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Gary - 8. Crime and Punishment

After Tom struck her, his mother seeks vengeance and gets help from her lover.

This chapter contains some descriptions of violence, and its consequences, in a sporting context. If you find this disturbing, please don't read.

Trigonometry ... bleeargh!

I was sitting at a desk near the window looking out at the paddocks adjacent to the school and letting my mind wander during the most boring of boring subjects. I’d even come to like algebra and calculus but trig and geometry were beyond me. They were both tortuous subjects seemingly designed to destroy your will to live.

That summer holidays had been the best time of my life. Gary and I spent days in each other’s company and made love as often as we could. Since we were on holidays we could manage it discreetly. Most days it was at my place when my mother was at work but I found that even then it stressed me out. Gary sensed this and didn’t like it much but we really had few other options. I was terrified that we’d leave some evidence around my room and she’d use it as a weapon to destroy me. As far as I was concerned, too many people knew about Gary and me already. My cursed mother knew and so did my Nanna and because of my mother, Doug Harris probably knew or at least had an inkling if she’d hinted at it.

Gary’s place was definitely out weekdays because his mother was almost always at home and his father would come home for lunch as well when he wasn’t out visiting farms or clients. The best times were when they went away on weekends leaving Gary at home alone. I practically moved in on those occasions, only returning to my place to do the daily chores. It was wonderful because we could spend all day making love and it meant that I didn’t have to come in contact with my mother for a glorious forty-eight hours.

Our lovemaking was intense and I eventually overcame my squeamishness about anal sex but after our effort by the river I’d decided I was definitely more comfortable being the penetrator and Gary didn’t seem to mind this if the intensity of his orgasms while I was pumping into him were any indication. I just really didn’t understand it; I had found the experience extremely uncomfortable and not in the least bit erotic or arousing. Different horses for different courses I guessed.

While my time with Gary continued to get better and better, my home situation and my relationship with my mother grew steadily worse. We both t

iptoed around each other like we were in an explosives factory fully expecting something catastrophic to happen at any moment. We both knew the score: to her I was a disgusting faggot doing unholy and unspeakable things with another boy; to me she was an appalling, uncaring, selfish and unfaithful whore who had no taste in men and no conscience. We arrived at an agreed truce whereby neither of us said anything to upset the other but this was only achieved by saying virtually nothing at all. I should have been more upset by this but I wasn’t. Once school recommenced I was more than busy enough.


I came back to the present with a start and dropped my pen. I think I might have even jumped in my seat much to the amusement of those classmates sitting nearby. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what Mr Cartwright, the maths teacher, had been talking about before my mind had wandered out of the classroom and back to that afternoon when I made love to Gary by the Murray River.

“Uhhh. I’m sorry, what was the question again?” Cartwright stopped writing on the blackboard and looked to the heavens and sighed before turning to me.

“For any given radius, what is the length of the arc of the holding yard if the arc angle is eighteen degrees?”

I couldn’t answer; I was still thinking about me driving my stiff cock deep inside Gary on that wonderful afternoon. I looked about helplessly, hoping someone would prompt me but it wasn’t to be. Gary wasn’t in class today so I was travelling solo and I suspected that most of my classmates were happy that they weren’t the centres of attention. Cartwright’s eyebrows came together and he looked more grumpy than usual.

“We’re waiting … ” I still looked blank. He sighed wearily again and turned back to the board and started writing, viciously banging the chalk when he reached the end of each dot point.

“First, you need to work out how long the arc is so you can buy the correct amount of fencing materials. The space you’ve got only allows for a circle segment with an arc angle of 18 degrees. To house 400 sheep you need to enclose an area of … which means you need a certain arc length. What is the arc length expressed in terms of pi?”

Son of a bitch, I thought, this is not easy. Fuck these sorts of stupid questions. Why not just make the bloody thing a triangle and be done with it? We’d been back at school for the better part of two months and the whole tenor of the place had changed from last year. The only people in the sixth form classes were those who were serious about going on to university or to an occupation that needed matriculation rather than just the leaving certificate. The teachers were remorseless and the whole place had become deadly serious. I was a good student in the main but, as usual, thinking about Gary had exposed me to unwelcome scrutiny. Cartwright, who was looking at me over his shoulder, decided I was a hopeless case and gave up.

“Anybody else? No? The answer is one-tenth pi. It’s simple enough." He was drawing the diagram on the board as he spoke. "The circle circumference is two pi times the radius. If the radius equals one unit then the circumference is two pi and therefore, an angle of eighteen degrees is one twentieth of three-sixty degrees and so the arc it subtends is one-twentieth of two pi, which is pi over ten. So given that data together with the area we wish to enclose (which we know) the radius of the circle is? Any ideas Johnson?” I shook my head. “Nope, I didn’t think so. If you’re not going to pay attention, how are you going to pass? Why are you here at all? You better start picking up your game mister or this year will be a complete waste of your and my time.” I bowed my head and blushed. I hate it when people are right.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

Class finished and I ambled out into the autumn sunshine. I was annoyed with myself for daydreaming in class and made a mental note to go over the whole section on radians and circles again. Cartwright was a good teacher only in terms of preparing you for the end of year exams. He said that the exam each year contained a set of questions that tended to vary only in terms of the parameters. His task was to get us to identify the type of question and then to use the techniques he drilled into you to solve it. He wasn’t interested in getting you to understand the maths at any deep level, just identify the question and do it. I guess he figured we could do the understanding part at university.

