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Euphoria - 1. Chapter 1- First Impressions


Emmett sat in his over-used, high school seat, which was located in a class he utterly loathed: English. The repulsive repetition of the old, inappreciable teacher seemed to lull him to sleep. The humidity of the room was evident, as many of the students found here were slowly removing layers off of their body. In this instance, the room was more of a sauna than a place of a ‘Highly-Esteemed Education Facility’. Recently, there had not been much to do with Emmett’s life. He completed all of his work on time, receiving average marks; he found himself inappreciable because seemingly everything that involved Emmett’s life was average. He had grown up in a relatively normal home, with an over-bearing, single mother. The bond shared between the two was inseparable, until now, that is. The young man desired adventure, romance, and lust even. His lonesome self was typically shadowed with pity of the unknowing thoughts from those of the outside world. Many didn’t understand him, and Emmett was quite willing to accept this fact. This was considering that he did not agree with the ideas of the many around him. That was true, until one particular day, within the ritualized monotony of the days’ events, when someone very different entered the boorish classroom setting.

A young man, dressed in the school’s strict attire, entered the very same classroom as Emmett’s. His strong gaze met the eye contact of all other’s in the room, except for Emmett. Emmett could tell that this boy exuded charm, fortitude of mind, and masculinity that could not be denied. He could tell this based upon the first reactions of the nearby girls within the classroom. Their breath seemed to quiver and halt upon laying eyes on him. The atypical whispers among the clamoring girls began; Emmett questioned if looking up to see if magnificence truly stood at the foot of the classroom. Setting down his pencil, he raised his gaze hesitantly, only to find what could have been the child of Zeus and Aphrodite.

Emmett began to catch his breath, and carefully shook his eyelashes; dropping his mouth slightly; in awe. This boy was truly beautiful. Every detail in his face and physique seemed to resemble some divine creation. His face was carefully angled, with a broad chin. His eyes seemed to reflect the color of leaves and rivers in the summer, with tinges of gold that laced the pupils. His hair was strangely colored, resembling both blonde and grey hues. Lastly, his broad shoulders and fine physique made him look carved for success. The academy uniform seemed to be custom fit to his chest, legs, and arms.

As Emmett carefully examined the boy, he realized that the model in front of him seemed to return a piercing gaze, which made Emmett want to hide from his presence while it also tempted him closer. He seemed passively-aggressive at the moment, and Emmett wondered if something was bothering him.

Once the boy realized that Emmett stared at him with curious intensity, he began to soften his leer; smiling even. His ivory smile seemed to light up the room, as though beacons lit the overlying bone. Everyone, even the teacher, seemed to be captivated by his presence, yet the boy continued to stare at Emmett with the undying intensity and passion. The two held their gaze for a brief time, before the teacher broke the clearly even silence.

“Class, I would like to introduce you to Jason. He will be joining this homeroom, in addition to this class period. I would like all of you to treat him with the utmost kindness and show him a warm welcome to James-Madigan Prep. Academy”, the teacher said with enthusiasm.

The class replied with equal verve to their instructor’s request.

“As if that would be a problem”, Emmett grudgingly thought, to himself.

“Now, Jason, would you please take your new seat: located in the fourth row and seat number three.”

Emmett’s heart began to beat with increasing intensity, as he realized that this particular seat was located directly behind him. He began to feel exponentially self-conscious and nervous.

“Why am I feeling butterflies all of the sudden? I mean, I’m not gay or anything”, Emmett thought, trying to reassure himself.

As the attractive boy approached, Emmett began to feel profuse anxiety. Each stepped pressed the ground down, sending shock-waves into Emmett’s conscious. Emmett forced himself to look away from the impossible human being that was in front of him. Once Jason made his way closer to Emmett, his paced slowed. His book-bag that was slung around his shoulder was brought to his side with such ease, grace, and strength. It was a clearly heavy object, yet the book-bag bore no markings of over-use, mainly for the reason that it seemed brand-new. It was made of jet leather, bonded with sterling silver clips and zippers. Once Jason had made it to his newly assigned desk, he casually placed the incredibly heavy bag on the ground with ease. In that moment, Emmett felt a shudder rise up his spine; accompanied by goose-bumps that stretched across his entire back and arms.

Jason casually sat down, behind Emmett, and took off his name-brand jacket. Beyond this, he pulled out the necessary supplies for the class, in addition to a pen and a few sheets of loose-leaf paper. Once completed, he began to relax. Jason slowed his breathing to a steady flow of cool air. Emmett felt the cool, minty air on his neck and face. He closed his eyes, and shuddered of embarrassment for a short period of time. The spearmint breath of Jason made Emmett feel a sensation that seemed to inoculate his thought processes.

The cologne of Jason seemed to lightly permeate Emmett’s nostrils, and Emmett’s breathing increased further. The cologne smelled light and pleasant, yet rough and intoxicating at the same time. While Emmett began to scribble some notes onto his papers, he noticed that his hand seemed to shake with an uncontrollable urge. He couldn’t even control his own hand, much less desire to focus on the lesson at hand. Finally, the pen slipped out of his hand; onto the floor behind him.

Jason quietly grunted in acknowledgment, as the pen sped towards him with unreasonable speed. Now, Emmett felt his heartbeat rise with untold measures.

“Oh my God… What will he say? What will he think…? Does he think that I'm into him?”, Emmett thought with uncertainty.and anxiety.

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