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You & I - 9. Chapter 9

A special thanks to my patrons: Samuel Roe (Cynus), Thomas Tallis, Don Jr., Joen, Ozzy,

You, Me & Them my first paid piece, which stand at 27 thousand words is out now on Patreon. The story will be coming to kindle mid-Septemeber. Be on the lookout for it. Sign up to my mailing list where I will be giving three free ebooks of the story. The story revolves around two 16-17 year-old-boys, on the evening of the 4th of July.

You & I



To: Sherlock

I chose to stay behind after school let out, I know weird right. I'll miss chatting with you also; that is until Monday rolls around again. I have to say the teachers transfer the contents of the mailboxes daily and even on a Friday, that is what I call service because I received your note.

As with the end of your message I can’t quite say what the weekend has in store for me. I suspect I have some work to catch up on, and my dad requires me to begin searching for a summer job for when the semester finishes. Like I want to work; vacation time is to chill and soak up the sun. I wish I lived in California or something, they are lucky they get the lovely weather almost every day and then when it does rain, it is equally as unique. I have Basketball practice on the weekend, the coach decided to relocate it from a weekday to the weekend, so that is going to be great… eating up our weekend.

I hope that the practice goes well. Otherwise, I estimate I might ask the coach to switch me around with one of the other players because I am not up to par. I would not be able to play comfortably and go home following a match and pretend everything is okay when I let the entire team down and myself. I'd rather let someone else fulfill the roll while I get back on track. I don't usually like allowing people to take my place in the world, just I guess its better than hearing my friends mouthing off to me how I screwed up, or possibly noticing them behind my back saying things.

Sounds like you get stuck with your cousin as I do get lumbered with my little brother.

Mom is like, “here, take Jordon with you…”

Like I need him to latch to me like the plague when my friends are about. I cannot do some of the more grown-up things due to him present. I have nightmares alone imagining what he’d say to my mom if he caught me doing something that he didn’t think I should be doing or if he gets annoyed at me and rats me out for something petty.

Ah, yes thank god for lifeguards, they are hot. I mean hospitable, they are fantastic when they let two people go down a slide or something… But yeah anyway my mom or dad usually drives me to the swimming pool. The last time I went with the boys, my friend Corin hit his head on the bottom of the pool, and he ended up with a nosebleed. We were not horsing around, but the dude that helped out was neat. The young man stood talking to us by the edge of the pool as we all huddled around my friend sitting on the tiled window pane. We hung around for a bit until Corin said it was okay to head off, and thank god he said it because it was starting to get cold. You know when you get out of warm water, and then the crisp air in the room begins to attack you, and your only reaction is to shiver well… yeah, that's what happened. No idea why that seemed like something to tell, but I just thought it was.

Ah, and yes, the Tigers have a play tomorrow. What sort of question is that? Of course, I am going. They are my old team. I have to support them no matter what. After all, my little brother might end up on the same team, when he's old enough to drive any interest in sports. I'll never get the little doofus in my life, Jordon is good at Lacrosse and football, he's fast, I could see him being a linebacker. Except he has no motivation.

Ah, yes, my messy jumbled up job interview. I am surprised that I even got in at all. From what I have read it could suggest you liked my previous reply comparing it to your response to the five questions you conducted to see if I was adequate.

Yes, I am humbly sorry for destroying the excitement you built up for wanting to taste my legendary brewing skills. However, just to clarify... I did say you could drink it, but it could be poisoned. After all, it is entirely up to you if you wish to do a risky deed after all. For me, if I see my cup of Joe, I don't think I would even regard whether the coffee is like tar. I'd still helplessly sip it without considering whether the thing is poison or not. Funny ain't it? Wouldn't take a genius to eliminate me if I were King.

Ah… Sticky notes. Yeah, I reckon that would be quite bright like a neon sign. Kind of funny I guess, but yeah, I'd probably be one of those receptionists who consistently make excuses, and always sends your clients in late. Although look at the bright side you'll have plenty of free time in your calendar. If anything, you should be delighted to have such a caring and compassionate secretary who mopes around for most of the day and lets you relax. Well, the real reality in the entire situation is that I will be lying face down on the desk in the foyer.