I had been thinking about Gary for two reasons. The first was because he and his family had had to attend something important down in Melbourne and so he was away for the week which I found stressful because I missed his company, and secondly, because I was still fretting over the whole ‘fucker and fuckee’ scenario. I was happy that he preferred to be penetrated (the terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ were not yet in vogue, at least not yet in Australia) but at the same time I felt guilty that I wouldn’t and couldn’t reciprocate. The problem was that based on my few experiences, I did not like it – not at all. Whatever the ‘spot’ was that James had talked about didn’t seem to exist for me. When Gary had tried to fuck me all I felt was extreme stinging pain at worst, which, if I was lucky, eventually subsided to a dull unpleasant ache. My cock shrivelled up to the size of a cashew and I couldn’t cum while he was in me or for some time afterwards. He on the other hand had no such problems. When I was driving my cock inside him he was rock hard and usually became harder as the lovemaking progressed. On two occasions he’d cum unexpectedly just by me hitting his ‘spot’, which had made both of us very happy.

Easter was still two weeks away so there was nothing for it but to plod on. I was usually very conscientious but Gary, the person, and Gary, the concept, both loomed large in my mind. Since that wonderful summer afternoon we’d made love any number of times but after my Nanna’s warning I wanted us to be a lot more discreet. Gary hated this ‘sneaking around’ as he put it but I was determined just to finish the school year, get a great set of marks and, with any luck, a uni scholarship.

When class ended I got on my bike and headed off to football practice. I was playing in the seniors again even though I still qualified for the under 19’s. I loved football and I loved playing it. The local competition was tough but mostly clean. There were few dirty players, or ‘snipers’ as they’re known in Australia. These were the guys who played the man and attempted to injure key players. One of the reasons that not much of this went on was that everybody knew everybody and if you got a reputation for this sort of behaviour on the field it followed you into your personal life. As it was, I was pretty quick and agile and because of this I usually managed to avoid any entanglements on the playing field. These country league competitions could be vicious though. There was any number of teams that held grudges against each other for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes the reasons were trivial and stupid but that made little difference to the ferocity of the games.

This coming weekend we were playing Moama, a grudge match if ever there was one. Moama was a small town in New South Wales, just across the state border but they fielded a team in our league. Moama hated my team, Murray Downs, and the feeling was entirely mutual. The reasons for this were long since forgotten; maybe some guy had stolen the girlfriend of someone on the other team or whatever. All you needed to know was that Moama were the enemy and beating them was the most important thing. It didn’t matter where Murray Downs finished on the district league points table as long as it was above Moama. The last three matches between the two teams had all ended in big brawls resulting in a large number of suspensions and fines for the players involved. After the last of these the district league headquarters had told the management of both teams that another repeat would result in suspension of the offending club or clubs.

I was going through the training drills and enjoying the exercise when I suddenly stopped abruptly, earning a yelled rebuke from the coach. I’d just remembered, Doug Harris played for Moama and he was a known sniper. Christ! He was one of the dirtiest players in the league so I knew I’d have to be careful. I remembered clearly what my mother had said:

I’ll tell Doug. He’ll sort you out you filthy perverted coward. He’ll …

I slowed to a stop as I played this back in my mind. Yes, he almost certainly would ‘sort me out’ if he got the chance. I’d need to keep my wits about me. The coach interrupted my thoughts.

“Jesus Johnson! Will you stop bloody daydreaming! Get a move on or you’ll run laps for the rest of the night! Jesus wept …” I picked up my pace and went through the witches hats we used for training.

“Sorry coach.”

He grunted something back and I managed not to get into any further shit. Not long after the session was over and I headed home. I got dinner ready and ate mine. I knew my mother wouldn’t get in until late on a Wednesday because of the truck schedules. That was fine with me. I made her up a plate of food and stuck it in the refrigerator. I didn’t bother leaving a note. If she wanted it she could find it otherwise she could bloody well starve as far as I was concerned. I headed to my room and was doing homework when she arrived back. She didn’t bother to check on me and I was more than happy to ignore her. I heard her eating in the kitchen and then the tell-tale clink of bottle against glass as she started her regular evening boozing.

Gary and his family finally got back from Melbourne and I went over to see him on the Friday night. His mother greeted me at the door.

“Hello Tom! How are you? Glad that Gary’s back?”

I just grinned and shrugged my shoulders because I could see the love of my life standing behind her with a beautiful smile on his face. His mum said something else but I didn’t hear her. She stepped out of the way and Gary and I just stared at each other before I got very self-conscious.

“Um, yes Mrs Anderson. Is it okay if I chat to Gary for a minute?”

“Of course it is. Why don’t you pair go up to his room and I’ll bring some tea and cake. White and one for you isn’t it Tom?” I nodded as Gary gestured with his head to follow him. His mum stepped out of the way and I walked slowly behind marvelling at Gary’s tight butt. When we entered his room he slowly closed the door and leant back on it. I rushed him and smothered his neck and the side of his face in kisses.

