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Ugly Davey - 13. Chapter 13 – I’m Dave


Chapter 13 – I’m Dave


It was a beautiful morning as I jogged around my neighborhood. Though it was mid-September, the weather was once again nice and sunny, pleasantly warm. But the slight accompanying wind served as a reminder that summer would soon be at its end as it gave way to fall. I wasn’t one for cold weather even though I had grown up north and now lived in Vancouver, which was known more for its rain than the sun. So I tried to make the most of what was offered and basked in the sun’s warmth.


I always tried to go for a jog when time permitted. It was a good way to work off some steam and ease off all of the tensions that had built up. Everything fell away as I lost myself in the constant rhythm of my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. It felt nice not having to think of anything. No thinking of Tyler, or his sexy smile, or the way his eyes lit up when he laughed, or the way his shirts stretched over his broad shoulders. Nope, no thinking of Tyler whatsoever.


God who am I kidding? When am I not thinking about him?


As I neared my apartment, I heard the phone ringing before I had even made it up the stairs. I quickly rushed to enter and answer it before the caller hung up, wondering who could be calling me on a Saturday morning.


“Hello,” I said into the phone, still breathing hard from the jog and my quick dash to get to the phone.


There was a silence on the other end before Amy’s voice tentatively came on the line. “Sorry Dave, I didn’t catch you at a bad time, did I?” she asked uncertainly.


Confused on what she was talking about, I waited for her to explain while I wiped off the sweat on my forehead and went into the kitchen to get some water.


“I didn’t know you were in the middle of something. If I had known, I wouldn’t have called.”


“Amy, it’s fine. You didn’t interrupt anything,” I told her. I was still breathing a bit hard, but it was starting to slow down.


“No, no! How can you say that Dave? Here you are finally succeeding and I just ruined it by phoning you. But seriously, why are you still talking to me? Don’t you know that it’s impolite to talk on the phone while in the process of such acts?”


“Amy! What the hell are you talking about?”


“I’m just saying that after all the work Rick’s put into for you to get laid, that you shouldn’t ruin it all by talking on the phone while having sex.”




“Who is he by the way? You better fill us in with all the details! And isn’t he angry that I interrupted you guys?”


“Amy! I am not having sex right now! What on earth gave you that idea?”


Amy hesitated again as though unsure. “You’re not having sex? I thought…well you were breathing so hard, so I thought I interrupted you in the middle of it.”


My face was flaming red with embarrassment and I couldn’t be happier that Amy wasn’t able to see me over the phone. “Amy” I tried explaining, though my voice was strained with embarrassment, “I went out for a jog. That’s why I was breathing so hard, not because I was having…sex.”


“Oh, oh…” it sounded like Amy was starting to feel mortified as well. “I’m sorry, I just assumed…”


Amy! Can you please just tell me why you called,” I said, desperately wishing for a change of subject. The last thing I want to do is talk about sex with my best friend’s wife.


Amy coughed to clear her throat. “Well the reason I was calling was because I had a favor to ask of you.”


“Ask away,” I said while collapsing onto my couch.


“I was called into work today because they were short on staff at the daycare,” she started.


Amy had been planning to get a degree in Education after completing her undergraduate degree, but her plans had been sidelined when she found out that she was pregnant with Josh. So instead of becoming a teacher, Amy now helped run a daycare for children. It had worked out for her as it had allowed her to take Josh to work with her before he had started kindergarten. Amy still planned on returning to school and becoming a teacher at some point, but not until Josh was a little older.


I listened as Amy continued to speak. “I had to bring Josh along with me since Rick is at work as well. But the thing is that Josh was supposed to go over to his friend’s house to spend the day and then a sleepover. I was supposed to drop him off there, but we’ve been so busy here at the daycare that I don’t think I’ll have the time to. So if it’s not too much trouble, could you please come by the daycare to pick Josh up and take him over to his friend’s place?”


“Sure no problem. I’ve got no plans for today so that’s fine. But a sleepover at a friend's house, eh? Darn they grow up so fast.”


Amy laugh carried through the phone. “That they do, though sometimes I wish they didn’t have to. I don’t think I’m ready to deal with all the teenage angst yet.”


“OK I still need to shower, so I’ll leave in a bit. Does Josh need to pick anything up from your place on the way?”


“No, he already brought his overnight bag here with him. So all you’ll have to do is drop him off.”


“Sure thing, see you in a few,” I said as I hung up.


After my quick shower, I dressed in my usual outfit of jeans and a tee, brushed my hair back from my face, grabbed my coat, and was out the door.




“Hey Little Man, how’s it going?” I asked Josh as Amy helped him get into his car seat that had become a permanent fixture in my car years ago.


“Great, Uncle Davey!” Josh responded with a wide ear-to-ear grin.


