The Centurion  1. The Centurion Cycle

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This is the Chapter Version for those looking for smaller bites to chew on. Philip Helios, as with all Centurions he possesses unequaled strength in combat. But as with the stars themselves that which shines twice as bright bright burns out twice as fast for none of their kind has lived one day past their 40th year. The living mirror image of these great warriors is Jason Argot true Legatio born. His kind suffer from acute hemophilia where the merest cut can lead to death. Can the two find love?

Jason Argot, son of the famed General Agamemnon and the feared Queen Eleanor is fast approaching his 21st birthday, the age of reckoning in the world of Ares.  Even so he knows nothing of the world outside the tower where his mother keeps him prisoner.  Though he does not know it that will soon change.  For in ancient prophecy there speaks of two known as the Child of Light and Child of Dark who through their love a world will unite.


Book II:  The Academy :



This work is the original creation of the writer who holds all rights to it. 2011 All rights reserved.

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