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Home To Roost - 15. Epilogue

It had been a month since Dean and Kao officially took their place as the Beta Pair. Their new home was a homey three bed, two bath house with a huge backyard that sat on the shore of a nice sized lake. It was about an hour from the camp. Close enough to get to and from each day, but far enough away to where they didn't have to be part of the hustle and bustle that always seemed to happen there. Both had jobs which more than paid for the gas, house, and all the little things.

Kao was hired as a guidance counselor for the nearby high school, as well as teaching foreign languages. He loved being with the kids, helping them through the dangerous and often emotional hell that was high school. His role also had him serving as the staff member for the Friends Across Boundaries group, the school's gay/straight alliance club. His stance was there was no boundary too large to overcome. Had most of the students known their advisor was a hawk three nights out of the month who was mated to a straight man, they might have believed him a bit more. As it was, Kao was a very welcome addition to the faculty, young as he was.

Dean worked at several companies around the state. He, once again, was the Heavy. He was the head of many of the review boards for Jon's companies, having had ten years of experience in saying "You're fired." Since he did not work directly with any one company, he could only judge each case based on the reports given. He often tossed the faceless spreadsheets into the trash and met with each company to find out what they felt was needed for the company to prosper. Often he agreed. Every so often, he told the higher-ups to fuck off and did as he felt was right based on performance and not preference.

They had their duties as Betas as well. Jon often included them in conference calls for any reason from a small pack dispute to deciding who left the toilet seat down last night and made a mess. A normal phone call was able to be ignored should the two be busy, which they often were after seven at night. A Skype call was official, usually preceded by as much warning as possible via text to let them know how official.

One such call came in at 2 am. Dean growled at the phone since there was no text to warn him. "Sorry to wake you, guys, but we have a problem. You need to get to the camp. Now."

Thanks for coming along on this, the third book in my Homestead Pride series. Eternal thanks to my editor Timothy for all his hard work and suggestions. Thanks to my husband who got me back into writing after so long away from it. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Homestead Short...starring Victoria.

Copyright © 2018 Fantasyboy69; All Rights Reserved.
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1 hour ago, Puppilull said:

That was some epilogue! Or prologue! An eprologue! Hmm... That sounds slightly icky, but nevermind. I'll look forward to the next book!

Eprologue sounds like some medication to treat constipation. "Feeling stopped up? Try eprologue."

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Thanks for the tale of Dean and Kao. Looking forward to more from the Homestead Pack.  

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Amazing story like all the other, I love them all. I can't wait to see how the story will continue.☺

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