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The Wedding - 2. Chapter 2

This has been a long time coming. part 2 is here.  After losing it finding it and losing it again

The Wedding part 2 - The Breakfast  -


I woke slowly not quite aware of where is was, you know the way, your somewhere strange you need time to work out exactly where you are.

First thing I noticed was the warmth at my back, it was organic and comforting, I lay at first wondering, still struggling to come to my senses.  Suddenly I knew it was Calum, the night before came flooding back.  The dancing, the kissing, the knock at my door.

I moved slowly till I was facing him, his face beamed in his sleep a smile spread over it, there was no stress only joy in it.  I smiled at a thought, was I the cause of his happiness, he surely was the reason for my smile. 

Slowly sitting up, trying not to disturb him, I checked the clock it was 0830 and I was now wide awake.  Why did this always happen to me, I could go out and drink get to bed at some ungodly hour and still be up for work or as this morning up long before I had to be.

Carefully edging off the bed, I stood, realizing how naked I was, looked back at the recumbent form on it, he had rolled onto his back and spread out across the space I had just vacated.

The whole time I smiled as I watched him, watching the covers rise and fall with his steady breath.  The memories of the evening playing again in my head. 


I had opened the door in my Ghillie shirt to find Calum, standing smiling,

“I thought you might like some company, can I come in? “

I had only smiled and stood back a little letting him enter and pass me.

Like before the second the door was closed we were kissing, long deep and passionate.

We worked our way to the bed which Ii fell onto drawing Calum down with me.  Our embrace never broken.  Both mumbling at each other around our tongues.

“want you so much”,

“ you are so hot”,

“I need you so much”

This went on for some time both of us getting aroused by it, my arousal showing more as all I was in was a shirt. 

We came up for air and paused looking into each eyes, caressing as we did stealing a kiss now and then.

Calum pulled away, I looked at him, worry showed in my eyes, god was he leaving.  He stepped to the bed side and slowly started to unbuckle his kilt.  Before letting it drop he removed his shirt, revealing his chest which was indeed hairy.  His body was firm with a little bit of a belly something I liked, and as the kilt fell to the floor I was to see that he was indeed blessed with hair.   A contrast to his head, which made me want to hold him all the more.

He now stood in all his glory grinning at me as I lay on the bed, I had finally manage to kick off my kilt socks, hearing my Sgian Dubh, my sock dagger, hit the floor as I did.   I could not take my eyes off of him as he bent forward to pull off his socks.  He, in my eyes was perfect, his hairy body, sent feelings of electric shock coursing thru me, centring on my crotch.  He stood up holding his socks out to his side,  and dropped them to the floor, it was an act of finality that made me smile broadly.

He then stood and hands on hips,

“So what now?

I lay there and raised my arms up, inviting him to join me, within the blink of an eye he was on top of me.  Our bodies mashing together our lips pressed hard together.  His weight pressing me into the mattress, was reassuring as he held each other, my hands explored his back, feeling the silky hairs he was covered in, running downwards till my hands cup his cheeks.  They were firm, yeilding slightly as I squeezed.  I pinched him and he yelped against my mouth,  I touch my chance and slipped my tongue in to start exploring his mouth, hot, with a hint of alcohol.

We rolled on the bed for an age just caressing and kissing each other, first Calum on top then me then side by side, the sheets were in disarray and I hadn’t even sleep in it yet.  Finally the events of the day seemed to catch up on us both and we started to slow down, our caresses becoming slow, gentle, teasing.  We lay facing each other stealing kisses, we were like to teenagers, we were constantly smiling and making little mushy comments to each other.  Our hand constantly exploring, occasionally brushing against each others  groins. 

On feeling his heat against me, I  found a second wind.  This had to be explored, I let my hand brush agianst his crotch again and on the return pass gripped his shaft, velvet coated steel.  This man lying next to me was a body of contrasts, the hair, the smoothness, hard and soft.  He was stealing my heart, my one thought was now to make him happy.

I continued to hold him, gentle caressing his shaft, squeezing it, watching his face as I did, his advanced arousal evident by his breathing and his half shut eyes.  I let go, all bar the lightest touch and move so I was stride him.  Sitting on astride his thighs I let our cocks touch briefly.  His eyes shot open and he gasped at this, I knew why, the pulse of electricty that passed between us had brought me fully awake also.   I slid backwards, leaning forward as I did my hard cock trailed over his hairy leg, making me tingle.

