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Andrew's Poem - 1. Andrew's Poem

Andrew's Poem


Trickery and betrayal

Scrutinizing misery

Hands soaked in death

Will do anything to stop my breath



Misleading, deceiving,

As if he were a joker.

Love turned to hate,

Water to flames

Darkness overflows



Sunsets, moon rises.

A handsome knight

Changes into a

Slithering snake



My blood blending with your water

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On 03/16/2011 02:22 AM, Freddyness said:
Hunny this is :3 Amazeing :o Feelimg in it is WOW
Aw thanks so much sweetie pie. (hugs)

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You left me wanting more. The poem is to my taste but I was left just sensing what you meant and I wanted to be sublimed by your voice. You left me wanting more. Good read but I was left wanting to feel it more.



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Everything I read just makes me want to hug you more. Keep writing :boy:

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