“Whoa! Hold on randy boy! You’ll get me too excited.” I licked at his lips and kissed him again.

“That’s the general idea.” I clung to him. “Oh God Gary, I missed you so much. I hate being away from you.” He held me close and squeezed me hard. I could feel my hardening cock sliding against his through our pants. We were suddenly interrupted by a gentle knock on his door. We sprang apart like we’d been scalded with boiling water.

“Gary? Tom?”

It was just his mum with the tea and cakes. She brought the tray in and set it on his desk. She was all business-like but there was something, a slight hesitation, I wasn’t sure but it seemed like she was slightly embarrassed. Tom tried to rescue the situation.

“Thanks mum. These cakes look great.” And they were: rich, sweet, beautifully iced and nicely flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon. She stood awkwardly for a moment. “Anything else mum?”

“I’m going to the CWA meeting now and your father won’t be home until late tonight. There’s plates of food for all three of you in the fridge. Make sure to tell your dad.” Gary nodded. “Right, well I’m off then. I’m sure you two can keep yourselves amused for a couple of hours. Goodbye dear,” She kissed Gary on his forehead and grabbed me by the hand. “and goodbye Gary. I expect you’ll be gone by the time we get home. Have fun.” She left the room and shortly we heard the front door close.

After she left I sat there stunned and I blushed from the base of my neck all the way up to my scalp. I couldn’t help it. She had to know. I was sure she knew what Gary and me got up to and what was weird was that she seemed okay with it. I gave Gary a severe look.

“Whaaat?” I sat down on the bed and looked at the floor.

“She knows, she has to know,” my voice dropped to a whisper, “about us!” He shrugged his shoulders and sat down beside me as we heard the sound of the car leaving the driveway and receding into the distance.

“Yeah, probably. So what?” I stared at him.

“Did you tell her?” He smacked me on my arm.

“No of course not ya spaz! I think she just guessed really. Anyway, what does it matter?” He lay back on the bed with his arms behind his neck. I could see the tufts of pit hair poking out as he went on. “I don’t think she’s too fussed really.” This wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

“Jesus Gary, too many people seem to know or suspect. If anyone finds out at school we are totally fucked you know? I think we should cool it for a while.”

He turned towards me and rolled on top of me, pushing me back into the mattress and started to undo my shirt.

“Yeah? Really? Is that what you think? What if I do this?”

In one quick effort he opened my shirt and slid my pants down and engulfed my cock in his mouth. I yelped in surprise and started to pull away but he didn’t give up. I was suddenly extremely horny and began to slowly fuck his face. He took me right down to the base and I could feel his nose nestled in my pubes. My cock was achingly hard now and I could do nothing but keep sliding it into his mouth. Any complaints I had evaporated before I could utter them. While he was sucking me he was rapidly taking his clothes off – no mean feat. He stopped to remove his underdaks and socks and the room suddenly smelt strongly of his sweaty feet and I discovered that for me it was a total turn on. He rapidly got the rest of my clothes off me and we were soon doing a sixty-nine. I loved sucking Gary’s cock; it was just the right length and girth for my mouth. I swallowed it deep and then ran my tongue over his balls while he slurped on my rod. I knew if we kept at it I was going to come in seconds. He must have sensed this and stopped and grinned at me through his spread legs.

“C’mon slowpoke. I want you inside me now.” I hesitated.

“You sure? What if your dad comes home early?” He smiled.

“He won’t. He’s got some sort of meeting with Finnigan and some of the farmers in Echuca. There’s been some cattle duffing recently and they’re organising to catch the arseholes.”I digested this piece of news.

“Oh … so he’s gone for a few hours then and your Mum’s CWA meeting won’t finish until eight.” He grinned and leant in for a kiss.

“Yep. We have hours yet.”

By the time we finished it was late and very dark as I headed off home on my bike. The roads were a bit treacherous at night because they were poorly lit, especially outside of town. I was riding along just daydreaming about my session with Gary when I was suddenly caught in some headlights and a truck sped by me with only inches to spare. It had pulled wide as it went round the bend in the road. It frightened the fuck out of me and I swerved into a gully on the side of the road to avoid being hit. The truck had slowed and then, seeing I was still alive and in one piece, it drove away into the night. I was totally pissed off. I had some skin off my shin and the palm of my hand but was otherwise okay. Whoever the shit was, he could have killed me.

Imagine my surprise when I got to my place to find the truck parked out the front. I sat on my bike looking at it. It couldn’t be … could it? I was sure it was the same one. I hadn’t glimpsed the license plate earlier but I did note it was missing a rear left mudflap, just like this one. I didn’t have to guess who was driving. I decided to take immediate action so I headed to the workshop quietly, put my bike away, found what I wanted and did what I had to do before I went inside to find my mother at the kitchen table with Doug Harris. I knew it would be him but this scene was not normal. We had arrived at an unspoken pact that he wouldn’t be here when I was and I’d always let my mother know when I was going to be home. She’d broken her side of the deal and I was both scared and angry. She looked up at me with a look of surprise and irritation.