Soon my crotch was at his feet and I was leaning forward, blowing gently over his exposed glans.  Watching his cock dance with each beat of his heart.  His eyes were closed and he moved an arm over them hiding his face,  my only indication of his enjoyment being signalled to me by his breathing and his pulsing shaft.  I moved forward my plan for him obvious, if he would only open his wondrous eyes.

My face was inches from my objective I watched as it beat and pulsed, his foreskin fully retracted. 

Many say that a cock is unattractive, I would agree in most cases, in Calum's though I had found a thing of beauty. 

I let my tongue steal a taste of him, gentle licking his head, then dipping my tongue under the ring of flesh that was his foreskin.

He tasted manly, salty not in the least unpleasant.

I continued to lick gently up and down listening to his breathing change.

From what I could see it would be over all to soon if I wasnt careful.

I continue to tease him slowly, he was smiling and whimpering as he got closer.  I felt him shift a little and then felt a hand touch my head.

"Donald please your driving me wild.  I want to return the favour let it calm down."

I gently took his hand and placed it on the bed then continued my ministrations.

"This is all about you tonight I want you to enjoy yourself"

I watched along his body, his chest rising and falling, his eyes, closed again as he fought to stop the inevitable.

I decided I had teased him enough. 

So just like a python engulfing its prey I swallowed him.

There was a sharp intake of breath, followed by a whimper.

"oh god no...."

I wont describe what happened next.  Needless to say soon he was pulling me back up his body and kissing me.  As we kissed we could hear laughing from next door.

We snuggled down, the clock read 3am.


I could stand all day and watch him, he was beautiful.  I moved round the bed and headed to the bathroom, I had to answer the call of nature suddenly,  I decided I should shower as well once done. 

On coming out the bathroom, a towel round me, I was met my a smiling Calum. 

 "Morning handsome, you look and smell good enough to eat."

I as always started to blush, at the compliment.  He smiled and kissed me nipping at my lower lip as he did.  I let myself responding and wanted to take it further but noticed as he moved the time.

"We need to get sorted and down to breakfast, I would rather be in here with you but I gotta show face."

"Ok, I'll grab a quick shower and we can go down."  grabbing at my towel and slapping my arse as he passed,  he headed to the shower.

I stood watching his cute behind disappear into the bathroom.  I heard the shower start and Calum singing, so started to dry myself and dress.  I was stood at the window staring out over a loch, lost in thought.  We had only met yesterday , but I felt like I'd known him forever. 

Calum, unheard, moved behind me and wrapped me in his arms,

"Jesus, you scared me to death."

I had been so lost in the view I had not realised he had finished his shower and returned.

"Donald I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you there."

I turned in his arms and hugged him, then stole a kiss.  We stood making out for some time.  All of a sudden there was an alarm. We both jumped, realising it was my phone alarm started to laugh.

"We better get sorted out and down to breakfast.  I had set the alarm to wake me just in case I overslept."  I looked and smiled at his nude form.

"You better get dressed, you go down to breakfast like that I'm sure there'd be a divorce or two."

He looked at me and I could see he was reddening,  I smiled at his blushing.

He turned and started to dress, in the same clothes from the night before, then smiled as he saw me watching.

"I'm going to stop at my room, and get changed.  You coming?"

I grabbed room key and iPad and headed out the door right behind Calum.

We walked along the corridor to his room, in seconds we were inside and he was stripping off his shirt and kilt again.  He pulled a polo shirt and a pair of jeans, god he looked hot in those, I could feel myself reacting.

He disappeared into the bathroom and came out a minute later, he smelt of sandalwood and cinnamon.  I nearly fainted with lust on smelling this.  Had we had the time I would have jumped him there and then, but I knew we had to get down to breakfast.

As we headed out we met Tricia coming from the next room.

"Morning Donald, did you sleep well?  What about you son, you were real quiet last night."

Calum smiled and I felt myself blush,

"I stayed in Donalds room mum and that is all your getting."

Tricia looked at us both, then smiled and kissed each of us.

"Ok I won't pry, did he behave himself Donald?" she said digging for gossip.