To the best of my knowledge from what my father told me a couple years back. An Irish banshee is theoretically a fairy of varieties. It's usually a woman who's moderately old and who can be heard shrieking or groaning. Nonetheless, in most situations when a banshee is discussed its typically witnessed as a young woman, as a prospect for young men. The illusion is given that the sweet young singing girl is every man's dream. However, at nighttime that is when her real horror shines through. She can be seen nestling beneath the trees, shrouded in cloaked garments, lamenting and caressing her veiled face, even crying. Anybody who is caught out with her during the night, has said that she can shapeshift to some sort of degree, and the lovely singing turns from sweet blissful melody to bitter crying and squawking. There is also the adage that if it is a quiet night, and you hear screeching over the hillside: someone of your immediate family is bound to certain death.

Perhaps I do have a voice of an angel, I just, I never really tried. I suppose I could give it a whirl and see do I deafen anybody. No problem I'll refrain from mentioning Tina Turner again. Although, she does have some good jams. Now I have been saddened by your statement, I was looking forward to helping you yodel.

As much as life is full of disappointments, what is life when you really look at it; it's a piece of shit ain't it. I presume there are a lot sadder things to miss out on than a professional handmade sandwich by my hands. But I agree with you sandwichland would be utterly engrossing.

Yeah, I don't think no matter what you say would get me to go near the edge of that ledge. I'm sorry that's the way it is, I don't like heights. I've even tried to tackle it, but it never seems to get any better. I understand however if it were a lifeline I would try to attempt to stop your demise. You know that rational kind of energy that just kicks into motion whenever there is something incredibly horrible about the happen. Yeah, well I suppose I would probably get down to my stomach and try crawling to the edge of the sheer drop to pull you back up. Alternatively, I am pretty fearless when it comes to most other things but not heights.

Its great to be realized that I finally belong somewhere now, I'll start Monday no later. Except, I did not garner 10 years' worth of filling material, so you're going to have to have at that yourself.

Okay, I promise not to mention anything again. Plus, that also goes for the, "have you got a dream... seize it," ideal. I not sure why I am putting this here but I figured since we are talking about pretty much anything, I might as well. My cousin wants to go see that movie Love, Simon. Not sure why she desires to go see it, but I don't want to bail on her so I said I'd go view it. It's supposed to be about some closeted gay kid. Therefore, it's a new experience for me to witness.

With what you said about the screaming to the high heavens, about what a happened. May I ask what exactly you are talking of. Sorry if I am parading to close to home for you. It's just I am interested in getting to know you and since you mentioned that you have a lot of anger and bitterness or well your mom said you did, from what you stated. I am just trying to piece things together to figure out what transpired.

As opposed to having a little brother or sister I can happily trade my brother with you for an afternoon… or indefinitely. Actually, I’m joking I love him even though he drives me crazy. I can’t imagine a time there wasn't without him invading my privacy or continually following me. It would be sad to think of a world would my brother, even though I could rightly knock him out at times, but that’s brotherly love. You love them one moment, and then your pleading with your mother after knocking out some of his teeth the next. I’d say… they were crooked anyway.

In all honesty, I have never helped my little bro with his homework, sure we talk occasionally about movies and problems, but I have never supported him with his school work. Perhaps I do have a couple of things to learn from you, and that is something I should do. After all, I am the bigger brother, and I have a legacy to live up to; so, thanks for giving me the inspiration to be a slightly better bigger brother. I’ll do that sometime over the weekend. I’ll get him off his cellphone for a while and get him out in the backyard to enjoy some fresh air for a change.

You have legitimately made me crack up. I promise I won't tell you if I decided to take to cross-dressing and having secret intimate conversations with oneself. Except look out, I don't want to be cliché. Consequently, I won't murder you in a shower cubicle. I'll make it my utmost best to think of something new and utterly shocking. And no… I have never heard of the movie called Disturbia, but I’ll search for it on Netflix tonight, and if not there I’ll see can I get it on the iTunes store. I’ll let you know if I think it is a carbon copy of Psycho. Ah, and cool I didn't know that. That guy must have some seriously dark thoughts if he invented those creations. Though of course, he would be a genius for reviving the face of horror.

