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Short Stories - 7. Social Bubble (with Epilogue)

This is my Gay Author Anthologies – Spring 2009

The epilogue was added to match up with the Gay Author Anthologies – Spring 2010 of Behind the Curtain.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living, dead, space aliens, goats, or others are purely coincidental. There may be sexual content so if this, in any form, offends you, please cease reading. Also, if you are not of legal age to read this, please don't.

Copyright © 2009, 2010 by hh5

Social Bubble (with Epilogue)

By HH5

It was fall session in college. I signed up for a “technology and society” course. I figured it might be enjoyable, and it promised to be an easy three credits. I knew there would be mostly freshmen in the class, but, hey I figured it would look good on my resume: you know the social bubble, and all.

It’s hard to be in the closet and never have had the nerve even to check out the gay resources on campus. My roommate Tom doesn’t even know I am ___. I can’t even say it to myself, let alone to my roommate. We only see each other as straight guys. It’s funny. We went to the same high school and graduated the same year, but never bumped into each other. When we first got to college, we were tripled with some other guy as roommates. After a lot of politics and maneuvering, the third guy got his own room. I still don’t know why Tom and I allied with each other, but it was great to have someone familiar, at least, to be a friend. It was really a Godsend to have a roommate that I could get along with most of the time; I was thankful for that.

During the first couple of weeks of classes, I didn’t bother making connections with anyone. People always switch around, adding and dropping classes, so I didn’t see the point in it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up in not finding someone or even accidently outing myself. I needed to get use to living off campus and the new routine demanded by my college schedule. I did manage to get to all my classes early so I could get a seat in the front row. I always wanted to be there because I hated to miss out on anything the professor said. By the third week of the semester, things had pretty much settled down, and I started to notice the other people in my classes. I was also getting quite used to the routine of my schedule. I love living off campus. Having peace and quiet in a home setting made me happy. I do miss the luxuries of campus life but those losses don’t outweigh the comfort of my health that comes first.

In the “technology and society” class, — or “Tek-sosh” as we called it —, I noticed a freshman who always seemed to be a few seconds late to class. He was cute; he was shorter than me by a couple of inches; and, he always smelled good—like he just came fresh out of the shower. His fresh scent would always send me into a bout of sexual fantasies that distracted my attention from the lecture for a few minutes. The worst part of it all – it made me get really hard – and then get embarrassed after I giggled, smiled, and blushed. He would notice that and just elbow me, smile, and nod to get my attention to re-focus on lecture.

Well, I was right about the shower. The reason he was always late was that he had swimming practice just before this class. That made it hard on him, since the natatorium is half-way across a very large campus. He, too, liked to sit on the first row, so I decided to save him a seat. He was surprised the first time he came in and saw me waving him to the empty seat next to me. He grinned, his thanks, but didn’t say anything, because the professor had already started. He did thank me after the class, though. It was brief, because we both had to rush to our next classes, which were in opposite directions in the “very large campus,” again. It was good to be with each other in class, and learning together; it was great to have someone so attractive sitting next to me. But that’s as far as it went. We didn’t even have a chance to learn each other’s names.

One cold day, he came in all bundled up and looking seriously chilled. It was 20 minutes into the class before he opened up his jacket. As soon as he did, I noticed that there was a large rip in his pants leg, and that his thigh—a lot of it—was exposed. It was smooth and, well, erotic. There was no way I could not notice it, and almost no way I could keep from staring at it the rest of the class. Why is it the really cute guys are so showy of their bodies, I said to myself. The harder I tried not to look the more my curiosity was piqued. I started to worry that he would notice that I was looking, and get angry.

Just before the class ended, an announcement came over the campus P.A. system: a water main had frozen. All classes were cancelled for the remainder of the day. Wow, I thought, I may actually have a chance to talk to this boy. I did. I made an opportunity, and asked him why he seemed to be so cold when he first came in. He told me that he hadn’t had time to dry off after showering, and had put his clothes on while he was still wet.

I didn’t know what to say after that, and he started to turn away. But then, he turned back and asked, “Hey, want to have lunch together?”

“Uh, sure, I’d like to,” I managed to blurt out. “Uh, want to ride on my moped?”

“Yeah,” he said. He got on behind me and put his arms around my waist. I took off with a bit of a zip. He scream “Oh, yeah!!! This can really go!!” I smiled at his excitement as we past a few cars and students.

He pointed to the building up ahead.“Can we stop by my dorm, first? I need to change out of these clothes…they’re still damp.”  I responded, ”Sure, No Problem.”

It didn’t take but a couple of minutes to reach his dorm. I realized that it was just like the one I lived in: a square building with a hallway that ran all the way around it. You could walk the entire floor in a circle. Okay, in a square, but you know what I mean. The rooms were essentially the same as the one I lived in.

His room was really hot; the heating system had over-reacted to the sudden cold snap, as usual. It didn’t help that I was wearing heavy, winter pants and shirt. “Hey, look,” he said. “It’s going to take me a few minutes to dry off, shower, and get into dry clothes. You must be hot. Why don’t you take off your heavy clothes until just before we’re ready to leave?”

It seemed reasonable. Yeah, right. I was thinking rationally and reasonably. Anyway, I did. Stripped, that is, to boxers and socks, and sat on the edge of his bed and watched him undress.