I chuckled at his enthusiasm. “Some one sure seems to be excited about their first sleepover,” I teased him.


“God tell me about it,” muttered Amy, “it’s all he’s been talking about since last week. He’s been begging me to let him spend time with his friend whenever possible. I’m glad that the father of his friend finally called to plan something out since his kid was driving him crazy too.”


“So you’ve met the kid’s dad then?”


“No I haven’t met him in person, but we’ve talked quite a bit on the phone. I have met the grandfather a time or two though when he was at the school to pick up his grandson. They seem like a nice family, even though I have some serious doubts about the grandfather’s tie collection.”


I laughed at her description, but something was niggling the back of my mind. Tie collection? Grandfather? My chuckle died in my throat when realization hit.


Oh. Fuck.


There was now no doubt in my mind that the friend whose house Josh was headed to was definitely Timmy. Timmy’s house meant that it was Tyler’s house. Tyler’s house meant that I was so fucking screwed.


Shit! Shit! Shit!


I couldn’t very well show up at Tyler’s house. He would definitely recognize me from the club, that was a given. But would he also be able to tell that I was David? After all, we had spent a whole week working together.


Damn I can’t do this! I could feel my panic starting to build, but before I could start making up excuses to get out of dropping Josh at Tyler’s place, Amy started speaking again.


“Well I have to get back to work,” she said as she leaned down to kiss Josh goodbye. “Bye sweetie, have an awesome time with your friend. Remember to listen to Timmy’s dad and not cause any trouble, and if at any time you want to come back home, just give us a call. Daddy or I will come right away to pick you up, even if it’s in the middle of the night.”


Josh gave his mom a hug. “Love you mommy.”


“Love you too sweetheart,” Amy said before going back inside the daycare.


Oh god! There was nothing I could do now. The best I could hope for was that I could drop Josh outside of Tyler’s house without actually having to meet Tyler himself, but the chances of that occurring seemed very slim.


“Let’s go Uncle Davey!” said an excited Josh from the backseat.


With nothing else to do, I started my car and pulled out of the parking lot.




“Wow!” exclaimed Josh as we pulled into the driveway of the house Amy had given me the address to. “Timmy’s house is so cool!”


I had to agree with Josh, the house was in fact quite beautiful. The two-story house was located on Point Grey Road, and was utterly breathtaking with its brick and wood paneling with black trim.


The car hadn’t even come to a halt, when the front door was opening and Timmy came running outside with Tyler following at a more sedate pace.


“Ah fudge cakes!” I muttered instead of the swearword I wanted due to Josh still being in the car.


“You have a fudge cake, Uncle Davey? Can I have some too?” asked Josh.


“Oh umm, no I don’t Little Man. But I’ll get you some the next time we go out.”


Timmy was now by Josh’s door and opening it for him. Josh quickly shot out of the car to join his friend.


“Josh!” Timmy exclaimed excitedly as he gave Josh a hug. “Dad said he’s going to take us to the park, then we’re gonna get ice cream. He even said we could watch movies! We’re gonna have so much fun and I can’t wait to show you all my toys!” Timmy was talking a mile a minute, his face flush with excitement. He looked adorable, with his blond curls and the sparkling gray eyes that were so much like his father’s.


While Tyler introduced himself to Josh, I was trying my best to hunch down in the driver seat so that I would go unnoticed. I should have known that I wouldn’t succeed, as I warily watched Tyler approach my window after greeting Josh. He knocked on my car window to indicate that I should roll it down. I reluctantly complied, all the while fearing what would happen.


“Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is…” Tyler stopped short of his introduction. I saw it in the widening of his eyes when recognition hit. “It’s you…” his voice was filled with wonder, something that I hadn’t been expecting. “I never thought…I wasn’t sure…I didn’t think I would ever see you again,” he finished.


I looked up into his gray eyes and saw them full of awe, as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


“Umm hi,” I said lamely.


“Hi…” Tyler breathed out.


Hey I thought it was I who did the breathy thing?


I was still warily looking at Tyler, waiting for him to recognize me as David, but he hadn’t seemed to make the connection yet.


“Name’s Tyler,” he said holding out his hand.


“I’m Dave,” I replied shaking his hand with trepidation.


He held my hand longer than necessary, but I didn’t mind. How could I when it was Tyler who was touching me?


“Would you…would you like to come in for something to drink? Or if you’re free, you’re more than welcome to spend the day with us,” Tyler’s voice clearly indicated that he hoped I would agree.


But I was reluctant. It was clear that Tyler hadn’t made the connection yet, but I was pretty certain it was only a matter of time before he did. I was bound to slip, probably by saying something that Tyler had shared with David. No way, uh-uh! I better make my escape now while I’m still ahead.