And hey, about the friend thing' it's cool. I think I can understand how it would appear. I guess there are some people who are naturally quite who would like to be in my position. Being surrounded by people is fun, although as you mentioned, it is a lot of work. You continuously have to be on guard, in the humor all the time and outdo yourself in every interaction. I will agree that sometimes it would be nice to take a breather, sit down for a minute and not to have to live up to someone else’s mental image of what my life ought to be like. If we ever meet after these letters, that is if you want. I promise you, you will not just be a kid who turns up to school to do your classwork and then disappears. I don't see who people would not like you, because you seem pretty impressive.

Wow… I just had a thought. Sure, you made the controversial topic more relatable considering it would appear that way. We know nothing more than what other humans have told us to be true. There is nothing but a story from where we have come from. Everything is a miracle, and I suppose the quicker and sooner we realize that we are just here and that's that, then the more content we can be. We are never going to know where we came from or what our purpose is. The fact we are just here is evident in itself. For all, we know cats and dogs have no more of an understanding of what they are, as do we know what they are or what we are. Everything we consider to be true has been born a story, right down to the piece of paper in front of me I am writing on. It all began as an idea to fulfill a need, and that is how we got there. The story always has I guess filled in the missing pieces of what we don't know but wish we knew. For instance, the Kraken in the pirates' age could have easily been as popular as the idea of Moby Dick in its day, and as presumably, God is/was of today's standing. We humans need something to look up to, something to believe. I believe you have stumbled onto something here. There is just us. If there are other signs of life, it's just them.

Anyway, you got me to thinking all about my purpose in life and why we are here. Not sure why but, I oddly like It. Anyhow. I need to be going. If my friends catch me writing this letter after hours; if they come looking for me, they'll think I have lost a sense of mobility.

See you Monday

From: Watson.

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A special thanks to my patrons: Samuel Roe (Cynus), Thomas Tallis, Don Jr., Joen, Ozzy,

You, Me & Them Synopsis:

Its the fourth of July, sweltering heat, patties on the grill, fun, and laughter to be had with close-ones. All is well for sixteen-year-old Taylor, who has a crush on his best friend. Every summer, the families get together to celebrate by lake Chebacco. Only this 4th of July, Jackson, Taylors best friend has a secret of his own. As the endless day of wonder, dips into the cool evening, will Jackson and Taylor speak of their rattled nerves for each other? Perhaps make their own Fourth of July fireworks.

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The letters are in part an internal monologue. Interesting to see his thinking.


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7 hours ago, Canuk said:

The letters are in part an internal monologue. Interesting to see his thinking.


I guess you can say that they are in a sense. Even though it was not my original intention, now when I look back I can see what you are talking about lol.

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There is absolutely no doubt they have become friends.  It just so happens I have a friend I have texted, or chatted with for over 10 years. We have never met. This writing can’t help but make me think of that friendship. Ours is a little different because most of the time we chat in real time.  I have another friend who is much like this story, we write and it may be a day or two before we get back to each other. The difference there is, he and I are going to meet in about an hour.  I am in the town where he lives for a few days. The last time we saw each other was last November.  Life is great when you have someone you can share ideas with. I am enjoying this writing. 

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On 8/13/2018 at 2:10 AM, OzLoGo said:

There is absolutely no doubt they have become friends.  It just so happens I have a friend I have texted, or chatted with for over 10 years. We have never met. This writing can’t help but make me think of that friendship. Ours is a little different because most of the time we chat in real time.  I have another friend who is much like this story, we write and it may be a day or two before we get back to each other. The difference there is, he and I are going to meet in about an hour.  I am in the town where he lives for a few days. The last time we saw each other was last November.  Life is great when you have someone you can share ideas with. I am enjoying this writing. 

I suppose we can all speak of a pen-pal at one point in our lives. Some are very special, you learn to love their honesty, and since writing for one is such an intimate and vulnerable thing, you get to witness a part of another person that is not always present in flesh. Us creatures are quite critical; when we don't know who we are viewing but connect with on an emotional level, great bonds usually are formed. My first ever "boyfriend" given this is the internet age, and I am a child of this eras contraption was via facebook. We spoke over a three, almost four year period and became close. The only hard bit was, he was over 18,000 km away, which was hard in itself when we fell in love; of course, however, we progressed to talking via skype and whatnot. Unfortunately, I never met him, I did love him dearly. We went out separate ways as ones do, but nothing bad became of it. Sad to know we don't talk anymore, but that is life. People come and people go.

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