Blu, “Waterfight?” Blu nodded and rolled his eyes, Nan waved a hand dismissively, “No worries, I’ll get you more and a pack of water balloons,” she hugged Blu while he gave Kaleb the bird at the same time, “I assume you still have enough lube?”

“Yes Nan,” Blu sighed and blew out a breath in frustration. His Dad walked through the door, Blu’s face lit up at the sight of his Dad, his only saving grace in a family of crazy.

“Hey Blu, I’m glad you’re home,” he hugged Blu, “Wow, your skinny,”

“For crying out loud, I’m exactly the same,” Blu chuckled, “This is the Mini-muffin, Kaleb, Kyles little brother,” Blu emphasized the ‘little,' and Kaleb shot him daggers and when Blu’s dad wasn’t watching – the bird. “Come on Blondie, and the other one let’s show you to your room,” Blu walked off with the brothers in tow.


Blu drove to the party with Kyle and Kaleb, his parents took their car with Nan. The engagement party was kind of formally set up with tables and a seating chart. They checked where they’d be sitting and then found the gift table adding a decorated envelope with the other gifts, inside was a two-night stay at a nice hotel in the city for the lovebirds. Kyle and Blu went halves, granted it was their play money for a couple of weeks, but they didn’t really go out much anyway. Blu was grateful to Kyle for helping him by going halves in the gift. Blu had even re-opened the envelope and added Kaleb’s name to the card. Kyle looked around the room, almost holding his breath, “It’s wall to wall Marine’s,” he let out his breath.

Blu looked around the room, “Fuck me,” he blew out a rush of air, “I’m not sure we’ll survive this,” he chortled. Kyle thought to himself, “I’m not sure either of us would survive fucking at this point, but I would die happy.”

“Okay, my boys, let’s mingle,” Blu smiled, Kyle stuck by his side while he went in search of his best friend and fiancée. Blu and Kyle watched as Kaleb ditched them and headed directly to Nan’s side. The second he reached her they were already pointing with their chins and whispering.

“Them two in cahoots can’t be good for any of us,” Kyle said quietly into Blu’s shoulder so no-one could hear him.

“Yep,” Blu stated shaking his head. He took Kyle by the hand and led him over where he’d spotted Brandon and Jennifer. When they reached the couple, Blu was expecting Kyle to let go of his hand, but he didn’t. Blu felt butterflies in his stomach, “I wonder how long Kyle will stay by my side.” Blu wondered.

“Hey Brandon,” Lord did he look hot in his dress blues, he let go of Kyle’s hand and hugged his friend, “Jennifer,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Congratulations,” he smiled warmly at the couple. “This is my date, and roommate Kyle,” Blu said pulling Kyle forward a bit, so he was standing next to him. “Kyle, these are my two best friends, Brandon and Jennifer,”

Kyle reached out and took Blu’s hand back in his, “Hi, nice to meet the both of you, Blu talks a lot about you, congratulations.” He offered his hand to both of them.

Brandon shook Kyles hand smiling, “Thank you, it’s nice to finally meet you too,” Jennifer stepped forward and whispered into Kyle’s ear, “You got yourself one of the good ones,” she kissed his cheek and curled herself into her fiancée. Kyle grinned as a slow blush flowed up his face.

“Davis and Casey are sitting with your family because our parents are sitting with us,” Brandon looked at Blu apologetically.

“Holy shit, your kidding. Casey, Kaleb, and Nan at the same table. Tonight is going to be hell. Poor Davis, he’ll die of embarrassment before the speeches even happen,” Blu laughed. Casey is a year older than Blu and one year younger than Brandon, she is the female version of Kaleb, them two with Nan combined could only end in tears. Not for them of course, but probably Davis. Davis is Brandon and Casey’s younger brother, he’s a year younger than Blu. He’s quiet, sensitive, and an old soul, the most beautiful kid anyone could ever meet inside and out. His Dad didn’t disown Davis when he came out, but he doesn’t really have any time for him anymore either. Who knows which reaction is worse?

“Alright, well wish us luck, we’re going to find our table and leave you guys to meet all your guests,” Blu smiled and walked with Kyle hand in hand to their assigned seats.

Approaching the table, Kaleb glanced up and saw Kyle holding Blu’s hand, “Holy shit, Nan, look at this, you owe me twenty bucks. I win!” He held out his hand to Nan, with a confident smirk.

Nan grumbled as she pulled the money from her purse and slapped it in Kaleb’s hand, “Don’t get too attached to that Mini-muffin, I plan to win it back,”

“Zip it pipsqueak,” Blu said squeezing Kyles, hand, then he let Kyle sit first and then sat next to him.

“Mom, I don’t want you making the boys feel uncomfortable all night. So no more bets,” Dad said sternly to his mother and pointing his finger warning her.

“Well, shit,” Kaleb said handing the twenty back to Nan. Casey reached across and snatched the twenty bucks out of Nan’s hand.

“Thank you,” Casey sung while stuffing the twenty in her bra, grinning like the cat that got the cream. Poor Davis groaned and gave Blu and his date an apologetic look.

The lights dimmed a couple of times notifying people to take their seats, a robust gentleman got up on the stage of the function room and kick-started the evening by thanking the guests for coming and celebrating with the happy couple. “He must be the MC for the night,” Blu thought as he took Kyle’s hand and held it under the table on his lap while the man spoke. He then told the story of how the couple met and became a couple right up to their engagement. Every now and then something in the story would resonate with the two boys about their short friendship so far, and one would squeeze the others hand. If they weren’t squeezing each other’s hand, they would look and smile at the other.