“No, I’m sorry but I don’t have much time. I have a lot of things to do today, so I better get going…”


“But Uncle Davey,” Josh suddenly spoke up from where he had made his way beside Tyler, “you told Mommy on the phone that you weren’t doing anything today.”


Ah shoot! Busted by a four year old. My cheeks heated in embarrassment, but Tyler’s eyes were clearly indicating his amusement.


“Well,” he said, his voice laced with mirth, “seeing as you’re free, I really do insist that you come spend some time with us. I’m sure Josh will love spending time with his uncle as well.”


“Yes!” Josh exclaimed, punching his hand up in the air in victory. “Please Uncle Davey, I haven’t seen you for weeks. I miss hanging out with you.”


Aww shit! How could I say no when those big blue puppy dog eyes were staring up at me like that.


I knew this would probably come back to bite me in the ass, but there was no way I could refuse Josh, and if I were to be truly honest, I really did want to spend time with Tyler.


I sighed, “OK, I’ll stay.” I got out of the car to the cheers from the all three of them. I gave Tyler a glare to show him that I was not amused, but he just tilted his head back and let out a loud boisterous laugh.


My annoyance quickly turned into arousal as I gazed over his laughing face, his blond hair highlighted by the sun, my fingers just itching to run through it.


My cock gave a happy twitch.


I gulped. Maybe I should have just hightailed it after all.




As we entered the house, Timmy immediately took Josh’s hand to lead him up to his room. That left Tyler and I standing in awkward silence until Tyler finally broke it with offering to show me the house.


We had entered into a large foyer painted in a pale yellow that made it look bright and cheerful. The flooring was all done in hardwood, as was the staircase that led up to the second floor. Tyler led me through the house, starting with the living room on the right that was done in earthy rich tones complete with a fireplace and floor to ceiling bookshelves. The living room then led to the dining room whose large oak dining table seemed a little excessive for the only two people living in the house. A door from the dining room opened up to the kitchen, which seemed at least ten times bigger than the one in my apartment. Its white cabinets and soothing blue color gave it a light and airy feel. There was even a breakfast nook located near the doors leading to the back patio. My breath caught at the view outside those doors. Beyond the patio was an endless view of the English Bay. For miles, the sunlight danced over the deep blue water before it once again gave way to land upon which West Vancouver was situated.


I was so caught up in looking at the spectacular view that Tyler’s voice startled me.


“Sorry, what did you say?”


Tyler’s eyes were laughing at me again. “Don’t worry, it happens to everyone who sees the view for the first time. It’s really something, isn’t it?”


“Yeah,” I said looking back out the window, “this place must have cost a fortune for the view alone.”


Tyler shrugged. “I grew up in this house, my dad first bought it when he married my mom. Prices weren’t as high back then. Most of the cost has gone to renovating it over the years.”


“Does you father still live here?” I asked, worried that Robert would pop up from somewhere around the corner at any moment.


Tyler gave a little laugh. “No he moved out years ago. He bought a penthouse downtown, says he wants to live the high life,” Tyler shook his head in disbelief. “Sometimes I think he might be having a late life crisis or something.”


I chuckled. That sure does seem to describe Robert.


“Anyway, I was asking whether you wanted any coffee,” Tyler repeated his question.


“Oh yeah, sure,” I said realizing I had missed out on my morning cup.


I sat on one of the bar stools in front of the kitchen island, watching Tyler pour the coffee. With his back turned towards me, I was able to openly admire his broad shoulders beneath the casual button down shirt that narrowed into his tapered waist. My eyes travelled downwards to the delicious ass encased in well-worn jeans. Mmm, how I wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of that...


I was so enthralled by Tyler’s backside, that I was caught by surprise when he suddenly turned around to ask me how I wanted my coffee. I managed to splutter my answer but my flustered state completely gave away what I had been doing. Tyler gave me a knowing stare, and that playful smirk that had oh so challenged me at the club that Friday night was once again playing over his face.


I glared at him but was too flustered to be able to think of a witty comeback, so I stuck out my tongue instead and then inwardly cringed at my own childishness. Thankfully Tyler just chuckled before handing me my coffee.


As I sipped my coffee, I noticed Tyler staring at my face. His eyes roving all over it as though he was searching for something.


“What?” I asked him worriedly.


Tyler broke out of his trance and gave me a sheepish smile.


“Sorry,” he said bashfully, “it’s just that I get a feeling that I’ve seen you before. Like I’ve known you for a while.”


My heart started beating faster, but instead of letting myself panic, I tried to divert any of his thoughts that would connect me to David, the PA.


“Well I would hope so,” I said instead, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible, “after all, you had your tongue shoved pretty far down my throat that night.”


I was rewarded with a slight blush spreading over Tyler’s cheeks.