"Mum, leave it!"  this was said rather aggressively.  I was about to say something to Calum when

Tricia spoke.

"Donald, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that.  I'm just happy for you both.  Let's get down and get breakfast."

So the three of us headed off to the restaurant and our planned group breakfast, to be held in a private function room.

We arrived to find everyone there barring the newlyweds.  We said our good mornings and found a seat, Calum sitting next to me and Tricia sitting next to her brother.  I acknowledged everyone including Frosty and Tara and our young American friends.  We sat talking and I pulled out the pad and started to show some of the photos we had.

I was about to show the photos to Marcus, when I noticed Gordon and Ashley come into the room.  There was a quick round of applause and general greetings and welcomes for the late arrivals. 

"Nice of you to show up. May be we can eat know" Gordon Snr shouted, he was smiling and everyone knew he was joking.  He stood and indicated. The two seats at the table next to him

Gordon and Ashley joined their parents and sat down.  Once seated Gordon Snr, turned to face everyone.

"Family and friends, I am glad you are all here this morning and I hope you are not that much the worse for wear after last night.  I know some of you continued to party till the wee small hours.  I just like to say that it has been a pleasure seeing all our old friends and meeting new ones." he looked at the bridesmaids and JR and Artan.  "I just won't to say how proud I am of my son and my new daughter in law and wish them all the best for their future together.  Ok time to eat so I'll shut up, tuck in everyone."

There were tables along two walls of the room one side was laden with assorted fruit juices and cereals, rolls and pastries.  All the things you'd expect for a continental breakfast. 

He sat to a round of applause from everyone.  As he sat we noticed waiting staff enter and start to fill the varies hot trays at the side of the room.  I could now smell bacon and eggs, my stomach growled telling me it was time to eat.  Calum had heard it to and nudged me in the ribs.

"Come on we better get you refuelled, all that energy you expended last night."

He smiled, I blushed.  We stood and made our way to the cereal tables to get some juice and see what there was.  I'm not a cereal person so the only thing the took my fancy was the fresh grapefruit, which I grabbed a bowl of.  I planned to eat my fill and save myself the trouble of cooking later.  I grabbed a croissant as I headed back to my seat as well.  Sitting I talked with Tara, asking how she had enjoyed the previous night.

"Donald, I had a fantastic time last night, the dancing was amazing, and Bruce was lovely." 

Bruce was a friend of Ashley's, quite handsome, and a talented hockey player.  I remembered seeing them dance towards the end of the night.  Just at this Calum came back to the table a plate laden with cereal and fruit.  At my look he just said.

"I need my energy, you took a lot out of me last night.".

Tara laughed at this and at my immediate blush.

"Isn't he just adorable when he blushes, that's one of my favourite things about him." 

I glared at Calum,  briefly, but the smile he gave me would have melted any frozen heart and I couldn't stay angry.

We continue small talk around the table as we ate.  My appetite was being stoked by the smells of hot food.  Calum had polished off the cereal and was talking to JR and Artan.  Some of it I overheard. 

"Next door to us we're real noisy last night till early, wasn't about three o'clock Artan?"  JR said cheekily with a smile that said he knew exactly who it was.

Calum started laughing,

"So you were in the next room?"

I could only smile, and busied myself setting up the I Pad to show the photos that had been taken.

It would be a minute or two before done so I stood and moved to the trays of hot food.  The selection was fantastic, sausages, both link and square, black, white and fruit pudding, haggis, boiled, poached and fried eggs, bacon and to finish there were mushrooms, cooked tomatoes , beans, fried pancakes and tattie scones.

As I was making my mind up I felt a hand on my shoulder and heat at my lower back, Calum had snuck up behind me.  Letting me go he smiled.

"So what you having?" grabbing two plates and expertly holding them on one arm.  He started filling the first plate with one or two of everything then turning again.


This time he nudged me a little with his hip.  My reverie broken I could only respond

"Whatever your having, no beans and one fried egg." I then watched as he filled the plates and then headed to our seats.

Once sat I relished just how much food was on my plate, but I was hungry so made a start.

Our visiting table companions, Tara, Frosty, Artan and JR we're fascinated with the food and after trying to explain what this and that tasted like we got a plate and brought samples over of the more "exotic" foods.  Artan and Stone enjoyed the haggis and various savoury puddings the ladies tried a little of everything but were polite in their refusal of the Haggis.

