Awakening Forever  1. Forever Saga

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What if you woke up and realized your whole life has been a lie? For Jack, hiding from the truth is a way of life. Ashamed of who he is, the fear of discovery keeps him locked in a dead-end life with little hope of finding the forever love and the family he longs for. Then the phone rings, and he is thrust into a world different from all he’s known. He discovers his true origins, and the roots of a new kind of family where he can finally belong. Now he must choose between staying on the safe path and hiding from who he is, or risking it all and fully embracing the man he was destined to be. Can he do it afraid?

Copyright © 2017 Jack Schaeffer; All Rights Reserved.

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This is a wonderful story. Rediscovering this story is fantastic. Characters are relatable and unforgettable.

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Well color me surprised to find you here!

I'm so happy that the story has taken off here!

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