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Ugly Davey - 8. Chapter 08 – Stormy Gray Eyes


Chapter 08 – Stormy Gray Eyes


The constant bass from the music was thrumming through my veins. Though it was loud, the music was oddly soothing, allowing me to forget about my worries and relax as I watched people dancing.


We were at the new Moby Dick Gay Bar & Club that had opened a few weeks ago. It had just the right mix of a darkened strobe-light flashing dance floor and a more lighted bar with seating area. I was currently sitting across from Amy and Rick, sipping my beer as I looked across the many bodies bumping and grinding to the music. We were seated in a small booth that had a clear view of both the bar and dance floor.


“Dave, go talk to him already!” insisted Amy as she discreetly turned her head towards the man under the pretense of moving a lock of her auburn hair behind her ear. “He’s been checking you out since we got here 15 minutes ago.”


I followed her gaze to look at the man standing near the bar talking to two other men who were clearly a couple. Every now and then the man would glance at me before returning to his conversation.


“C’mon Dave, he’s so fucking hot!”


“Amy! You kiss your son with that mouth, don’t swear!” I chastised her jokingly.


“Don’t worry, I’ll use some mouthwash when I get home. Now tell me, are you going to make a move or should I do it?” she challenged me.


“Hey, hey! Should I be feeling insecure right now?” cut in a grinning Rick as he downed the rest of his beer.


“Yes baby, you should. I’ve decided to move on since you can no longer satisfy me in bed,” she said rubbing his arm soothingly while mischief danced in her bright blue eyes.


“Oh well that’s too bad,” said Rick while making a fake pouty face, “but if that’s what you want, then I’ll let you go.” Rick looked at me and winked before saying, “now I can finally go to that strip club I’ve been wanting to check out!”


Amy smacked his arm and I burst into laughter, enjoying their usual crazy antics.


“Seriously Davey, you know you need to get laid so you might as well go for it,” encouraged Rick.


I inwardly sighed. I knew that Rick and Amy were only looking out for me but these last few months I had started to feel the need to have something more than just the usual one night stands. Though I hadn’t told them yet, I wanted what they had. I wanted a loving relationship like theirs instead of short flings that were only ever about sex. I’d already had more than my share of sleeping around and now felt like I was ready for more.


I wasn’t proud of the fact that I had gone a bit wild during my university years. But then again what does one do when they move from a small city like Prince George to a big city like Vancouver where suddenly the amount of gay men more than quadruples. I had been like a kid in a candy store those first few months of University, though I had settled down quite a bit after graduating. But even after all these years, lasting relationship still seemed to elude me. Though I had had a few pathetic attempts at relationships, they had always ended when I realized that I was being treated more as good-looking arm candy rather than an equal partner. Nothing had put more of a damper on a relationship than having your boyfriend parade you around like a mindless possession.


I sighed and looked at the man at the bar, only to notice that he was once again looking in our direction. This time our eyes caught and I gasped at what I saw. It was as though the exact situation with Dean in the cafeteria was repeating itself. Yet unlike with Dean whose eyes had been filled with disgust, this man’s stormy gray eyes were filled with warmth and desire.


I did a slow appraisal of the man from head to toe. He was tall, at least a good few inches above my own 6’, perhaps around 6’4. His broad shoulders and muscular frame could clearly be seen through the snug black t-shirt he was wearing beneath his leather jacket. His toned abdomen narrowed down into a tapered waist and I could just see myself running my tongue over each and everyone of his rock hard abs visible through his form fitting shirt. His long legs were encased in a pair of jeans and his feet in a well worn pair of black boots. His body could have easily rivaled that of Michelangelo’s David and come out on top.


But even more perfect than his body was his face. Never in my life had I seen a more gorgeous man. He had short dirty blond hair that was slightly tousled as though he had a habit of constantly running his fingers through it. His masculine jaw was covered in a day’s worth of stubble, while his straight nose and stormy gray eyes just added to his perfection. And honest to god the man’s cheeks even had hints of dimples. I felt like I could just come in my pants by only staring at his face. Everything about this man screamed Adonis.