It was strange to see a cute guy to strip in front of me. I know he said he had to change, but I guess I didn’t really think about what that meant. It hit me when he took off his pants and I saw that he was still wearing his Speedos. He’s going to be naked in front of me in a second, I thought. He noticed—he couldn’t help but notice—that I was staring at his body and his swimsuit. He smiled. He said, “Hey, would like to try on my Speedos? I bet you’ve never wore any before.” He didn’t wait for my answer, but started taking them off. I don’t know what I said, probably something unintelligible — and unintelligent. He must have thought I had agreed, because he stood there, naked, and holding them out. I stood, took off my boxers, and slid the Speedos up my legs.

He saw that I was having trouble getting them on. And he started helping me. He tucked in my bum, and then tried to adjust my cock so that the Speedo would fit properly. By that point, it was a lost cause. There was no way my cock was going to fit, not after he had touched me. He giggled, and told me that they looked great on me, anyway. That’s when I kissed him.

I don’t think I meant to, but it happened, anyway. He reacted instantly, and pulled me into his nakedness. We started making out like crazy. It didn’t take long before it got very serious. The first, accidental kiss turned into a tongue twisting frenzy. We were feeling every inch of each other’s body, and inhaling each other’s intoxicatingly sweet scent.

It was his scent: the smell of soap from the shower that pushed me to the next stage of our lovemaking. We started grinding into each other’s crotch; we were spellbound with the feel, the touch of each other’s unique body. He wanted more. We broke apart, and he slid the Speedos down my legs. I stepped out of them. He pushed me onto his bed. He fell on top of me and started to ravage my body. A few minutes later I pull him onto the bed and I got on top of him and return the favor back while kissing him.

Suddenly, we hear the sound of the door opening and something hitting the floor.

We both looked up. Now, there was a voice shrieking, “Oh …” and then, “Oh, my!”

A second later he said, “Hi Mom … Hi Dad … this is my new boyfriend.” He turned his head back toward me and whispered, “By the way, what the f*ck is your name, anyway?”

We stared at each other for an eternity while his parents stared at us: two naked boys in the middle of a steamy romance.

--- Epilogue ---

-– Is anyone going to notice?  ---

Sam barges into his dorm room but is suddenly startled seeing someone’s parents blocking his way in. He was about to scream but conveniently places his hand over his mouth to prevent himself. He sighed quietly to himself and shakes his head. He calmly spoke as to not startle anyone, "Hi everybody - excuse me ... excuse me ... please - I need to get my books - I'm late for class"

Sam quickly moved passed them to get through to his side of the room. He grabbed for his books off the desk and stuffs them into his bag - while not noticing the spectacle of the scene he walked into. He only noticed how hot and steamy the room is and was glad that the window was open to keep the room from being hot like a sauna.

Seconds later, he quickly turns to his bed to get his jacket … he makes a quick grab for it … but causes it to fall on the floor instead. He bends down to pick it up but still hasn’t notice the two naked lovers locked in a rather, sultry, sexually charging pose. He gets up and nearly touches their legs but misses. He cleans off the dust that got on this jacket and reminds everyone, "Hey everybody don't forget to lock up and close the window when you leave!!!" Sam starts to rush out of the room but notices with his back to the spectacle, “ohhh … Mr and Mrs ??? … It’s a pleasure to finally meet you …"

After a second, they didn’t respond. He assumed they’re just ignoring him for some reason. Suddenly his watch alarm quietly buzzes to remind him that he's gonna be late for class again. He fumbles to turn off the annoying alarm and issues out his final words before exiting the room, "uhhh you better take your jackets off – it’s very hot in here!!! Bye all!!!"

Sam gets to the door and looks back one more time - and - shakes his head only seeing his roommate’s parents still standing the way he saw them when he entered into the room. He pulls on the handle slightly causing the door to slowly start to shut on its own.

Suddenly he just leaves with a fleeing thought. He got weird parents ... still … they're a lot quieter than mine!! ... I trade mine for his any day of the week!!!

Narrator: “Hi all. To those of you that are worried that you can’t possibility get away with something like this at college. Think again, who’s going to really… see this?? … Honestly … everyone here is just too busy to notice … anything!!”

After the sound of the door has made its final close it broke my locking stare. I blinked and smiled at my lover. I responded in the most romantic endearing tone that I could muster, “Does True Love ... really need … names?? … My Love … Take me … I am … yours … forever." His eyes widen as if steam was blowing out of his ears.

Suddenly at the sound of her son’s sexual sigh … his mothers screams … “OH … MY … GODDD!!!!”

She immediately starts to faint into her awaiting husband arms. A second later, he quickly moves to the door and opens it, “I’m going for smoke, dear … call me when they’re finished”, and he closes it quickly. Suddenly a loud thud hits the floor as door slams shut. Leaving the sounds of "SQUEAK! … SQUEAK!! … SQUEAK!!!" in the room.

The End

I wish to thank David McLeod for editing and beta reading efforts. And for encouraging me to contribute to the “Gay Author Anthologies – Spring 2009”

The epilogue is dedicated to Princess Dutchess who said “Anonymous sex to the tee...lovely story wish i had the guts pull something like that at school” and to AFriendlyFace who said “It's interesting how names are more relevant for introductions than for sex”

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