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Summer's too Cold - 9. Chapter 9 - Delightful Plans


By the next morning, I had met everyone in the family, and explored half of the mansion. Not a palace. A mansion. I woke up, yet again, to a sing of the birds – though this time, they were all singing one song. Together. It was…(I have been using a lot lately…) beautiful. I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. I took a long, hot shower and then went over to one of the large wardrobes hidden among the forest. I picked out a pair of skinny jeans, a loose shirt and put my crocs on before going down for breakfast. As soon as I opened my door, Keith walked in, pushing me aside. Now, Keith was…how do I put this gently… fat. He used to be drop-dead gorgeous but then I guess he lost his iPod or got dumped for the first time in his life or something, and gained “other stuff” to make up for the loss. He had longish dark brown hair, and devilish red-brown eyes. Not unlike Britt’s. He was tall. And elder than me. Which sucked for me.


“Aww. Poor baby is hurt? Is poor baby going to start crying? Huh?” he said, punching my face. He pulled me up by my collar and held me high, and then I lost consciousness. The last thing I remembered was flying through a forest…



I gained consciousness around noon. Fortunately I wasn’t severely bruised in places I couldn’t cover. I went and took another shower to get cleaned up, used to this treatment by now. I rushed down to get some food. I picked up a few granola bars and a few packets of chips and ran back up to the confines of my room, where no one could hear my sobs.


After about an hour, my phone buzzed. I wiped my tears off and checked my phone.


Nicole: Hey! How nice, dude. You’re in Ohio and you don’t even tell me. I had to hear it from ISABELLE! Isabelle of all the people. I might just kill you.


I smiled to myself. Nicole. She was like the smart-ass. She knew everything, and still found the need to study. Useless, I tell you. She was tall. Well, taller than me. Pfft. Her skin was a deep, brown color, matching her dark, brown eyes. Her hair was black and wavy, but she kept it short. Well, shoulder length. She was slim, and always had this kind of a shine in her eyes.


Jesse: Aww. Did I upset you by the thought that Bells is more            important to me than you? 


Nicole: Hardly. Ass-face. Anyways guess what happened?!


Jesse: What happened? School is over? How utterly disastrous!


Nicole: Well. Firstly, SHUT UP! Secondly, now that you’ve decided to act like a jackass, I wont tell you. You can see for yourself when we meet up at the mall. Tomorrow. 12pm. You ARE coming, right?


Jesse: Fine. Don’t tell me. I didn’t want to know ANYWAYS. I’ll be there. BUT. You’re inviting Bells.


Nicole: I AM NOT!!


Jesse: Then have fun without me.


Nicole: Fine. I’ll call her. Jerk. Bye.


Jesse: Hehe. Cya later.


I threw my phone on the bed, and lay down, pulling the covers way over my head. I’ll be meeting EVERYONE tomorrow. Ugh. I’ll be MEETING everyone TOMORROW! I got off my bed, pushing those thoughts to the back of my head, and went over to the stereo to lay some good music. I played the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. The song spread a feeling of unusual cheeriness through me. I started singing along with him.


“Do you hear me, I’m talking to you,

Across the water, across the deep, blue oceaann,

Under the open sky, Oh my, baby I’m trying…”


I walked over to the shower, took my clothes off, and turned the water to cold. I shivered. It felt so good…



I stepped out of the shower after what seemed like an hour. The song playing now was “Save Me” by Nicki Minaj. Singing along, I walked over to my wardrobe. I picked out a random pair of shorts. They were like short-shorts. Makes sense? And a t-shirt. I wore my clothes and jumped on my bed. WHY WAS I FEELING SO HAPPY?! Nothing good was going to come out of this. I knew it. I just knew it. I threw that thought out of my head, put some slow song, and cuddled under the blanket, drifting off to sleep.




“NOOOO!!” I screamed, as I woke up with a start. My breathing was heavy. I was sweating all over. They were all there…Together. Coming towards me. Keith, Nat and Britt. Their faces were pale, with a dark expression. I could see the fire, the hatred in their red eyes. They had whips. They were going to beat me to death. I started screaming for help. And then, out of nowhere, came Austin’s voice,


“There is no one, NO ONE who can save you NOW.”


And he came from behind and got ready to punch me and… I woke up. It was the worst nightmare. His expression, as he was about to hit me never left my mind. So full of disgust, hatred, even slight annoyance. It wouldn’t leave me. That image, it haunted me all night, as I tried to fall asleep… but how could I sleep after THAT? And soon, my eyes started tearing up, as I hugged the blanket tight, never wanting to let go of it; wanting to let go of every other feeling. Just…letting go…



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