All the time we chatted I was loading photos onto the pad.  In the end I had picture from five or six people, setting it to run as a slide show I handed it to Gordon and Ashley. 

Breakfast lasted a good hour due to the talking and the odd straggler and pretty soon we could see anxious staff hovering ready to set the room up for whatever was the next function.

Gordon Snr noting this stood clearing his throat and spoke.

"Well folks it's near kicking out time so I think we should all get going, any who want to are more than welcome to come back to Our place to relax and maybe enjoy a BBQ given the weather."

I checked my watch to find I had 40 mins to get sorted out say goodbyes and head home.

Looking at Calum and noting he was in a deep animated conversation with his mum I said goodbye to my table companions and then the happy couple, before heading to my room.

I had gone about 20 feet along the corridor when I heard rapid steps behind me and Calum's voice.

"hey wait up."

Slowing I turned, smiling at him.

"Can I walk you to your room sir, my intentions are purely honourable."

I could only laugh, I knew exactly how honourable as I felt the same.

"Do we have time."

At this point I felt his hand take mine and draw me in, his heat felt reassuring as he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me.

"Boys get a room please.  Although you do make a great couple."

Betty was laughing as we shot apart.

"Right we better get packed and booked out.  Betty I'll see you in the foyer, Calum lets get packed."

I headed off after another quick kiss.  The feeling of butterflies and springtime passing through me.  Passing Calum's room I told him I'd see him in the foyer.  Then off to my room and a quick packing and checking all was well. 

I was finishing folding my kilt when there was a knock.  Opening it I found Calum bag over shoulder smiling.  Again I felt my heart soar at his smile, to see that everyday would be a wonderful gift.

"In you come but I really need to finish packing.  No hanky panky."

With this I was off to finish folding and packing.

Calum followed and on seeing my fastidious packing laughed. 

"Cram it in and we might have time for a quickie."

"I told you no." smiling as I said it. 

I put the last few items in my bag and sealed it.

Turning I move to Calum and taking his face in my hands kissed him, soon we were deep in embrace not a thought of time or others.  Our mouths open and tongues dancing, passion rising.

Then a banging on the door followed by a voice, commanding but light.

"I know you two are in there, Calum you were spotted heading this way.  Your wanted outside.  I have something for you Donald."

It was the groom, my best friend, Gordon.

"Coming" we chorused in unison. Breaking our embrace and grabbing our bags,  a quick glance round the room and I was sure I could leave.  Securing one last kiss we headed to reception and checkout.

We found most of the close family waiting as we reached the foyer.

"So you going back to Gordon and Martha's?"


Yeh mum and I came down with them so I guess I will.

Checkout was completed in seconds and we were outside.

The main wedding party had all agreed to head to the BBQ so we said our till later and goodbyes and kissed farewell those going elsewhere.

I turned looking for Calum and found him with the Bride and Groom, so I moved  to join them and say my farewells. 

"Donald, you left your pad, here, the pictures are amazing."  Ashley handed me the pad.  We have a thank you present here also, you have been a great friend to Gordon and so kind to me we had to get you something.  Handing me an envelope I found two vouchers for an all inclusive stay at the hotel we were just leaving.

"I now know that will get good use" she smiled and kissed first me then Calum.

More goodbyes and finally I was at my car, Calum stood with his mum and Gordon and Martha.

I didn't quite hear what was being said but Gordon Snr was talking in his conspiring tone, he used when up to no good.

"Donald, can I get a lift back."

It was all I heard, Calum was looking at me with a little boy lost smile.

"What do you think?" Smiling I popped the boot, chucked in my bag and waited.

"Good on you boys it's about time.  See you back at the house.  No need to rush."  Was Gordon seniors input.

I blushed vivid red, thoughts of what I could do flashing through my mind, as I got in my car next to my future husband.

But that is a wedding for another time.



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Like I said elsewhere, I'm a sucker for a good romance! Even more so when it's a true ( or close to it ) story. May you and yours be happy till the end of time.

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On 06/19/2013 11:04 PM, Kitt said:
Like I said elsewhere, I'm a sucker for a good romance! Even more so when it's a true ( or close to it ) story. May you and yours be happy till the end of time.
You spotted. It then :)

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