'52 Panhead

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Jeff's a decent guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Badly hurt by a failed relationship, he's wary of commitment. Evan lost his first love ten years ago and still isn't quite over it. After a chance meeting, they realize that this could be more than they ever hoped for, if they can find the courage to trust and believe. (in progress)
'52 Panhead is my second posted effort at long fiction. The first was Stonegate Stables. Jeff and Evan and the other characters in '52 Panhead are figments of my overworked imagination and shouldn't be confused with any living, breathing people. There is a fair amount of graphic same-sex sex in this story, so bail out now if you need to by law or personal preference. Having said that, this is by no means a stroke story; it's the story of four men and the gradual development of their intertwined relationships. 'Panhead' refers to an engine configuration that Harley Davidson produced between 1948 and 1965.

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I've read all 48 chapters thus far posted and I have a couple of observations.


1) Great story about people dealing with trauma. Nice portrayal of not giving up on sex when dealing with paraplegia or other causes of ED! Everyone needs to be stroked-somehow, someway.

2) Love how you portray the animals, especially the dogs. Caring people are usually animal people in my humble experience.

3) To some extent all four main characters exhibit some characteristics of drama queens. Jeff gets angry, hurt, feels rejected, offended and is generally insecure. They all over react to some degree and there is a lot

of testosterone in at least three of them.

4) Brendon could be the best thing to happen to all of them. If he could bring a little in your face humor to the adults and perhaps somehow show them that they mostly take everything and everyone, way too seriously, it would be nice.

5) Winter is always followed by Spring, which means hope and I hope that Gabriel finds his muse and gets back to this saga ASAP!



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First off, your f**king killing me with the wait! This story has me hooked in many ways and I keep trying to think where the author is going, I do have some great fantasies/story lines for our boys. As for the comment that the boy's seem to be drama queens I can't disagree more. Jeff is someone I can identify with on many levels especially the insecurity issue, and for those who have been lucky enough not to be afflicted by it by believe me the character is spot on. As to the survivors, I've got that in spades...when I was fourteen, my twenty one year old brother was killed in an auto accident and I spent years coming to grips with "survivor guilt", again the author nails it; you may learn to live with it but even after forty years it never completely goes away. After all 48 chapters (and I hope 48 more) only two things. 1. I hope the story speeds up a bit both in time line and postings 2. I live on 5 acres and the 'farm' sounds more like 50 acres to me, but I know that's being a bit picky. All that said, I haven't read anything this well written on gay fictions site. It's well worth your time but be prepared to lose your heart. Very well done.

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Well I finished the story last night, naturally I am not one for books... But I love this book and it means the world to me to think of some of these feelings I have experienced and long to experience! The whole story took me just shy of 4 days to read, but now I need to ask something of the author, please finish the story... I can't even listen to "skyscraper - Demi lavato" without thinking of Jeff and Evan (I put the song on repeat while reading hehe) And well after reading all 48 chapters, I am at a loss for words and just feel depressed that I could not finish something thats so amazing... Please let me know of any potential additions to the chapters the first chance you get!


Thank you for such an amazing story! <3

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