“What are you doing home? I thought you said you’d be out late.”

“I said I’d be out until eight.”

She just stared at me while Doug Harris sat looking smug and eating god-knows-what that my mother had given him; I hoped it poisoned him. I’d already decided how I was going to play it when he spoke up. Besides, if he were angry when he left he’d be careless and not be noticing stuff. I knew my mother had told Harris that I’d hit her and I knew that she would have painted it in the worst possible colours. As a result Harris and I were no longer on speaking terms really so I was surprised when he opened his mouth.

“You been in town then?” he was fishing but I wasn't biting.


“No problems coming home?” He had a smirk on his face that I seriously wanted to wipe off with my fist.

“Nope.” That shocked him for a moment. I think he thought I was going to go off but I wasn’t that stupid.

“Nothing at all?” I shrugged and went to the fridge to get a drink. “No. Oh, actually …” My mother stopped eating and looked at me with one of her ‘don’t get started looks’ but I ignored her. “I nearly got run off the road by some stupid prick in a truck. He didn’t stop but it was fine.” Harris gave me a long stare as I went on. “I mean, what sort of a pathetic, dickless, fuckwit would try and run a cyclist off the road? You’d have to be a weak shit to do something like that. You know, really spineless.” My mother was on her feet.

“Don’t use language like that to Doug!” I smiled at them and feigned surprise.

“I wasn’t talking about Doug. I was talking about what a snivelling coward the driver was.” My mother erupted.

“Go to your room!”

“Don’t worry, I’m going.” As I left I yelled over my shoulder. “How’s your wife Doug? I saw her in town yesterday. Everything going okay at home?” He was on his feet and started snarling at me.

“Listen you little shirtlifter, if I was your father …” I interrupted him.

“But you’re not, are you? You’re just taking his place,” I stopped and turned, “and from what I can tell, you’re doing a shit job of it. See ya!”

I lay on my bed with my heart beating fast. I couldn’t believe it – that slimy shit had actually tried to injure me, or kill me. He really was letting his dick rule his head, although given his lack of general intelligence his dick didn’t need to work too hard on that. The one thing I couldn’t figure out was if my mother knew what he’d tried to do or, even worse, egged him on. The jury was out on that. All I knew was that I’d need to be a lot more careful around Doug Harris.

It was really shitty weather when I arrived at the sports ground for our match on the following Saturday. It was a home match for us so we got the change rooms with the hot water meaning that Moama would have to have cold showers. Tough shit I thought to myself. I stopped outside and sat on a bench and was getting my shoes and socks off when I felt a rough shove on my shoulder. I looked up to find Doug Harris standing behind me, already changed and kitted out. He looked really pissed off and I knew why.

“What do you want?” He moved menacingly close to me and snarled quietly.

”You miserable little poofter! You gave me a flat tyre. I didn’t know until I’d shredded it on my way home. Do you know how much truck tyres cost? I ought to break your nose right here” I stood up to take advantage of my height.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He grabbed my shirt.

“You pathetic little fucker! You stuck a nail in my rear tyre.” I didn’t try to look innocent; no point really.

“Me? Why would I do that?” He shook me.

“I just know you did. You arsewipe.”

At this point he was interrupted in mid-rant by a giant hand gripping his shoulder. He turned away from me to see who it was. He tried to smack it away but couldn’t. Josh Fraser, our ruckman, was standing over him. He stood about six feet six inches and worked at the local abattoir and was built like a brick shithouse. He’d also had a soft spot for me since my dad died. Harris was angry and as a result he was stupid in the extreme.

“What the fuck do you want? Piss off now.”

He tried to shove Josh, which was a huge mistake. Josh shoved him backwards with enough strength and violence to drop Harris on his arse and he then stood over him growling as Harris tried to back away.

“Visitors change rooms are over there Harris, now fuck off and use them and leave my teammates alone.”

Harris got up and stared at him and then wisely decided the better of going on with it. He did however give me a serve as he stomped off.

“This isn’t finished Johnson, not by a long way.” Josh picked up my bag and started heading into the rooms.

“Now what the dickens was that about Tom?” I didn’t want to get into this with Josh.

“Nothing. Harris and I don’t get on, that’s all.” Josh laughed as we went inside with his huge hand resting gently in the small of my back. It felt very comforting.

“Yeah, you and the rest of the town. Let me know if he gives you a hard time. I’ll be watching out for ya.”

Just then my attention was diverted by two separate events. The first, a good one, was that I saw Gary and his parents drive up in their car and park on the wing right at the fence. This was standard practice on rainy days. You could sit in the comfort of your car and watch the match. Parking on the wing was recommended because if you parked directly behind the goalposts there was a fair chance your car would get smacked by a ball at some stage. Gary was waving like a mad thing in the back seat and I just smiled and waved back.

The second event, a far more unsettling one, was that I saw my mother standing near the change rooms. It was obvious she was trying to hide from me and when I looked directly at her she avoided eye contact and turned her back and moved around the side of the building. I couldn’t figure out what the fuck she was doing here. She’d never come to any of my games and as far as I knew, she didn’t have the slightest interest in football on any level. I put it down to her wanting to cheer on Harris. God, she’d have to be careful: country people might be thought of as slow but if she started openly barracking for him a lot of those present would put two and two together. I needed more time to think about all of this but just then the coach barked for us all to go in for the team meeting and once I started changing I forgot all about her.

