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Prompts by HB - 3. Prompt #557

Prompt #557 - First Line: And then I hid it where he won't find it.

Warning: Scene contains kinky toys and elements of BDSM. Language is graphic. Reader discretion is advised.

And then I hid it somewhere he won’t find it. Except I wanted him to find it. I wanted him to find it, and use it on me, and turn me inside out with it. It was the single most terrifying thing I have ever wanted.

My relationship with Daniel has always been simple, sweet vanilla and I’ve never had a problem with that. It’s all I’ve ever known and it’s always been satisfying. But I know there’s other stuff out there, stuff that is risqué, kinky even. And I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it, what it would feel like to dabble in the more exotic flavors.

The package had been discreet, thank god, and I’d been able to intercept it before Daniel got home. I would have just left it in the box if there had been somewhere to hide it like that. But a random box would be too easy to find, and Daniel wasn’t one to just let things go.

My hands were shaking when I opened it. I told myself not to be ridiculous, I’d opened a million boxes before. But when I pulled it out, I was so nervous I almost dropped the damn thing.

It was a paddle, almost like a ping pong paddle, but with a longer handle, and covered in soft durable-looking black leather. There were four silver rivets right where the handle flared out into an oblong surface, just slightly larger than my hand. I traced the cold silver rivets and then the smooth warm leather, the contrast sending shivers down my spine.

It had a good heft to it, and felt well balanced in my hand. I gave it a couple of experimental whacks against my palm—the thudding sound as it hit my flesh rang loud in my ears, and the sting on my skin tingled. My dick was immediately hard.

I had put it away then, hidden deep into the back of my closet where Daniel never ventured. And I disposed of the box, taking it out to the big recycling bin so Daniel wouldn’t find it among our other recyclables. I had held the thing for all of five minutes before hiding it. That was the longest I dared to hold it for fear of coming in my pants just from my imagination running wild.

That had been two weeks ago, and since then my mind was constantly drifting to the paddle hidden in my closet, a black implement hanging there, waiting for me, taunting me. I imagined myself bent over Daniel’s knees, buttocks exposed while he used it on me. I could almost hear the thick thudding sound, almost feel the sting and heat as my skin reddened.

My mind wandered there at the most inconvenient of times—during a boring meeting at work, on the subway. And the longer the paddle hung there, the more the fantasy plagued me until I felt like my every waking moment was consumed with thinking about using it.

My every sleeping moment already was. I think I dreamed about it every night since I got it. The dreams varied but they always featured the black paddle in Daniel’s hand and my ass sensitive and on fire. Sometimes I dreamed about him finding it and teasing me with it. Sometimes I dreamed that I was tied up, face down on the bed. Sometimes he left me hard and achy, flesh tenderized and sore. Sometimes he made love to me after the spanking and every thrust burned hot across my tortured bottom.

I walked into our house one day, surprised to find that Daniel had beat me home. I usually had an hour all to myself before he arrived.

“Babe?” I called out. “You’re home early.”

No answer. But I knew he was home. His keys were hanging by the door and the shoes he wore that day were lined up against the wall.

“Babe?” I called out again and went in search. I found him in front of the computer, studying the screen with an amused grin on his face. My mind ran through all the things that he could possibly be looking at and when I realized what it must be, I froze, heart racing so fast that I thought it would leap right out of my chest.

I had been looking at something that morning before leaving for work. I must have forgotten to close the window and delete the browsing history. I was usually so good at that, but I’d gotten caught up in the reading and lost track of time.

Daniel looked at me with that amused grin, the same one he used whenever he thought I did something cute. At least he didn’t seem angry, or outraged, or disgusted. But still, my heart wouldn’t calm down, and my mouth had gone dry.

“Hey, babe,” he said casually, as if he hadn’t been reading what I thought he had been reading. “Boss was out of the office today, so we all sneaked out early.”

I nodded because I couldn’t speak.

“So…” He glanced at the screen and then back at me. “This is yours, right?”

I tried to swallow, but my mouth was so dry that it felt like I was choking.

“Hey, Peter,” he said with chuckle. Standing from the chair, he came toward me, nothing threatening, nothing malicious, just Daniel, my Daniel. “Oh my god, you’re shaking.” He ran his hands across my shoulders and down my arms, the touch familiar and soothing. “Are you okay?”

I blinked up at him. Was I okay? Maybe.

Daniel wasn’t reacting to this the way I feared he would. No, he seemed to think it was funny or entertaining, like an interesting new discovery he wanted to explore. That was my Daniel; once something caught his attention, he wanted to know everything there was to know.

So maybe I would be okay. But then why was my heart still beating so fast?

He took my hand and led me back to the computer, pulling me into his lap as we sat down together. I risked looking at the screen and confirmed that Daniel had indeed been reading the website I’d forgotten to delete.

“Beginner’s Guide to Spanking,” it was called, an article on the same website where I had bought the paddle. It was very informative, explaining the ins and outs of spanking, positions to use, the different tools available, safety guidelines and aftercare instructions. It even had a diagram called “The Anatomy of a Spanking,” showing which areas to target and which areas to avoid.

It looked like Daniel had read through most of the article. I myself had just re-read it for the umpteenth time that morning. Seeing it on the screen again gave me that tingly sensation across my skin and my bum itched with wanting to know how it would feel. But this time, seeing it while sitting on Daniel’s lap, his arms around me, his scent filling my nostrils, a heat pooled deep in my gut and I couldn’t stop the shivers that ran through my body.

Daniel tightened his arms around me, pulling me closer until I felt his thick bulge against my thigh. Oh, god. He was turned on by this. Could it be that he’d be willing to try? My own cock strained against its confines at the thought.

