Damp Sunshine

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The summer before his senior year of high school, Jake is thrust into a dangerous world he had no idea even existed. Before his inheritance the only things Jake was overly concerned with was his strange dreams, and figuring out how to deal with being in love with his best friend. Now, saddled with a heritage that makes him the sole heir to both the Guardian and Night Stalker kingdoms, Jake learns that not everything is black and white, and the people he can trust are few and far in between.

This story was originally posted a few years ago. Should you have happened to read this work before I want you to forget everything. Seriously, pretend you have a sponge and can somehow travel into your brain for a second. I want you to douse the part that holds the memories of DS with bleach and scrub until you can hear it squeak with cleanliness. If you prefer to use an organic cleaner that's fine too. Whatever makes your imagination happy will work just fine. All clean? Great! :thumbup: Proceed, please.

**Rating may change to mature in later chapters for violence.**

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