The game began in driving wind and rain and I was started on tagging a young guy in their forward pocket. He was quick but I knew I was quicker. We had lost the toss and Moama were kicking with the wind in the first quarter, which gave them a considerable advantage. Because of the weather and the wet ground, football skills were not on display. Actually, our league wasn’t blessed with many skilled players but everybody was enthusiastic. Despite the strong wind, the ball wasn’t getting down to their forward line much at all so all I could do was stand next to my opponent and try not to freeze to death. Nothing much happened until after half time when the coach moved me onto the ball. At this stage we were only down by fifteen points, which was definitely gettable when we got the wind in the final quarter. The game proceeded and I got a few good touches and a couple of nice kicks with the breeze. I was just standing off the back of the pack at a ball up when our ruckman tapped the ball down and it fell straight into my hands. I had a clear run at the goal and I took off. After a couple of steps to balance myself I bounced the ball, caught it perfectly and stormed towards the goal. I dodged one set of outstretched arms and could hear my teammates yelling me on. I slowed slightly and steadied and was about to drill the ball from only a few yards out when…


It all went black.

The next thing I knew I was staring up at the dark grey sky with the rain falling into my eyes. I knew I was in extreme pain and was convulsing and vomiting. I was very disoriented but I saw that my vomit was mixed with blood. When I wiped my hand across my mouth and drew it back it was covered in blood. From down where I was I could see that Josh Fraser had Doug Harris by the scruff of his neck and was punching him repeatedly in the face. I could distinctly hear my mother in the distance shrieking to “leave him alone!” I figured that she didn’t mean me. Players were yelling and scuffling and a full-scale brawl developed very quickly. In the ensuing fight someone fell on me and I blacked out again from the pain.

When I came to I was in a hospital bed and could see Gary and my Nanna sitting beside it. I just stared at them. I had no memory of how I came to be here or, much more importantly, why I was here. Gary was looking at me with a lot of concern and I think my grandmother had been crying. Here eyes were very red anyways.

“What happened?” They looked at each other, probably deciding who should go first. My grandmother nodded to Gary.

“You got hit at the game, by Doug Harris. He knocked you out.”

I tried to sit up in the bed only to discover that by doing so, I almost passed out from the pain. I couldn’t breathe without it hurting. I also noticed a number of tubes and other medical crap in my side. My grandmother touched my arm.

“Just lay back and rest Tom. You’re badly hurt.” Gary waited while I relaxed again before continuing.

“He got you from behind and he struck the side of your head with his fist as well as collecting you in the side. You collapsed on the ground and … and …” Gary was sniffling. I couldn’t see him because I was laying face up staring at the fluorescent lights above the bed but he sounded really upset. “… and you started to convulse and coughed up a lot of blood.”

There was silence again as Gary tried to get it together. I was in pain now after my efforts to sit up but I wanted to know what had happened.

“And then what?”

“There was a huge fight. Josh, your ruckman, the big guy, well he got hold of Harris and punched him until he fell down on you and then you were horribly still and players were still brawling all over the field until Finnegan, acting in an official capacity, walked out and told the umpires to call the game off and everybody was told to leave and go home.”

I felt strange hearing all this. I still didn’t know how I ended up in hospital though. My Nanna filled in the gaps. The ambulance had arrived and taken me to the hospital and I’d been out for quite a while. I suddenly realised that it was dark outside.

“So what time is it now?” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gary check his watch.

“Nine-thirty. You’ve been sleeping for about five hours since they brought you in.”

I was trying to get my head around all of this when the doctor came in. I knew him well. He was a friend of my father and grandmother and had always been kind and welcoming to me. Once again I tried to sit up only to nearly faint from the excruciating pain in my chest. He pulled up a chair.

“Hi Tom, how do you feel now?”

“Not too good Dr Ferris.” And that was the truth.

“You’ve been badly hurt Tom. You have concussion and broken ribs and a partial pneumothorax, sorry, a collapsed lung. All of this can be fixed but it will take time and rest. Your football playing days are over though for this year I think. We’ll be strapping your side to help the ribs knit and we’ve already treated the lung. You’re going to need a few more days in bed here and then a long period of rest at home.”

This was all bad news, every bit of it. I’d finally started to put the pieces together. It was clear now that my mother being at the game was no coincidence: she’d been there to see Doug stitch me up. I couldn’t really believe it but there it was: my own mother wanted me injured and her dirty scumbag of a lover had bided his time and when he got the chance, he’d hurt me severely. I couldn’t begin to imagine what was going to happen when I got home. I suddenly felt really afraid and alone.

All this time Dr Ferris had been rabbiting on but I hadn’t heard much of it. When he finished I was relieved to hear my grandmother going over various points with him. She would be able to fill me in later. After the doctor left, my grandmother, with that sixth sense that older women seem to have, clarified a few things for me.

“Tom. I think you should stay with me once you’re discharged. It would be for the best I think.” I was relieved at that as she went on. “Your mother is working full-time so there will be no one at your place to look after you.”