When I looked up into his eyes again, I noticed that he had seen me checking him out and now had a tiny playful smirk on his lips that showcased his dimples. He gazed deep into my eyes and I felt warmth spreading throughout my face. At that moment I was more than a little grateful for both the dim lighting and my mom’s Italian heritage for giving me olive toned skin that managed to hide most of my blush.


Screw lasting relationships for tonight, I thought as I watched the man’s sexy ass smirk that was oh so challenging me to make a move. I am not letting this one get away with thinking I’m a wimp. Time to show him just what I got!


I downed the rest of my beer in one gulp for some liquid courage and got up off of my seat. I distantly heard Rick hooting and hollering at me as I made my way to the bar, all the while keeping my gaze locked with those silver-gray eyes.


Halfway to the bar I stopped in my tracks and gave the man my sexiest grin before doing a right turn and walking towards the dance floor instead. I put a little extra sway in my hips, knowing that there was no way he could resist looking at my butt so clearly outlined in my tight fitting jeans. I stopped at the edge of the dance floor and looked back over my shoulder at him. Sure enough his eyes were glued to my ass. When he caught me staring at him with a smirk, he quirked an eyebrow and gave me a wide grin showcasing his perfect white teeth. He sat his drink down and murmured something to the couple he was with before following me to the dance floor.


I arrived at the floor before he did and started getting warmed up by swaying to the music. I loved to dance, always had even as a kid. I could feel countless hands and fingers reaching out of the dancing crowd to caress me all over my body, but I ignored all of them as I swayed to the thrum of the music with my eyes closed and face pointed up towards the ceiling. All of a sudden there was a change in the air and I caught a whiff of a faint layer of cologne that smelled nicer than anything I had ever owned.


All of the other touches fell away to be replaced by two large hands taking a hold of my swaying hips. I slowly lowered my head and opened my eyes to once again find myself trapped in the liquid fire that burned through those gray eyes.


Rather than taking the time to make introductions, I pulled the man closer and started pushing my hips into his along with the music. His grip on my hips tightened as he responded and we began moving to the beat. I brought my arms around his neck, causing him to grin. I returned the grin before letting go and turning around so that my back was now up against his chest, then I thrust backwards and heard him gasp. I reveled in the fact that I was having such an effect on him, so I ground back into him and felt his hard length starting to rub against my ass. Now it was my turn to gasp as I realized that he was definitely not lacking in that department. He slid his hands underneath my sweater to rub against my lean stomach while I raised my arms above my head to grab a hold of his hair. I used the grip to pull his face down alongside mine before turning my own towards his to capture his mouth in a light kiss.


“You're not much for wasting time, huh?” the man chuckled as he bit my bottom lip. I responded by opening my mouth to deepen the kiss, all the while still thrusting my hips into his groin. It was my time to chuckle when I heard a deep moan escape him.


“Why waste time when we can get right down to the good stuff?” I asked looking up into his eyes that were shining with a mixture of amusement and lust.


Everything fell away as I solely concentrated on the feel of his body and mouth. I lost all track of time or of what Amy and Rick were doing. Nothing seemed to matter at that moment beyond him. When all the pressure was getting too much, I pulled away and looked into his eyes. “So do you want to keep dancing the night away, or start getting to that good stuff already?"


He let out a laugh, his dimples making an appearance. “I was just about to ask you. Your place or mine?” he asked leaning down to capture my mouth in another kiss.


“Mine,” I shakily breathed out when our lips parted.


“Well then, let's get to it.” With that he grabbed a hold of my hand and started leading me towards the exit. I quickly glanced at Amy and Rick who were both smirking and giving me a thumbs-up sign as I followed the man out in a daze.




The few minutes it took for him to drive us to my apartment, I was all over him. Rubbing his thighs and kissing his neck as he drove as fast he could without getting a ticket. I had never felt like this before. Even with my record of one-night stands, I had always taken the time to at least talk to the people I would be sleeping with, even if it was to just find out their names. But with this man I couldn’t care less about anything but getting him naked so I could properly worship his magnificent body.


“You’re a feisty one aren’t you?” the man said with a hoarse chuckle as I nipped his neck.