Who knew that Tyler could blush? I thought, and couldn’t help the grin from spreading over my face.


“Yeah, you’re right,” Tyler coughed to clear his throat.


My grin grew wider at seeing Tyler so flustered. It was a definite first for me.


Noticing my grin, Tyler tried to make his escape so he could compose himself. “You go make yourself at home in the family room while I go fetch the boys,” he said before quickly striding out of the kitchen.


Silently chuckling to myself, I made my way into the family room, which was shared with an open concept kitchen. That meant that apart from a waist high wall that divided the two, you could clearly see into the family room through the kitchen and vice versa.


The family room was decorated in more masculine tones. There was a TV mounted on one wall complete with the surround sound system. The brown leather couch and arm chairs were positioned around a coffee table. Unlike the living room, this room had a more lived in feel, especially due to the various toys scattered around here and there.


One of the first things I noticed when entering the room were the numerous photos adorning one of the beige walls. A majority of them were of Timmy growing up, from a newborn all the way to now. There were even some pictures of Robert, and seeing his ties in some of the old pictures clearly indicated that his ugly tie fetish had been going on for quite some time. A couple were of a beautiful woman that I could only assume was Tyler’s mother since she had the same dimpled smile as him. There were some photos of Tyler’s childhood as well, and I had to admit that Tyler looked exactly like Timmy when he was that age. It was pretty adorable. I also didn’t fail to notice that there was not a single picture of Timmy’s mother, Elizabeth. Serves her right, I thought, after how she had treated both Tyler and her son.


From all of the pictures on the wall, there was one that stood out to me the most. It was an old photo of Tyler; he was probably around ten years old in it. But it wasn’t Tyler who had caught my attention, it was the wiry teen next to Tyler who had his arm thrown around Tyler’s shoulders. Tyler was clearly looking up at the boy with open admiration on his face. Like a child gazes at his hero, I realized.


The black haired teen appeared to be sixteen or so and seemed slightly awkward due to his tall and lanky build. His face though striking in its features, was covered in a large smattering of acne. Nonetheless, the grin spread over his face as he looked into the camera seemed to say that he couldn’t have cared less.


Though the boy’s smile seemed foreign to me, that was not the case with his eyes. I could recognize those arctic blues anywhere.


It was Dean.


To be continued…

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....and David thought his life was complicated enough already. lmaosmiley.gif That was a great development in the story. Just loved it! wub.png

Out of the mouths of babes - busted by Josh - great scene. thumbsup.gif

So Dean was a childhood friend and possibly Tyler's hero when they were kids. We haven't had any direct interaction between Tyler and Dean in the story so far, so it's difficult to assess their current relationship or lack thereof. All we've had really are just nasty remarks Dean has made about Tyler hiring Ugly Davey. <sighs>

I don't want to give up on the idea of Tyler falling for Ugly Davey, but it would seem less likely now since not-Ugly Davey is sort of back in Tyler's life.


Definitely a super chapter, EmDee!! thumbsupsmileyanim.gifworshippy.gif

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And the plot thickens !!!!!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif The Dean character is getting more interesting.

As usual the chapter was extremely funny!! Keep it up, waiting for moresmile.png

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This is a fun story. I enjoy reading something just for fun and enjoying deeply myself. It was a great write up. :thumbs:

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On 12/27/2011 12:11 PM, Conner said:
....and David thought his life was complicated enough already. lmaosmiley.gif That was a great development in the story. Just loved it! wub.png

Out of the mouths of babes - busted by Josh - great scene. thumbsup.gif

So Dean was a childhood friend and possibly Tyler's hero when they were kids. We haven't had any direct interaction between Tyler and Dean in the story so far, so it's difficult to assess their current relationship or lack thereof. All we've had really are just nasty remarks Dean has made about Tyler hiring Ugly Davey. <sighs>

I don't want to give up on the idea of Tyler falling for Ugly Davey, but it would seem less likely now since not-Ugly Davey is sort of back in Tyler's life.


Definitely a super chapter, EmDee!! thumbsupsmileyanim.gifworshippy.gif

Thanks Conner! :D

If you think things are complicated now... :whistle:

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On 12/28/2011 12:40 AM, Gulab Jamun said:
And the plot thickens !!!!!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif The Dean character is getting more interesting.

As usual the chapter was extremely funny!! Keep it up, waiting for moresmile.png

Hehehe thanks GJ! :D

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On 12/28/2011 01:23 AM, Michael9344 said:
This is a fun story. I enjoy reading something just for fun and enjoying deeply myself. It was a great write up. :thumbs:
Thanks so much for reading Michael! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Did Tyler have a crush on Dean? ohmy.png I like how Dave's lie was exposed by a four year old, that made me laugh.

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