Yeah right, I thought, like that was ever going to happen. My mother as Florence Nightingale? Not fucking likely. I’d be lucky if she didn’t smother me with the pillow. I knew that Nanna’s last sentence had been for Gary’s benefit. She didn’t want anybody else to know her opinion of her daughter-in-law. I was worried about school though. Nanna once again read my mind.

“The Easter holidays are nearly here so you’ll have a break anyway and next week I’ll see the principal and sort out how we go about keeping your studies on track.” At this point Gary piped up.

“I can do that Mrs Johnson. I’ll see all the teachers and …” Nanna stopped him mid-sentence. It wasn’t rude but Gary, and I, were both left in no doubt that she was issuing instructions and knowing my Nanna as I did, she expected them to be obeyed.

“Gary, please call me Estelle. Mrs Johnson sounds so formal. I’m sure you will be a great help but I would prefer it if I could have a word with the teaching staff first. Just to make sure everybody is clear about a few things." Gary didn’t answer and I was left wondering what those ‘things’ were that everybody needed to be clear about. I heard my grandmother get out of her chair and then felt a soft kiss on my sweaty forehead. “Goodbye for now Tom. I’ll come and see you again tomorrow and we can discuss you moving in with me.” There was a slight pause. “Gary, do you need a lift? It’s no trouble.”

“Thanks Mrs John- … Estelle. I’m fine really. Dad will be picking me up soon. Goodbye.”

I heard her go and the door close quietly. Gary stood up and came and stared down at me in the bed, which was a relief, so I didn’t have to sit up or move. He tried to look cheerful but I could see the concern and worry in his eyes.

“How are you feeling? I mean really.” I tried to shrug and that brought me a whole lot of pain.

“Not too good.” He continued to look worried. “I can stay here if you like. I’m sure the olds will let me. Do you feel like company or …?” I knew the answer to this.

“No mate. You better head home. I’ll be fine. Nanna will be here tomorrow and we’ll just have to see how it goes. Thanks for everything though.” He smiled.

“I didn’t do anything. By the time I got out of the car Harris was already on his knees. Your big guy really went for him. The really weird thing was … “ He stopped and looked embarrassed, like he wanted to avoid bringing up a touchy subject. I figured I knew the rest. I’d clearly heard her screaming while Harris was having his face re-arranged.

“Was what? That my mother was there?” He nodded. “I knew that. I’d already spotted her.” Gary hesitated but then decided I had to know.

“She came screaming out onto the field and shoved people away from him. He wasn’t knocked out, just dazed I think but then she was holding him and crying and saying stuff – about you and him and her - it was awful.”

“I bet it was.” I suddenly had a bad feeling. “She hasn’t been here has she?” Gary looked startled by the question.

“What? No! I’ve been here the whole time. They asked her if she wanted to go in the ambulance with you. But …” Gary gulped and looked away.

“But what Gary? What did she say? I need to know.” He looked around helplessly for some sort of assistance but we were alone and then leaned in close and whispered.

“She said she hoped you’d die. She screamed it. Everybody heard her. She was kneeling there holding Harris’s head in her hands. He’s got two massive shiners by the way. She started screaming about you and how she hated you and that she loved Harris and everybody was horrified. My mother told me to go with you in the ambulance. Nobody objected so I did. Your gran arrived here just after they took you in for surgery.”

I had a ghastly feeling of dread creeping over me. Gary seemed okay but I desperately needed to be sure.

“Did she … did she say anything at all about … us?” Gary stood there staring at me until he finally saw the significance of my question.

“What? No! No, she didn’t Tom. I think she was too worried about Harris right then. He lost some teeth too I think.” I really didn’t give a shit about Harris’s dental problems. I was terrified that she’d said something about Gary and me, to destroy us both.

“You’re sure Gary? She didn’t say anything?” He shook his head and I sank back down in the pillows, utterly relieved. “Thank fuck for that.”

A few moments later Gary’s parents arrived and after expressing their concern and leaving me some chocolates and flowers, they all left and I lay there running everything through my addled brain. Some time later a nurse came in and gave me a sedative and I remembered nothing until morning.

The next few days were boring and tedious. I improved slowly so that by mid-week I could actually sit up, eat and manage to go and piss and shit without too much pain. Gary was true to his word and came in every afternoon. It was the highlight of my day. We were sitting together laughing and joking when Josh Fraser came in unexpectedly. He looked kind of bashful but I introduced him to Gary and he took a seat. Gary asked if he should go but Josh and I both said no.

“So how are ya Tom?” I smiled and shrugged. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner but I had afternoon shifts until yesterday and …”

“It’s fine Josh. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for trying to protect me. I appreciate it. You know you’ll be in the shit with the league judiciary?” He smiled and shrugged his massive shoulders.

“Don’t really care. I’m getting too old for this anyway. The tribunal probably won’t meet until after Easter. I know they’ll rub me out but I don’t really care as long as Harris gets a long stretch as well. I’m sorry he got you Tom. After I saw you both arguing before the match I was determined to keep an eye on him. Problem was, I was preoccupied with the ball up and then I saw you take off and thought you were in the clear but Harris had run off the field, around the back of the goal posts and come back on and collected you before anybody could do anything. I’m really sorry Tom. He’s a yellow coward and I should have warned the boys to keep an eye on him.” I was feeling very touched by this huge mountain of a man trying to explain away a failure that was not his fault.