“You have no idea how feisty I can be,” I growled in return while continuing to lick and nip along his collarbone.


“Is that so?” he sounded horribly amused.


I answered with another nip to his jaw, a part of me wondering how he was still able to drive so smoothly while having me practically eating him the entire time.


With a few mumbled directions from me while I continued my attack, we finally arrived at my place. No sooner had we entered my apartment and shut the door that I felt myself being shoved up against it as he hungrily attacked my mouth. I moaned at the sudden assault and opened my mouth to allow him to shove his tongue inside. I was already falling in love with the taste of his mouth. A hint of beer mixed with something that was so uniquely him. Our tongues were battling as we kissed messily, both lost in the passion of our growing need. All of sudden he picked me up and moved me higher up the door as he continued to attack my mouth. My head was now higher up than his and I angled my mouth to give him deeper access as I wrapped my legs around his waist.


“God you’re so fucking hot!” he groaned hoarsely as we finally let up for some air.


His comment made me let out a breathy laugh as I remembered that Amy had said the same thing about him at the club. He growled in response to my laugh and started attacking the skin a between my neck and shoulder. He was going at with so much passion that I knew I would have a mark left there for days afterwards.


I moaned again and moved my neck to the side to give him more room while my fingers tangled in his hair. “Yes…oh fuck…” was all I could get out as my brain was completely short-circuiting under the onslaught.


I pulled at his hair to make him let go so that I could once again devour his mouth. I felt one of his hands come up to rub my rock hard cock through my jeans. I hissed in sharp breath as he used his palm to put pressure on my hard length, causing me to start thrusting my hips forward.


He chuckled into my mouth. “My, my, someone sure is in a hurry.”


“Just shut up and kiss me again,” I growled which caused him to laugh harder.


“My pleasure,” he chuckled before diving back in to kiss me. And kiss me he did, the best kiss I had ever had in my life.


He managed to open my belt buckle and I was already vibrating in anticipation of what was to come next when a shrill noise shocked us both out of our passion. For a moment he just stood there with me wrapped around him, looking at each other with wide eyes as we tried to regain our breath. The shrill noise sounded again, causing us both to jump in surprise.


“Fuck!” he said pulling out his cellphone from his back pocket. He looked at the screen before back at me. “Shit! I’m so sorry, I have to take this.”


He let me down then took a step back and answered his phone.


“Hello?...No I’m not at the club anymore…WHAT? No Dad, tell me if he’s OK!”


I was still in a lust-filled daze and couldn’t completely comprehend what was happening from the one sided conversation but judging by his expression, I was pretty sure it was something serious.


“Did you take his temperature?... SHIT! That is high. OK Dad I’m coming over right now. Try to calm him down and tell him I’ll be there in few minutes… Yes tell him I love him too. Bye Dad, see you in a few.”


He hung up and looked at me with an apologetic expression. “I’m so sorry but I have to leave. It’s a family emergency.”


I quickly snapped out of my daze at his serious tone. “Is everything alright?” I asked worriedly.


“Yeah but I have to go right now.” He leaned in to give me a light peck on my lips. “I’m so sorry but I have to go.”


And with that he was running out of my door and moments later I heard his car pulling out of the parking lot. I stood in shock next to my apartment door with my hair tousled, lips swollen, sweater askew, and belt hanging open, still trying to comprehend what had happened.


He was gone and he had left me with nothing. No name, no number, no mind-blowing orgasm. Nothing but one helluva serious case of blue balls.


To be continued…

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Evil cliffhanger! devilsmiley.gif Lucky I'm late to the story so the next chapter's ready + waiting tongue.png

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On 03/08/2012 01:22 AM, Zombie said:
Evil cliffhanger! devilsmiley.gif Lucky I'm late to the story so the next chapter's ready + waiting tongue.png
Lucky you :P **waits till you get to ch18 with the major cliffhanger** :evil:

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Eww he's so HORNY. Naughty like you :P


Is he who I think he is o.o

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On 04/02/2012 04:59 PM, Audi said:
Eww he's so HORNY. Naughty like you :P


Is he who I think he is o.o

:o Did you just call me naughty? So not true!

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