Nan, Casey, and Kaleb behaved through dinner, kind of, well almost, they at least tried. Once the family speeches started, the smart ass remarks commenced in a low volume so only their table could hear. Davis even got in on that one, since it was his family and all. Doug must have warned all four of them at least a dozen times to shut-up, but it’s hard to take a man seriously while he was balancing a spoon on his nose or laughing his ass off at their comments. Lily sat there oblivious to everything going on at the table and listened to the speeches, every now and then dabbing a cotton handkerchief to her eyes as they watered. Eventually, everyone just made a running commentary on what was going through Lily’s head. Doug didn’t dare say a word, but he indeed laughed his ass off silently trying not to attract attention from his wife.

Their table, except for Lily, had no idea what was happening at the party until the lights dimmed and music started to play louder. Lily pointed, and they all turned and observed the newly engaged couple as they danced to “Heaven,” by Bryan Adams, while the servers delivered dessert to the tables. The song smoothly transitioned to “Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran. The MC invited the parents to join the couple, then halfway through the guests were asked to participate. Kyle stood and put his hand out to Blu, offering to dance. Blu smiled and took Kyles hand, standing to join him. Everyone at the table gave Lily twenty dollars as the boys walked to the dance floor.

The song surrounded Kyle and Blu, the world seemed to melt away leaving only them for the next two and a half minutes. Blu laid his head on Kyles' shoulder, as they swayed to the music. Kyle gently moved his hand to the small of Blu’s back, holding them closer to together. A barely audible sigh of contentment came from Blu. Kyle tilting his head, so it rested against Blu’s.

Kyle smelled Blu’s hair and held his breath before saying, “I’m glad you invited me tonight, I’ve really enjoyed it, especially this dance.” As he nestled his nose back into Blu’s hair.

“Hmm… Me too,” Blue replied dazedly without moving his head.

We would like to thank you for reading about Kyle and Blu as their relationship continues to evolve.

Copyright © 2017 Aaron Hawke & JT Babbage; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

3 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. Kyle and Blu seem to be made for each other. I just love Nan

Thanks for reading @chris191070 , it's nice to get your reaction to the story.

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I’ve never heard of that sort of gift table. Of course, I’ve never heard of that sort of engagement party before either. All of the engaged couples I’ve known have registered at major department stores, but I know stores like Target and Crate & Barrel have Wedding Registries too. Crate & Barrel even featured a Same-Sex couple in their ads!


On the other hand, a Mexican friend included a Filipino Money Dance in her wedding reception! One of our mutual friends was very excited to dance with her even if he had to pin currency to her dress. Later, he led us through the hand-motions for Motown tunes that were being played.

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25 minutes ago, ObicanDecko said:

Ok, Kyle and Blu are just too adorable, I love them! Can't wait to read about their first kiss, first date, etc. And I love the humorous tone of the story! :)

Thanks @ObicanDecko we appreciate your wonderful comments, the light side of the story definitely brings a lot of fun to it.

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22 minutes ago, Sam Wyer said:

This is adorably cute, more please!  And don’t go getting any ideas about spoiling it for us, things had better work out good. :) 


Well it should, I think, maybe, hang on a sec, I'll ask Rob.....

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Awwww...Nan and Kaleb are keeping me in LOL mode!!!! Ab-so-frikin-lutely ADORABLE!! Now,  I see the guys are kinda looking at each other as.. PO-tentials!:wub: Hopefully, Kaleb will understand that he has a refuge now, in case he has to escape the "parent trap"!!! :ph34r: Very good, guys...fantastic chapter...:2thumbs::heart:

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Loving the story. So glad Blu included “mini-muffin” at the party. Was rolling on the floor when mom won the money for the boys dancing. It was great to see Kyle take the initiative to ask Blu to dance.  Rudolph and Penelope are still alive. Very disappointed with that. The grim @Dahawk should do something about that. Lol 😂 

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3 hours ago, Onim said:

Awwww...Nan and Kaleb are keeping me in LOL mode!!!! Ab-so-frikin-lutely ADORABLE!! Now,  I see the guys are kinda looking at each other as.. PO-tentials!:wub: Hopefully, Kaleb will understand that he has a refuge now, in case he has to escape the "parent trap"!!! :ph34r: Very good, guys...fantastic chapter...:2thumbs::heart:


Thanks Onim, they are certainly good at stirring the pot, and entertaining. It's been so much fun to write, and Kaleb has been a handful to reign in, he's like an excitable puppy. :gikkle:


Edited by Bndmetl
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Damn someone mentioned Chis Evans and my brain turned to mush. :rofl: I can't even spell.

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2 hours ago, glennish said:

Loving the story. So glad Blu included “mini-muffin” at the party. Was rolling on the floor when mom won the money for the boys dancing. It was great to see Kyle take the initiative to ask Blu to dance.  Rudolph and Penelope are still alive. Very disappointed with that. The grim @Dahawk should do something about that. Lol 😂 


LMAO Rob fell off his chair onto a cat when I wrote that too. Um... please don't encourage Rob to kill anyone. I've got him almost reformed but not quite, he had his thirty day chip but then the next day he had to start at day 1 again. Let's concentrate on getting rid of the Devil Woman if we're going to take someone out. :gikkle:

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1 minute ago, Bndmetl said:

 Let's concentrate on getting rid of the Devil Woman if we're going to take someone out. :gikkle:

I don’t know........ having her be somebodies personal bitch in prison for awhile before being shanked does sound appealing.  

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Just now, glennish said:

I don’t know........ having her be somebodies personal bitch in prison for awhile before being shanked does sound appealing.  



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I may have to make note cards to keep everyone straight and remember some of these lines.  Great Job so far...

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