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Euphoria - 2. Chapter 2-Fire of Bliss


From the vibrations, Emmett felt the pressure and heard the noise of the chair that was occupied by Jason. He gracefully leaned down and picked up the utensil. The divine boy then leaned towards Emmett, and became very close to the fair boy. Emmett felt tension that existed solely by the presence of this boy, who was so near to him. The warm air that came out of his nose tickled Emmett’s neck, sending a shock wave of responses from that small interaction. Every fine hair on his neck seemed to stand up excitedly.

“Hey…” Jason said, alluringly.

This caused a nervous response within Emmett, as he felt he was set on fire of bliss. His breathing began to quicken once more. His heart felt that it might shatter through his chest.

“Y-yeah?” Emmett replied in exasperation.

“You dropped your pencil…” Jason’s voice trailed off. He continued “I couldn’t bear to stay hushed for much longer; seeing as you make me want to do something to you.” He whispered.

Emmett stopped immediately and caught his breath; blood rushed to his face without hesitation. He felt an instantaneous erection develop, swelling and raging without regard for the time or place.

“You mean… do something for me?” Emmett questioned, nearly choking.

“No.” Jason replied intrepidly.

Emmett sat there: unable to move. He bit his lip out of habit, gasping quietly.

“Excuse me, Emmett! How dare you speak during this important lecture of mine!” the teacher called out, enraged.

“I-I-I’m sorry, Mr. Martin! I-I dropped my pencil and I…” Emmett pleaded.

“And I recovered it” Jason offered, with a voice that sounded like a well-tuned instrument.

He continued “I must apologize for the interruption, Mr. Martin, I was speaking; not Emmett. Please excuse me.”

The stout teacher seemed somewhat relieved at the voicing of Jason, and lowered his tone automatically.

“Oh… Yes, of course. Well, see to it that it doesn’t happen again. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” he stated definitively.

Emmett sat there, quietly: in awe. He had never seen anyone stand up for him, and apparently, no one else had either.

Emmett heard other students in the class begin to whisper amongst one another.

“What could they be saying; I can’t make anything out of it.” He thought, momentarily distracted from Jason.

The class bell rang with a start, allowing Jason the opportunity to dart out of the room: leaving Emmett left behind.

Many stared at Emmett as he got up from his chair, whispering with wide-eyed expressions. Emmett couldn’t figure out why they were whispering so frantically, yet he decided to forget about the matter completely.

He paced out of the classroom in a daze, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

And so it begins...

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