“Hey Josh, it’s fine mate. Really.” He smiled at me. “I heard that you fixed him up though.” He grinned.

“Yeah I got there just after you went down and I started yelling at him when he turned and punched me in the face. It wasn’t a good hit so I grabbed him by his jumper and started to beat the crap out of him. I was so angry at what he’d done. That’s when everybody piled in. The league is investigating both teams and I reckon they’ll make good on their promise and ban us all for the rest of the season at least.” He smiled again. “Still, it was worth it. I just really don’t like Harris. Very few who know him do.”

We talked a bit more and then he left, leaving me feeling a bit better. It would be a shame for him to be banned from playing on account of me but he knew that was a risk before he did it. Gary waited until we were alone and then asked me what my Nanna had said.

“She saw the teachers I think and said that it was all arranged – she didn’t say what though. Thank God that Nanna is going to let me stay with her. If I was back at home I hate to think what would happen. Have you heard anything about Harris?” Gary looked around to make sure there were no eavesdroppers.

“Yeah. Josh did a real job on him. He’s walking around like a panda – two massive black eyes and he lost two front teeth. Finnigan told me that he wanted to press charges against Josh for assault but was told if he did, there might be charges for what he did to you. I think he’s dropped the idea.”

I squirmed uncomfortably in the bed. I really didn’t like the idea of Gary and Finnigan being this close. I didn’t like Finnigan and I knew that he didn’t like me. I’d have preferred Gary and Finnigan to be mortal enemies after they fought but they seemed to have achieved some sort of rapport. I just found it very unsettling as Gary went on.

“The tribunal’s tomorrow night, they’ve re-scheduled it. Your mate Josh has been charged and so have Harris and a whole raft of other players. Dad said the word is that the league is going to ban both clubs for the remainder of this season and maybe all of next season too. Are you going to it? The tribunal hearing I mean. They’re discharging you tomorrow.” I knew this but I had a bit of gossip for Gary too

“Nope. I gave a statement to one of the investigating officers yesterday. Much good it will do anyways. I told them that I can remember nothing after I got hit.” Gary looked around to make sure the coast was clear and leaned in and kissed me gently.

“I wanted to make sure I did that. I didn’t get a chance yesterday with all the nurses around.” I laughed and poked him in the ribs.

Gary and I spent another twenty minutes chatting and then his mother arrived to take him home. She was wonderful as usual and left me with a box full of homemade treats and some store bought sweets. She expressed her concern for me and as they left she gently brushed my hair off my forehead. It was our most intimate moment and all it did was make me realise by how much my mother failed me. She hadn’t been to see me at any stage and even though I hated her I couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

The following day I was discharged and Gary picked me up and drove me to my grandmother’s place. It was a bleak day but my heart was racing and I was full of love for him. I held his hand the entire way and could feel him squeeze it regularly except when he had to change gears. He kept giving me sidelong glances and then, once we were clear of town, he pulled over to the side of the road and kissed me. My ribs and side were still very tender but he was gentle and careful. It felt wonderful being held in his arms but I became a bit concerned when he started to undo my belt. He concentrated on opening my zipper and then pulled out my rapidly hardening dick.

“Gary! What the fuck are you doing?” He looked up at me with an evil grin on his face.

“What do you think I’m doing? I’m going to suck you off ya nit! Now just sit back and relax and let me do the work.”

I looked around, terrified that we’d be seen but the road was very straight in both directions so we’d see if somebody was coming. I kept glancing around as I felt my cock get engulfed in his hot mouth right to the base. As my eyes rolled back in my skull I had to admit he was getting really good at this. – not that he was ever bad at it He stopped for a moment and looked up at me.

“Is this okay?” I was gasping already.

“Ohhhh fuck!” He smirked before he went back down on me.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then.”

I hadn’t come in more than six days by this time so it didn’t take long. I grabbed his head and pushed my cock in as deep as I could and came gallons. He sucked hard to get every drop and then he sat up and opened his mouth showing me my cum on his tongue and then he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back and then started to nuzzle his beautiful neck as he held our heads close together.

“You didn’t cum. Do you want to?” He smiled and shook his head as he put the car back in gear and moved back onto the road.

“No time. I have to get you to your new home or Estelle will have me shot or worse.”

When we arrived my grandmother was waiting for us on the front veranda. I was a bit mystified because I imagined that all my stuff was still back at my mother’s but that was not the case. Nanna showed me to one of the bedrooms at the rear of the house. It was all set up with a desk, decent sized bed, bookshelves and a wardrobe. All my stuff was there: my books, clothes and shoes and, most importantly, all the pictures of my father. I stood there dumbfounded.

“How did you do all this? I mean, how did you get it away from her?” I dropped my voice to a whisper. “Does she know yet?”

