The Kandric Saga

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Kandric is a half-elf boy with a big destiny. (All chapters have been updated and corrected prior to release of chapter 26)

Admin Note: This story has a large variety of taboo topics.  Please do not read if this bothers you.

This story breaks pretty much every taboo. Do not read unless you can handle that.

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God i love it the first time i started to read it!!!!!!


I love Kandric!!!!!! Gosh hehehe.......


I wonder when will Glaster and Kandric will meet again(I just Hope soon enough). Dont be angry but i hope Kandric will end up with Glaster. Kandric had mention that he love Glaster and his happy when he make Glaster happy too(hehehehe) and I know Kandric is special to Glaster i just hope he love Kandric too....But Jamon.....Will i cant really say that i dont like him, i like him alright..I will like him in time...but Kandric has a special felling for him i think..... oh well i'm really caught up with this story as much as i dont like to wait for another amazing chapter i am willing to wait (i cn hardly understand what i'm saying)


God bless!! and keep writing Good Story(but finish this first :great::worship:

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Hi, Just wanted to congratulate you on this captivating story. So many characters and yet everything flows so smoothly.

Keep up the good work, hope to read a new installment to this awesome story soon.


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AMAZING Chapter and story all together, I am new to The Kandric Saga so hello to every one here. Just WOW, while i don't like men boy sex, i can totally overlook it in this amazingly epic piece of art. A few days after i reached the chapter 27 on wolfsnest this chapter was posted thanks lol.

I love the interaction of Kandric and Prince Rovanell though i wanted him to draw his sword so Kandric could beat him senseless. This chapter ties up a lot of things that was left loose in chapter 27 and earlier chapters. I am very interested in Aster's twin he isn't even named in the story yet. I also like Conner very much he really needs love, i am kinda pissed at Kandric's mom kaylaria too for what she did to Conner in a way she is like her father.

I am wondering how may daughters Princess Kaylaria has, in the recent chapter Aster said he saw a couple of sisters and earlier on when Glandon or whatever the merchants name was came to the slums he said he saw Princess Kaylaria holding on the hands of two younger ones apart from the two older one that was made non children. But in ever other chapter that deals with the kids its always one girl the one Kandric fixed the doll for and when the overflow of dragon magic was talked about Vondum asked about daughter and not two so i am very confused as to how many children she has is it 7 or 8 is it one youngest or two ...sigh

overall i really enjoyed that chapter i have already read it twice and i am new planning on reading it again sometime this week lol. LOrd i can't wait for chapter 29 can't wait.

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Yeah, it's too bad that Kyle has not added anything further in such a long time. I tried to email him a while back with the only email address I had, and I never received a response. I have to wonder if something happened, and if not, then when will another chapter be added. I know him and Myr used to know each other, so if something happened, I would think Myr would have heard about it. Then again, have not heard much of Myr lately either. Either way, would love to see another chapter soon, or even better yet, the rest of the story.

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