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Holiday in Green Hollow - 3. Introductions



As they finished eating Fred casually suggested that they take a walk around town before moving on to the campground. 

"Yeah, sounds good. It'd be nice to see what's new around here," answered Sam just as casually. 

They paid for their lunch and began walking up the little street. There were more people milling around than on their last visit. A shop window which had been boarded up now proudly announced the grand opening of Green Hollow Gym. It was across the street from Sally's Perfumes. As they wandered up the street Sam spotted Sally. 

"Hey look, it's Sally. Let's go say 'Hi'." 

Fred gladly followed his lead. 

"Hi Sally," said Sam as he walked in. 

"Oh, hi! How are you guys?" exclaimed Sally looking up from the display she was setting up. 

"We're great. How are you?" answered Fred with a big smile. 

"I've been pretty good," answered Sally as another man entered the shop. 

Fred's attention was completely dedicated to Sally but Sam was wondering where her brother was. As if on cue Tom entered from the back room with his arms full of merchandise. Sam went to help Tom as Sally gave the newcomer a hug. She then introduced him to Fred. 

"Mark this is Fred. Fred this is Mark. He's my__," she was interrupted by the sight of her little brother, "Tom I told you not to carry so much at once! You better not drop those," she warned. 

Fred shook Mark's hand and smiled but his heart sank. Sally had already found someone. All he could do was pretend to be happy for them. Sally returned as soon as she was satisfied that her brother would not break anything. Mark went over to Tom. Sally explained that Mark had just opened the gym across the street. 

"Ah, that explains why he's in such good shape," said Fred trying to sound cheerful. 

"Yeah, he's been working really hard," said Sally with a note of pride in her voice. 

Meanwhile Tom had arranged the merchandise and was busy looking at it. Mark quietly walked up behind him and tickled his ribs. Tom jumped and then they both laughed. 

"This is Mark," Tom said as soon as he stopped laughing, "Mark this is Sam." 

The two of them shook hands then Tom explained, "Mark's like my best friend." 

"What do you mean, like your best friend?" asked Mark emphasizing the word like and pretending to be upset. 

"Yeah, something like that," said Tom with a grin. 

Sam was disappointed when he realized what was probably implied. He had never been sure if he would have the nerve to ask Tom out but now there was no hope of it. Sam tried to look happy as Sally and Fred joined them. 

"So, what brings you boys out here?" asked Sally. 

"Camping," answered Fred. 

"Yeah, we read that there were some nice camp grounds around here and the weather's been good," explained Sam. 

"There's a nice one on the other end of town," said Tom looking at his sister, "we used to camp there when we were kids." 

"Our parent's used to take us. It was so much fun," added Sally smiling at the memories. 

Then Mark announced that he had to get back to the gym. The group broke up.

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