“So, how long have you been looking at this website?” Daniel asked, his voice was laced with amusement, bordering on laughing.

I finally managed to find my voice, but when I spoke it came out raspy and uneven. “A while.”

Daniel’s hand on my hip tightened. “A while?” His voice was lower now, quieter, as he whispered in my ear.

I could feel him studying me as I nodded, his gaze felt heavy on my skin.

“Is it just the spanking? Or the other stuff, too?”

My face flushed at the frank way Daniel spoke about it, as if we were discussing nothing more innocuous than the weather.

“Other stuff, too. But mostly… spanking.” I forced myself to say the word, even though my tongue objected. Daniel didn’t seem to have a problem with it, and I’d been the one harboring secret fantasies.

“Were you thinking about getting something from the website?”

Oh, god. I couldn’t answer him. My face was so red now, I could feel the heat radiating off my cheeks. Any erection I had earlier made itself scarce.

“Peter,” Daniel said, giving me a gentle shake. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. I just never knew you were interested in this stuff.”

His kindness was only making me blush even more.

“Oh, come on. It’s okay. If you want, we can pick out something together.”

Daniel reached for the mouse and started navigating around the website, clicking on links to random products: anal beads, butt plugs, cuffs and other restraints, vibrators and cock rings—the website had it all.

He started reading out the descriptions for some of the items. There was a dildo called “Gigadong,” and a butt plug called the “Bombshell Destroyer.” Then he moved on to the reviews, supposedly written by authenticated purchasers, raving about how good the toys were. He seemed really excited about the reviews. So excited, that for a minute I wasn’t sure whether his interest was genuine or whether he was teasing me.

I couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop.” I put my hand on top of his to keep him from clicking on the next product description page.

“What’s wrong?” How could he be so nonchalant about this? “You don’t want to get anything?” he asked.

“No, I mean…”

“Then what?”

I knew I needed to tell him, but my tongue refused to cooperate and the words stumbled over themselves in a confused mess. There was nothing else to do but show him.

My heart raced again and I couldn’t quite believe I was doing this. Taking his hand, I led Daniel into our bedroom and had him sit on the bed. I think realization must have dawned on him as I reached for the closet door.

“Peter? You didn’t… did you? No…” Daniel’s eyes were wide with excitement, his face split open in a generous smile.

We had never talked about this before, never once mentioned what our fantasies might be. And to be honest, I hadn’t even known this was a fantasy of mine until very recently. But Daniel didn’t seem the least bit put off by what he’d discovered today. Would he still feel the same way when he held the paddle in his hand, when he realized I wanted him to use it on me?

Digging into the back of my closet, I felt my heart leap into my throat when my hand closed around the sleek handle. I pulled it out, but held it close to my chest, my back still turned to him. This was it, this would change the course of our sex lives, and more than likely our lives outside the bedroom, too.

I took a deep breath, turned around, and held out the paddle to him. When he took it from my hand, something shifted in the air—I could feel a shimmer, like an electric current, ripple across my skin.

Daniel’s big smile faded into a look of wonder as he turned the paddle around in his hand, familiarizing himself with the shape and weight of it. He studied it, running his fingers along the leather, across the silver rivets and gave it a practice swing against his palm, much like I had when it first arrived.

Thwack—air rushed out of my lungs at the sound. My knees felt weak and I caught myself against the closet door before I collapsed onto the floor.

When Daniel looked up at me again, the innocent excitement of getting a new toy was gone, and in its place was an intensity and desire that we’d never quite experienced before. Oh, god. I couldn’t breathe.

“Peter, come here.” His tone wasn’t threatening, or even that domineering. But I felt the command to the very core of my being.

Without thinking, I dropped to my knees and shuffled up to him until I kneeled between his legs. He brushed his thumb across my cheek and I turned my face into his palm, soaking in his familiar warmth.

“Peter,” he said in that gentle commanding voice again. Looking up at him, I saw wonder, desire, and more than anything else, I saw love.

I’d been foolish to think that I couldn’t trust Daniel with this. I trusted Daniel with my life; of course, I could trust him with these fantasies.

“Ready?” he asked, waiting for me to make the first move.

“Yes.” My voice was breathy in anticipation.

He grinned mischievously. “Let’s play.”

Copyright © 2017 Hudson Bartholomew; All Rights Reserved.
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Like the story. A nice mixture of pleasure and worry in the anticipation.
Must confess that towards the end I started anticipating myself - for a twist that didn't come.......

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On 02/17/2017 10:06 PM, Ivor Slipper said:

Like the story. A nice mixture of pleasure and worry in the anticipation.

Must confess that towards the end I started anticipating myself - for a twist that didn't come.......

It's all in the anticipation ;) No definite plans yet, but I have a feeling that we'll see more of these two and their new adventures in future prompts. Thanks for the review!

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totally been on that exact website - and recently! Our characters are thinking in tandem it seems.
Nice slow-burn build up, though personally I would have liked a touch more tension, and a good visual last few lines. I enjoy the trust and the love they so obviously have, even in that little space, so I’ve no doubt Daniel is going to make it a good first time for the both of them.

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On 02/21/2017 12:00 AM, Sasha Distan said:

totally been on that exact website - and recently! Our characters are thinking in tandem it seems.

Nice slow-burn build up, though personally I would have liked a touch more tension, and a good visual last few lines. I enjoy the trust and the love they so obviously have, even in that little space, so I’ve no doubt Daniel is going to make it a good first time for the both of them.

That website has been the inspiration for quite a few stories :) Good point about the tension, and I can see where it would fit. Thanks for the review!

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