Nanna took me by the arm and we headed back down to the sitting room. There was a big afternoon tea on the table: cakes, a lot of sandwiches and biscuits and a huge silver teapot with milk jug and sugar bowl. She’d gone to a lot of trouble and I felt incredibly grateful to her. She smiled at Gary and me as we sat together on her couch and she busied herself with getting us a cuppa and a plate of sandwiches.

“Welcome Tom! I’m hoping that you won’t mind staying here. I want you to think of it as your home now, not that it wasn’t before but you know what I mean. As to how it all got here, I had help from Jimmy, one of my farmhands, and of course this one.” She nodded towards Gary. “Between the three of us we managed to get it all out and onto one of my trucks. The rest was easy. I was only using your new bedroom as a boxroom so it just needed to be emptied and cleaned up a bit. I got you a new bed because the one at your mother’s place was built-in so I left that there. You’ll find your bike out in the garage and everything we couldn’t fit in your room is packed in boxes in the other spare room."

I was deeply touched. She and Gary had taken so much trouble and I thanked them profusely. She brushed away my thanks and Gary just smiled sweetly and blushed a bit. It made me love him more. Nanna was sitting now as she went on to answer my other questions.

“We did it the other day while she was at work. She must have discovered it when she got up the following morning and yes, she knows you’re here. She rang me from her work and we had a discussion.” My grandmother got that stiff prim look she always got when she was discussing something unpleasant. “She abused me and said I had no right to interfere. I told her I had every right and that she was not to see you ever again without me or another adult being present. I told her I have an obligation to my son’s child to make sure he isn’t abused or injured and that if she tried to interfere I’d talk to the police. That shut her up.”

I imagined that it did. I don’t think she’d want any close examination of her relationship with Doug Harris and her treatment of me. Nanna, as usual, must have read my mind.

“I didn’t have to threaten her with telling anyone about her and Harris. After her indecorous behaviour at the match everybody who needs to know now knows and a lot besides.”

I felt very uncomfortable about that. I really felt for Harris’s wife and his kids. God knows how they were handling it. Nanna gave Gary and me a stern, no nonsense look but I knew her better than that. She had a twinkle in her eyes.

“Now, a few home rules. I expect you to treat this place as your home now Tom but I also expect you to study hard and achieve the best result possible for your matriculation. Unless we arrange otherwise I want you back home here every afternoon after you finish school and I expect you to spend at least two hours each night on homework and revision.” I rolled my eyes at this and she whacked me on my leg to get my attention. “Enough of that! You have an obligation to your father to work to the best of your ability.” I dropped my eyes. She was right and I was stupid for treating it lightly.

“I’m sorry Nanna. Of course I’ll work hard.” She smiled warmly.

“Good. I’ll work out a list of tasks that you’ll be responsible for. It shouldn’t be difficult – you’ve managed more at your mother’s I know. Now, as for visitors.” I must have looked alarmed but she ignored this. “I know that you and Gary are … very close, and I want you to feel comfortable here and so Gary is welcome to come over at any time.” He and I looked at each other and grinned only to have our carnal thoughts dashed. “Providing that it’s not on school nights, nor is he to stay here overnight unless I get a clear okay from his parents. Is that understood?” We both nodded. “I know boys and their … urges and I don’t want to be encouraging anything that his parents might not approve of. I think it would be best if we met soon. I take it they know how close you two are?” Gary took the lead thank God because I didn’t know what to say.

“Um, Mrs Johnson, both mum and dad are really happy that Tom and I are friends. I think my mum suspects it’s more than that but we haven’t talked about it.” Nanna gave him a look.

“Well, maybe it’s about time you had a talk with them.” I was a bit panicked by this but Gary was cool.

“Yes Mrs Johnson. I’ll think about that.”

“Gary, as I’ve said already, please call me Estelle.”

She stood up and I knew that Gary was dismissed. Despite the fact that we’d been talking for about half an hour, we’d both managed to demolish all the sandwiches and most of the cakes and biscuits. After a few days of bland hospital food I ate like a starving man and Gary was no better. Nanna and I saw him out and then she discreetly stepped back inside leaving Gary and me alone. He brushed his hand against my back as we looked out on the bare paddocks.

“Do you think this is going to work?“

“I don’t know Tom. But one thing I do know, it’s better than the alternative. At least now we can see each other and you don’t have to see her.” I smiled at the thought.

“Yeah but I’m not sure that Nanna wants us doing it here. What do you think about telling your parents?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Dunno. I’ll think about it.” He suddenly stared into my eyes. “If I do, I want you there when I do it. You okay with that?” I reached for his hand and tried to sound braver than I felt.

“Of course.” He grabbed my hand quickly and leant in and kissed me and then walked down the steps towards his car.

“I’ll see you at Mass on Sunday then?”

He waved without looking back at me and I went back inside to my new home.

I can be contacted on troy369_oz@hotmail.com

There may be a considerable delay before I respond however. I apologise in advance for this.

Copyright © 2017 EBWilson; All Rights Reserved.
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Been waiting for you to release a new chapter.

Great chapter by the way. Seems Harris finally got what was coming to him.

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this was a surprise! A welcome one, but it does seem to have been a while!


Tom's mother seems to have demonstrated how much of a heartless bitch she is, I know she may care for her lover, but really, at the expense of her child? 


looking forward to more!


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