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Euphoria - 3. Chapter 3- Arousal

*Warning: Sexual Content This may have been what you have been waiting for. I have worked very long on putting this together, so I hope you enjoy it!!

Also, to my younger viewers, please be aware that this chapter contains some graphic content. You have been advised.


Emmett left school that day, unsure of how to handle what had just happened. He replayed scenes, over and over again in his head, yet he could make barely any sense of them. However, there was one thing he was certain of. Emmett had strong feelings for the new boy, whatever those feelings may be.

The bus ride home was filled with endless streams of erotic fantasies that made Emmett’s mind feel numb. In one of these fantasies, Jason was alone with Emmett in a dimly-lit room. There were numerous candles lit: which made the room smell of sweet vanilla and subtle hyacinth. The combination created an intoxicating aroma. In the room, Jason lays on maroon colored bed: stripped of his clothing. He began to lick Emmett while Emmett would caress his sculpted body. There, they kissed passionately, flicking their tongues across the others. They traced the curvature of each other’s bodies…

“Hey kid! You gonna get off or not?” the angry bus driver shouted.

“Oh… Yeah.” Emmett stated, bewildered.

Emmett got up, carrying one of his raging erections. A nearby girl nearly chocked when she saw Emmett’s bulge. She began to halt her breathing, hold her eyes open, then tersely looked away while blinking in disbelief.

“Oh my God…” Emmett heard her mutter.

Emmett looked down and realized what her commotion stemmed from. He blushed furiously, then looked away embarrassed.

“Hey! Get off the bus; I thought I’d already asked you once!” the bus driver continued.

“Right; sorry about that.” Emmett replied.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry; just get off the bus already! There are other stops that need to be taken care of” she went on. The remaining students on the bus agreed, evidence provided by their rude comments.

Emmett only sighed, picked up his book-bag, and walked off the bus.

That night, Emmett indulged in a dream fantasy that Jason was the star of. He lovingly fondled Emmett: tasting the nape of his neck, playfully biting Emmett’s ear.

He then moved on to kissing Emmett’s neck, shoulders, arms, and pristine chest.

He tasted every inch that composed Emmett’s body. His tongue delicately glided along the smooth surface. Gradually, Jason began to move lower: tasting and biting Emmett’s hips.

He would trace his tongue across the curvature of Emmetts’ behind. He felt the firmness of the bubbles in front of him, tracing his fingers down the middle.

Then, Jason moved to his thighs: running his lips and tongue along the soft skin. This made Emmett moan in pleasure. His heart beat like a drum: this made a slow, deep thud rang in his ears.

Emmett’s erection was now totally throbbing. It ached for a release.

Jason diverted his attention from the soft thighs of Emmett, and directed his attention to the throbbing vessel in front of him.

He exhaled slowly before he inserted the organ into his mouth…


*Beep! Beep! Beep!*

Emmett groaned of frustration and disdain as he reached for his blaring alarm clock, turning off the alarm.

The next thing that Emmett noticed was that he was drenched in his very own bodily fluids. The bed sheets stuck to his skin, and Emmetts’ hands felt as though they were plastered in strawberry jam.


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